Remember when Hacky Sack was a thing? No? You didn't attend school during the Jurassic period? Well, mash this into your Meat File Directory: Hacky Sack was a game that cool kids played during or between classes back in the day. It was like an intimate take on catch, except played with a beanbag, a group of people and, exclusively, the outer rim of your feet. The goal was to kick the bag back and forth for as long as possible. I'm not so sure what was so cool about it either, but I'm not Judge Awesome. Anyway, there is a neat new game on the App Store that riffs on Hacky Sack. It's called HackyCat [$0.99] and we played it this morning. As you'd expect from the titling alone, it's a quirky game that has you kicking digital cats and keeping them in the air for as long as possible. It's a rad game, which is something I'm actually qualified to say, I think.

On top of nailing the core back-and-forth juggling, HackyCat absolutely kills it in the art and sound departments. This thing has the most adorable, almost excruciatingly cute, style. Also, it has a pretty sharp progressive unlock system that lets you grab new cats with rad powers as well as a very special new character.

This was one of this week's Sleeper Hits, so make sure to check it out. Luckily, we've got some moving pictures to give you an even further heads up on this:

  • Doom

    Nice run thru guys πŸ™‚ it should be noted that you can "flick" multiple cats in any direction..Doing this enables player to control all cats in the air..the more cats in the air at once makes quad hits..much more to do with those cats than just one-hit them.
    Super fun game!

  • MrSpud

    What's Judge Awesome up to these days?!

    • monoclespectacle

      Pfft, judging awesomeness, what else?

  • hackycat

    Thanks for the kind words, guys! It's really surreal to hear your familiar voices talk about something I made. Glad you've enjoyed the game so far!

    • FledgeFish

      The games is awesome! It just sort of depressing when the cats explode..

      • MonkeyChunks

        Yes, seriously, I think using cats objects to jungle in this game is a very poor decision because most people, at least in USA, adore cats. Even their being cartoony artistic expression it still hurts emotionally to see this.
        That is not to say this is technically a great game. I am just commenting on the content. I have two cats and I cannot bear seeing drawn cats suffer like this.

      • David Villanueva

        I love cats, and I think it's hilarious. I guess it comes down to your comedic sensibilities. Although maybe you could add a "non-violent" option in which the cats just ran away or something, so that more sensitive people can still enjoy the game. I love it the way it is, though. Keep it up, Ken!

  • mrTofu

    I'm sold, very charming, good job

  • Robo Rex

    adventure time meets california games meets kittys!
    games selling itself even with brad sucking.

  • David O'Donoghue

    there are no double rainbows! lol

  • MonkeyChunks

    I have to say something about this game because I know some players do share this sentiment. I do not like the idea and imagery of cute kitty cats being played as hackysack object. Yes, they're just drawn cats, yes they are not real, and yes I know I can just not play the game. I am just sharing how I feel about this. I have two pet cats. They are sweet and I cannot imagine how angry I'd be if anyone hurt them. But truth is all over the world there are people who hurt and kill cats for sadistic enjoyment. This doesn't sit well with me.

    For example why do they have to explode and die when they hit the ground in this game? Why not make them say "meow" and run away?
    Another suggestion would be to give the user the option to replace cats with some inanimate object.

    • Rhys85

      Replace them with say...some Angry Birds?

      • MonkeyChunks

        No, something that isn't alive, or at least not cute.

    • FuZion

      I also have 2 cats but with the cats exploding, it helps me disconnect to the reality of animal cruelty.

      It the cats just ran away, that would be more distressing as that would be closer to reality.

      In my opinion, not only should they explode, but go the whole hog. Mushroom cloud explosion! Flames & all when the tank goes. Then there'd be an even more unrealistic representation of anyones unease as the depiction.

      PS. Of course I love my 2 cats too. Couldn't be without them & their companionship.

      • MonkeyChunks

        I am not suggesting that "because its realistic I view it as too sadistic" I mean simply I don't enjoy the idea of a human being bouncing cats with their feet like cat is a ball.

    • Dammster

      I have two soccer ball pets at home and do I judge you for kicking them?!

  • Matt Curtis

    Toby looks far too happy about this. And he looks like Michael Cera in Juno.

  • the fish

    I'm going to get this one! Just to see if I can get to the same level achieved in real life with my two cats.

  • Jerutix

    My video broke a minute and a half from the end. It kept looping Brad saying "Let's just go nuts" and Jared saying "The mustache cat."

    It was the most awesome spot that could have ever happened at.