Are you just so mad that the new Real Racing 3 is a free-to-play title? Well, if you're in the market for a racing game for your iPad but aren't interested in putting up with freemium shenanigans, then now is a good time to check out Real Racing 2 HD [$6.99 (HD)] as it's just been put on sale for 99¢.

Real Racing 2 HD is literally on sale every week or two, but if you didn't already own it for your iPad it's certainly worth picking up. We thought the iPhone version was about as perfect as a mobile game can be when we reviewed it in December of 2010, and it's only gotten better since then with many updates and it feels great on the iPad as well. Despite being more than 2 years old, Real Racing 2 still feels like it can hang with any current AAA release.

  • flame2542

    Should just make them all free now

    • riChchestMat


  • Hobbes

    Classy. Here's a novel idea, stop patronising your forum posters!

    • 1Fcm

      This is on sale for $0.99, yet RR3 has cars that will set you back $70 or $100 (real world dollars) in premium currency. So sad...

    • Bjorn Keizers

      Indeed. TA is rapidly becoming one of those 'other' game sites. Where ad revenue seems to trump customers' / visitors' legitimate concerns.

      TA doesn't seem to care about what we think, as long as they can still put up some banners on the 28th in order to generate income. It's so transparent it's not funny.

      Integrity seems rare nowaways. What a shame.

  • runliketurtles

    Playing this again after trying RR3 makes me want to cry.

  • Illuminerdy

    I have to admit the attitude taken by the staff
    to the site's forum participants has always been refreshingly fast and loose. They could just ignore the countless, often stupid sentiments echoed in threads like this daily.

    That said, this post does seem patronizing, and the overwhelmingly positive attitude by the staff toward this game's third iteration has been sad to see. I hope they account for the problems below on their review (note these are before iAP factor in).

    Even before the iAP, there is the clumsy front end interface which seems to have little care for presentation or usability. Seriously, it's like a webpage, not a native app. The time shifted MP is cool, but inconsistent. It's like you "re-roll" best times and some modes, like Endurance, seem engineered to take their toll on your car needing services. Otherwise? It's more of the same. Nice track design, sure, but they have had the money and assets since RR2.

    I don't think the staff accepts bribes. I think they have instead drunk the Kool-Aid of a sweeping trend in mobile game development, a trend that had helped indie and titan developers equally. It does not work for all games, however. The staff is smart enough to know this and I hope they come around to see how flawed it is in RR3.

    Trying to be serious here, as I know I am often not.

    • homosaur

      They haven't even posted a review yet.

      • Illuminerdy

        I said I hope they account for it, didn't I?

    • homosaur

      You do understand that the reason the market is going all IAP is half the people who come on here and bitch and cry about having to spend $6 on a triple A title, right? If the market weren't 80%+ casual then you might have a point. These are businesses. Blame the IOS consumer.

      • Paul Graham

        sorry man, wrong thread, not supposed to be to you and i can't figure out how to delete comments

      • Garbagemaster

        I think there's some truth in what you're saying here. Still...I don't understand why they can't have a one time premium IAP to unlock everything for the hardcore, and still have cheaper, freemium consumable IAP for the more casual player. They would get the best of both worlds. As it stands now, they're just writing off a whole customer base that finds this freemium crap offensive.

      • mudd

        Exactly. Just give another option to buy the entire game at a fair market price. There's a reason why the phrase. "Being nickel and dimed" has a negative connotation.

      • Paul Graham

        I like that idea, that would be a nice compromise a lot of people could get behind. Still, what's going to happen I think is apps are going to get slaughtered on App Store reviews by the people who are too cheap to pay for the premium IAP.

      • Illuminerdy

        I did say I understand how it could work if implemented correctly, or implied that with the statement "it works for some games and not for others" or something like it. Are you even reading before replying?

      • mudd

        You are right, but it's that other 20 percent who help shine a light on the more obscure games, helping the smaller developers. 10000000 is a good example. If it's just about the casual gamer, then we will be left hundreds of Cut The Rope clones.

      • ImJPaul

        It's a shame people won't shell out the money for premium games. Today's gamer is a cheap ass. GameStop, the AppStore and Steam have spoiled us to the point of where standard pricing is seen as offensive. That logic boggles my mind because getting a great game for $5-10 seems like a steal to me but of course, if you give a dog a bone.......

      • Illuminerdy

        This has nothing to do with me or the grievances I raised with the game. I posted points of evaluation to take into account before even getting to the IAP controversy. Bad things that have nothing to do with IAP.

      • err404

        I'm not sure how much of a fan of racing games you are, but I found the UI to in line with the big console racing franchises like GT and Forza. I also kinda like the cool down timer for repairs. It's a great incentive to drive clean and try out other cars. That said the issue is the race rewards and timer lengths are intentionally tuned to be frustrating. I'm still holding out hope that these issues will be addressed with future iAP. I want to love the game. It is so close to being exactly what I want from an iOS racing game. I'll even grant that EA was needed to make this game great. Firemint would never have gotten the track and car licenses without them.

      • homosaur

        I said it was the wrong thread guy, get over it.

  • Xavier Milnič

    I know how to play RR3 without freemium limits 😉 check youtube: wYu1ryYmDgs

  • Krautboy

    And here we are,one week after a price drop it's pulled from the appstore. Who would have guessed that this would be pulled,you know,being a far superior game and all. Btw,all Real Racing games are pulled,hope you guys have backed it up.