You can now buy a bunch of new features for 2K Games' Civilization Revolution [$2.99 / $6.99 (HD)], if you've got the dough to spare. Today's update has ushered in a weird new in-app purchase scheme that allows you to separately purchase packs of new units and buildings for each of the game's armies. You can also buy a pack of four additional wonders or, if you're feeling froggy, you can buy a competitive multiplayer mode to challenge "up to three" friends.

Each unit and building pack, which covers four specific armies, is 99¢. The Wonders pack is also 99¢. The multiplayer will run you $2.99. There's a bundle option for the armies, if you're wondering, which allows you to grab them all for $3.99.

The patch notes cover what armies are bundled together, so hit those if you're thinking about grabbing an upgrade or two, but not three or four. We're definitely interested in giving the new multiplayer a spin -- this game has been a radical solo experience for a while now, and it'd be nice to see how it plays with friends.

Both the iPad and iPhone version of Civ Rev are now on sale, by the way.

  • Alfalfa

    No widescreen or retina? PASS.

    • FilipAGuy

      Yes it looks on iPhone 4S little a bit "pixelish", but that only reminds me great Civilization 2. Anyway it's great game.

    • echo_pdx

      Yep. Was very disappointed this wasn't added in. I'll definitely pick up all this iap if they ever get around to adding at least Retina support...until then, no sale.

      • deadclown

        Are there really ads in the game?

    • lr1919

      Uh, widescreen was added...

  • Kafu

    Multiplayer is a *great* addition. Civ remains one of the best strategy games out there.

    • Gio

      I wanna get the multiplayer add on but I was wondering if I get it on one device do I have to repay in my other devices?

  • SoyGreen

    I picked it up a LONG time ago - nice to see a reason to re-install it.

    My question is - the iPad version I have to buy - but - if I get the IAP in the iPad one - do I also have to buy it for the phone version? I am assuming I will - as they are technically different apps. (If that's the case - kinda sucks!)

    EDIT - Still excited nonetheless - and will get the iPad version and only buy the IAPs there. 😛

    • cos

      As someone who owns both versions of Civ Rev, I'm also very interested in the answer to this question.

      Also, I didn't see it in the patch notes, but from the accompanying images, I'm assuming that cross-platform multiplayer (eg. iPhone vs iPad) works? Also, the iPhone/iPad versions let you save single-player games on iCloud, so you can start games on one device and continue them on the other - any idea if this is possible for multiplayer games?

      If anyone has both versions and has already bought the IAP, please let us know - thanks!

      • SoyGreen

        Just picked up the iPad version - as I would like to play multiplayer on the iPad the most I believe (if limited to just 1 version) and the IAPs are separate.

        I bought the $3 unlock for multiplayer on the iPad and tried to restore purchases on the iPhone and no luck! Different apps so different IAPs.


        EDIT - this would also mean that if you started a multiplayer game on the ipad - and got multiplayer on the iphone - so you can play your turn on either device. I bet you would also have to buy the different races on each device as well... Which is another $4 per device to unlock them all I think.

      • cos

        That's disappointing, but not unexpected. I guess I'll have to decide between the big screen of the iPad or the convenience of the iPhone for my multiplayer fix (before inevitably deciding that I've made the wrong choice and buying it on the other device).


      • Jesper Eriksson

        buying the iphone versions iaps will atleast let you play the iphone version of the game on the ipad, even if its sucky its possible.

      • SoyGreen

        Not sure where my post disappeared to... But.

        The IAPs have to be paid for in both versions of the app... kinda sucks. (Especially if you want to game on either device - pending what you are doing... AND if you use a race you have to pay for - I assume you have to pay twice as well..)

  • Jensen_G

    Nice to see that they're continuing to add to a game that has been out for so long.

  • Allen Gore

    Support is always good, but no updated graphics, no retina? This is a sloppy port, looks like the old DS version. The gameplay foundation is structurally sound, but in 2013 without a CivRev 2 - this one still feels like going backward.

    • lr1919

      It was added

      • Allen Gore

        Wow - you are correct sir! I'm shocked - why aren't they touting looks so much better. Thanks for letting me know!!!

    • Greyskull

      There might never be a CivRev2. After all, it isn't a part of the series proper; it was an offshoot for consoles and mobile devices. A "slimmed down" Civ 5 (as far as I can recall...or was it Civ4? I last played 2...or was it 3 ;)). To be honest, I never finished a game of Civ in my life. I always quit and started fresh once my Empire would start taking 45 minutes or more per turn to manage.

      • Allen Gore

        Well, if there's not a CivRev 2 I don't think it has anything to do with being part of the series proper. Where there's $$$ to be made, the development will follow, and mobile gaming is BIG right now.

        I would agree however that all signs point to no CR2 - they halted production on it in 2011 (they were working on it), since then Civ5 and X-Com have come out. Who knows...but they are leaving money on the table by not making mobile apps for CivRev 2 and X-Com...!!!

        Oh - you should try to finish a game, it's very rewarding!!!! 🙂

  • webman2k

    So you lose three cents on the army bundle. Nice 😉

    • echo_pdx

      It includes the new wonders.

  • Tim Lord Gek Jordan

    From what I've had explained to me, these 4 Regional Expansions kind of Civ 4 the game a bit in that each nation gets a national unit and building. Each nation already had a national unit to some degree in Civ Rev, but if I recall correctly, they were only unique in name and graphic. Now these same unique units will have unique stats compared to their contemporaries as well.

  • Allen Gore

    The attack animations are still really lame though. Those must have been ported from the DS version, blockiness and all.

  • Stephane Guibord

    Notice the retina upgrade on both iPad and iPhone version unfortunately, as someone said, the battle animation are still bad and were not upgraded unfortunately.

    Also desapointed that the iap are not transferable between iPhone and iPad. Not going to buy the iap twice.

    Also, so little information regarding multiplayer. Is it local only? Through Game Center? A synchronism?

  • Lionel Piguet

    Great I really want to play the multi players mode... wait... I can't... why??? Because there are not available update in the Japanese itunes store!!!!! WHY? Why are you doing it for the rest of the world but not itunes Japan?

  • Muskie

    This was the first iOS game I ever bought, it never seemed to work on my iPhone I think it would play better on a larger screen like the iPad or even the iPad mini. I own pretty much every Civ game but given that I haven't tried this game in a year or more I can't say I'm likely to buy extra features. It also seems to me that the game takes so long I run out of batteries before I can win, that doesn't seem a good feature in an iPhone game...

  • Soupy

    Don't be fooled by the title, it is Civ in name only. The game itself feels like a cheap imitation of what a Civ game SHOULD be. Here the enemy encounters are generally randomized, removing any real strategy, and taking over cities suffers from having no 'life' indicator.

    Not suprised it's on sale. It's a poor man's Civ in every sense.

  • flashbackflip

    They want us TO BUY new units??!! They got to b kidding, right?....

    And still no retina... Greedy lammers

  • FreakFire74

    Hows multiplayer working out for everyone? Both my friend and I are getting "save not found" error messages! Three games crashed so far...

  • brko

    I tried Civ Lite on iPhone 5 and its awesome (widescreen, good graphics, excelent playability). And I will buy full version, but they want any extra money for any buildings, wonders,..? I hate in-app purchase. I wanna full game for one price!!