Late this afternoon, Eli and I decided to give Krashlander [$1.99] a shot. If you're not in the loop, it's a skiing game that tasks you hitting jumps and knocking over a person (?) at the end of every run. It's heavily level-based and rocks one of those three-star scoring mechanisms we see so much nowadays. What makes this game interesting are its controls -- instead of boiling down jump functionality to a simple button press, Krashlander makes go through the series of motions that an actual jump requires. You have to crouch and lean and extend and burst at the top of a hill in order to nail a jump.

It takes some getting used to, but it's neat because it really makes you think about how many mechanics we take for granted. Like, you don't even think about the act of jumping in a skiing game. You just do it. And it's simple, streamlined even. This game? Not so much. Anyway, video:

  • E P

    I've watched the development of this game for multiple years, and it's best described as QWOP+Angry Birds+Tiny Wings. It is glorious.

    Also, SA-LIP-SKEE-ER.

  • JeffWeber

    Hey Brad and Eli, first thanks so much for doing a TA plays with my game! I was stoked when I saw that.

    Just wanted to point out the little thing you were missing to make that jump on level 3. See, you skipped the little tutorial just prior to that level. It shows you how to jump. 🙂

    Pretty simple. Drag your thumb straight down to crouch, then LIFT YOUR THUMB OFF THE SCREEN and tap the top of the control.

    This basically makes him stand up very quickly and launches him into a bigger jump than you can get by just sliding your thumb.

    Hope that helps and glad you liked the game.

    • Danny Perski

      On iPad, I've noticed not all the art assets are retina resolution. The app loading image, text, a few icons, etc. Is this something you plan to fix? Because this is the kind of game that should look amazing on iPad.

      • JeffWeber

        Hey Danny,
        Yeah there are a lot of rough-edges that need polishing in Krashlander. I'm one guy working in my spare time so unfortunately, some things had to ship in a "good-enough-for-now" state.
        I'm going to try to polish while I add more levels and other content.
        I'll try to address the things you mentioned.

      • FuZion

        I like it when devs are here talking about their projects.q

    • moeTi

      Hi Jeff,
      Great game! I have a suggestion: After a few tries you get the chance to skip a level. But in the overview there is no indication which level you actually finished and which you just skipped (unless you get stars). I'd like to finish every level by myself but don't know which one I missed.

      • JeffWeber

        Hey moeTi, I'll be re-working the whole skip level thing. As seen in the vid, it is a bit confusing the way it is now.
        I'll try to add an indicator some sort so you know what you finished and what you skipped.

  • grits

    Amazing game these are the most unique controls I've ever seen. As soon as I watched the T a plays, I knew I had to buy the game just to experience the control scheme. I too missed the tutorial but figured out how to tap to jump. I absolutely love controlling your character in the air, it feels really great. The physics are very good and the controls are tight. Congrats! Hope you make money and are able to continue w updates.

    • JeffWeber

      Thanks grits. Always good to hear from someone who "gets" the controls. It's a pretty polarizing control mechanic to say the least. 🙂 Glad you like it.
      Going to start working on updates this weekend.

  • grits

    PS I love the skill/difficulty involved. This might be the dark souls of ski games LOL

  • Naveen Sidhu

    A suggestion on how to make sure people see the tutorial screen:

    When it shows up, ignore all touches for 1 or 2 seconds to that way they won't tap the screen and skip it immediately (or by accident).

  • Jaison Biagini

    This game was fun but very easy to finish. I watched this video and figured this would be hours of fun. I finished it with 3 stars on every level in under 30 minutes. Hope the coming soon levels are harder!!

  • grits

    I agree the game needs more levels and increased difficulty. Sounds crazy, but once you get used to the controls it becomes easier.

  • Greyskull

    Ugh. Coins and 3-star systems. The bane of ios gaming.

  • Серёжа

    This game is amazing. I’m looking forward for new levels, I’ve 3-starred them all!
    You know, just this feeling when you pilot this skiier, it’s just perfect. And when you do amazing flips, it’s awesome. JeffWeber, you have my heart.