If you're pumped for Real Racing 3, check out the video we've embedded below. In it, the folks behind the racing game detail the game's time-shifted multiplayer component, which is an interesting asynchronous spin on the standard "Ghost" mode. In brief, time-shifted multiplayer fills every event you compete in with your friends' ghosts. Then, it puts an AI that behaves like your friends behind those ghosts, making matches a bit more dynamic than they would be otherwise.

It also lets you play against people who might have posted their best score weeks ago, and it'll blast out push notifications if someone crushes your time. Neat, right?

Real Racing 3 is scheduled to hit later this month.

  • hellscaretaker

    Great idea, yet a AI will never match a human player a AI is limited to its programming code a player is not

    • objectiveC

      It is better than just having a ghost. But you are right, nothing can match playing against humans in real time.

  • pavarotti2007

    Hope it will be as good as I'm expecting and works as well as they say it does. Fingers crossed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gobeatty Greg Beatty

    Wonder if multiple attempts to beat an opponent's time are allowed. Would be fun to try 5 times and finally beat an opponent, then send my best run to them to beat.

  • LM10

    Ea or fire monkeys, if you are reading this please make an option to put the your time and speed of your car on the sides of the screen instead only right next to the car! It never bothered me with real racing 1,2 or nfs most wanted, but I think it looks weird on this one.

  • miumius

    Will there also be realtime multiplayer? If not thats a shame because real racing 2 had it almost perfect.

  • Gamer_Kev

    I stopped being pumped for this game when I read that it was going to be free to play.