Block Fortress [$1.99] is a blast. It's a sandbox tower defense game that plays like Minecraft, except with guns. Across the game's modes, you're tasked with plopping down a base and defending it against waves of armed and armored goblins. You can erect walls, dig moats, and build turrets in order to do this. You can also take the fight to the goblins with your own weapons, if you're feeling froggy. For the most part, a good chunk of the experience revolves around resource hoarding -- you need to gather the cash that goblins drop and use it to effectively to defend and fix your base as the horde morphs from sword-carrying idiots to aggressive gun or bomb-toting maniacs. The push and pull feels frantic, but fun and the action is surprisingly solid.

Oh, and like any good sandbox game nowadays, there's also a crazy crafting system. As you play, you can plop down mines over precious resources. As you gather these, you can mod your weapons and make them stronger.

If you're thinking that there's a lot to this, you're right -- there's a ton of stuff going on with this one. But, it's definitely worth a look. Check it out:

  • Aventador

    Never played Minecraft but this game is just awesome, can't stop crafting mods and experimenting with different base designs, there is just too much to pick up and learn from start.
    Easily game of the week !

  • monoclespectacle

    Just stopped playing Block Fortress, to read about Block Fortress, to post a comment recommending Block Fortress.

    Now back to Block Fortress.

  • Foursaken Media

    Just FYI, we understand some people might have some trouble with iOS FPS controls in general, so we are working on creating a "pure TD" mode, with no FPS parts at all... should really be a nice way for people who just don't like or want to ignore that portion of the game altogether πŸ™‚

    • monoclespectacle

      The ways this game can be expanded are really astounding. The fact you're already looking at giving the FPS-haters (personally love comboing the cryo gun with and armor piercing shotgun for maximum Goblock carnage) an alternate game mode is crazy awesome.

      Maybe for that mode have timed building rounds to add some since of urgency?

    • matus

      I'd like that a lot. If I'm going to spend ages designing a base I want to be able to watch the base fight and admire my handiwork. In most levels I just climb the tallest tree or part of my base to get a good viewpoint, but I'm putting myself at a disadvantage by not fighting. That's the reason I like the sandbox mode, not the infinite money but the option for a birds eye view.

      • Chris McNabb

        Foursaken, your game is awesome. Have you considered XBLA or PSN? I would love to play this with a controller. I'm not a big PC guy, but even a PC version would be cool.

    • Garbagemaster

      That sounds cool! I have trouble with the FPS controls when in the thick of it. I've remedied that, though, by perching in a tree near my base and sniping the goblocks as they go by

    • Chris McNabb

      Foursaken, your game is awesome. Have you considered XBLA or PSN? I would love to play this with a controller. I'm not a big PC guy, but even a PC version would be cool

  • lazrhog

    Easiest instabuy I've ever made

  • SmackDatButt

    Only complaint about the game, if you're playing on a small screen, is that it's super sensitive on aiming.

    • Foursaken Media

      There is a "jerk" bug that we've got fixed up for the first hotfix! As for general sensitivity, you should just be able to jack it down on the sensitivity slider in the options. That being said we're tweaking the default settings a bit in the hotfix as well to better match up with peoples' devices.

  • Guest

    The idea of the game sounds like a lot of fun, but I'd much rather play this type of game on my Mac with keyboard/mouse. I'd love to see a port in the OSX app store.

  • pelagrin

    The portability of iOS is great, but I think I'd enjoy this game more on my Mac. I'd love to eventually see a port in the OSX app store.

  • TouchieArcader

    Review has definitely swayed me.

  • HellzHavocz

    Ace of Spades.

    • Zeldaniac

      Not the same, but similar. I LOVE AoS, so I was psyched to see this coming out.

    • Hal305

      I am surprised that no one mentioned the similarities of this game with dungeon defender hidden under minecraft aesthetic.

  • Bronxsta

    How does it play on iphone 4?
    Though even it's laggy on the iphone, I might but it anyway so I'll have it when I get a Mini

    • Zeldaniac

      I have an iTouch 4, and there's little to no lag.

      • Bronxsta

        Really? On the game's forum, some people have said the game performs poorly on iPhone 4, especially during the later waves

        Anyone else have the game on iPhone 4?

  • Ryan187

    A TD view would certainly be an instant buy for me as well.

  • WarMachine

    Eh not to be picky but aside from the aesthetics it's nothing like Minecraft. .

    • Stustaff

      You right!

      There is no building block aspect to this game! Or crafting! In fact the building part is more like a virtual Lego using only squares rather than minecraft... Erm πŸ˜‰

    • REkzkaRZ

      NOTHING like Minecraft? It's a lot closer to Minecraft than PacMan! C'mon, what a ludicrous claim!

  • bigred447uk

    I wish Apple would invent a way to compress time so I could put 20 hours gaming into the few moments before I sleep every night.

    That's the only way I can see myself being done with Foursakens games within my lifetime ! (Knocking on 42 yrs!)

    These four brothers can make great games faster than I can play them !

    I'd love to know a bit about the development cycle of H&C and B.Fortress. How the hell did four people create so much, so polished, so quickly since Bug Heroes ?!?!

    It's witchcraft I tell thee !

    • metalmandave83

      H&C is awesome. I might pick this up at some point. I didn't know it was a four man dev team. Makes me respect their work even more.

  • phoenix155

    Eli & Brad - what game were you talking about that sounded like you said "Space Hulk?"

    • tannerdactyl

      They were talking about Space Hulk.

    • REkzkaRZ

      A Games Workshop strategic combat game, space marines vs aliens, Warhammer 40k setting.

  • GamerGuy thing I see in the video is most of the game is 'pixel' art style, except their smoke, muzzle flashes, etc. That's distracting.

    But going to play it now.

  • vicsark

    "The guy with the bomb on his back looks like bad news". lol Indeed πŸ™‚
    I just watched the video, convinced me to buy. Dammit, looks like a time intensive game!

  • Jasonmci92

    I'm on first wave and there's 1 enemy left, though I cannot find him is this a bug or is he hiding lol

  • AbsolutePhenom

    Looks like Fortnite.

  • Jasonmci92

    Just had 2 crashes as a result of placing turrets, 4 to be exact.

    ipad 2 (6.1.2) software

    Is this simply a bug that will be fixed or is it anything to do with my ipad?

  • wildperson

    Best part of this is the frame rate, IMO. Most games with this ambition play horrible on mobile platform. Everything about this is so smooth, at least on iPod touch 5.

  • James D. Dunn

    A really great game. Love minecraft? Love Tower defense? Love FPS?
    Buy this game.

  • drloony

    Uhhh, Best TA Plays Ever

  • Jasonmci92

    Great concept great game, and also the msg from the devs about making a pure TD mode has got me excited even more!!!!

    This game is good considering its v1 look forward to future updates.

  • Jasonmci92

    I hope you keep the game in 3D and not top down like some people have suggested IMHO this is what makes this game stand out from the the rest of tower defence games.

  • Jasonmci92

    I would also like someone or the devs to reply to this question.

    My game has crashed twice when I planted 4 turrets. I have the Ipad 2 (6.1.2) software

    Is this purely a bug that the game has being a new game or is it my ipad?


    • Foursaken_Tom

      Hmmm... Could you PM me or email us with some more info? Specifically, what game mode and wave? Was it your first 4 turrets? What type of turrets?

  • sanchi

    How the hell did four people create so much, so polished, so quickly since Bug Heroes ?!?!

  • ChaosProdigy

    Great game, great developer

  • rsob2005

    Thank you. A truly great game. Beautiful concept and game play that challenges you in a unique way. Puzzle strategy and action all in one game. Could not ask for more. I have come from the days of jetpac on the Zx spectrum all the way through and it is so rare to see some clever and unique thinking these days!.

    Will keep an eye out for strategy guides for the game as I want to progress past level 8 on easy level πŸ™‚

    5 star game and a steal at the current price.

  • Cole2999

    Love the game, absolutely love it! I'd be playing it now, but my iPod has died D:
    The only problem is I've been getting some framerate issues, but I can live. It seems whenever I lock the iPod with the game playing, I have to wait a good 30 seconds or so after unlocking to play because the lag has killed me several times.
    Anyways, when you guys sort out the updates you want to do, I highly recommend getting this game on Steam, XBLA, and PSN (or not PSN :P). Congrats on such a great game!