The iPad version of House of the Lost [Free (HD)] hit last October, and it has taken F5 Games until now to get the pint-sized version out for the iPhone. House of the Lost Mini [Free] is the same game, but trimmed down to the smaller screen of the iPhone. It's really hard to say which version of the game we like better, as both seem to be really fun.

In a nutshell, House of the Lost feels like an approachable roguelike, almost in the same vein as Spelunky on home consoles. It has a top down view, and a totally randomized house filled with monsters to kill, weapons to pick up, keys to find, doors to unlock, and bosses to kill. Brad and I had a lot of fun with it, and best yet, it's totally free to try with a $2.99 IAP unlock to get access to the rest of the game if you also find yourself enjoying it.

  • Brandon Pollet

    Awesome play-through guys! There were so many rooms that you passed that had secret doors or chests to find if you moved the blocks in the rooms. Also, you can switch the shooting controls over to d-pad shooting in the settings menu and have the ability to shoot and move in opposite directions.

    I'm glad you guys liked it. And we'll look at putting in a juke and spin button in the next update.

  • Alex K

    I'm not seeing the correlation to Spelunky. Binding of Isaac, on the other hand...

    • OneirosSD

      Bah, that's exactly what I came here to post, but got caught up trying to remember my Disqus password...

      That being said, I liked Binding of Isaac a lot so I'd probably enjoy this game.

    • Illuminerdy

      Yeah, this is Binding of Isaac, but Rated E for Everyone.

    • bitbit

      Binding of Isaac was heavily inspired by Spelunky.

  • hoodwinkedfool

    Binding of Isaac more like it

  • Jacob Gehman

    Please have a pacifist run in every TA Plays from now on. Those kill me.

  • bret ward

    The art in this kinda seems like a bad place holder.. The game itself seems interesting tho

  • Nycteris

    I agree with everyone- reminds me of Binding of Isaac. Unfortunately I kept walking through walls and getting stuck there, so.. My copy, at least, is kinda buggy.

  • Professionalbum

    I got burnt pretty bad by the lack of follow up(even had many conversations with the developer that went no where) and updates from his previous game Pocket Heroes; has anyone had any glitch/bug issues with this title?

  • nonstickron

    Reminds me of Bit Dungeon, which I've been enjoying.