SlotZ Racer 2, an upcoming follow-up to an old favorite of ours, is hitting this coming Thursday on the App Store as a free download. With that zero dollar purchase, you'll be able to get behind the wheels of several different vehicles, race across 31 tracks, and play with the game's track editor. Via IAP, you'll also be able to grab a few more cars and unlock the game's "Car Editor" and "Pro Tune" features to customize your stuff.

In case you wanted to know, Freeverse, the publisher of the original SlotZ game, does not have a hand in this one. As pointed out in this game's press release, SlotZ Racer 2 is being self-published by Strange Flavour. But there's still a little something extra being packaged in this game for original SlotZ owners.

Players with the original SlotZ Racer on their iOS device get a special bonus! If SlotZ Racer 2 detects the original version of the game, among other things, a unique car is unlocked, just for being brilliant.

That's neat, right? We'll get our hands all over this in the coming days, so stay tuned for some impressions. In the meantime, check out this video of the game:

  • Rothgarr

    I haven't played any sort of slot car game since I played with real slot cars as a kid. But what I remember was that if you took any inside turn with any sort of speed your car was toast. In the video above it looks like all cars were at full speed for entire laps and only once did a car come off. Do today's slot cars not fly off the tracks so easily?

    • toxiccheese

      I've played a few of the slot racers available for iOS and they actually do take speed into consideration. I'm pretty sure this will too. It's a delicate balance of knowing when to gun it and when to lay off the speed. It just takes practice. The build your own track and car customization should go a long way towards making this a good simulation.

    • Zwilnik

      It all depends on your car, speed, the corner and how you approach the corner. Because of the physical connection of the car's guide in the slot, you can get away with a little more than just wheels on a track would do so the game takes that into account, but if you happen to be accelerating right on the tipping point, you are toast 🙂

      Some of the cars have a drifting capability too, so they can get away with a bit more speed going into a corner, but at the cost of losing momentum around it if you don't get the throttle right.

      That and I edited out most of my crashes for the demo vid so I didn't look bad 😉

  • webman2k

    Awesome. Awesome. Awesome! Can't wait for this. The original was so much fun. Can't wait to see this in retina with all the new tracks. For a preview of the gameplay, chek out the chaternham(sp?) edition in the store now.

    • webman2k

      I just watched the video. Hover slots? Wow. Love this already. Looks very smooth.

  • drelbs

    Been waiting for this for a long, long time. Have actually squeezed 4 people around an iPhone to play the original while waiting for a meeting!

  • Adams Immersive

    If Strange Flavour is still making games, I wouldn't say no to Airburst on iOS!

  • jar0d

    Wow. Sweet.
    SlotZ was the first game I bought on the AppStore!