Earlier this afternoon, Jared and I spent some time with Rail Rush [Free]. It's another endless runner. In the game, you control a mine cart and are tasked with collecting gold nuggets and avoiding various obstacles, including broken rails and oddly placed signage. As with most runners, the point of the game is just to go as far as you can. The farther you go, the higher your score.

You might remember this one. It came out earlier in 2012, but it's just now enjoying a big-time bump on the App Store charts.

As we've said before, Rail Rush a solid game for what it is. And, there's something to its style of running. It feels different, which is a nice thing in a genre that's as clotted as the runner is. Check it out:

  • shadax

    These endless runners are all just rehashes of the same boring crap. I still see jetpack joyride as the most creative and innovative right next to punch quest. Other than that, it's all a cash grab attempt with monotonous gameplay.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stimi123 Christoph Stiemert

    So there are some really neat games that game out in the last couple of days like for instance Dungelot, which did get a very good review on a neat little page called TOUCHARCADE.
    Also there's the new Might&Magic game which is also universally acclaimed and yet you video-review the 100th endless-(insert stupid way to move about)-er.
    While I totally get that you can't do a video review for every game, I don't unterstand why you skip some obviously great titles, that by the way are also quite popular on the forums, for something like this??
    I believe that a review for Might&Magic will come sometime soon, but why not Battle Of The Bulge, which got 5 stars in Tof's review and is by the way a genre you did not video review EVER, or Pixel Defender, which you repeatedly recommended on TA, yet never seemed to care for in video reviews.
    Again: I totally get that you can't review every great game out there and I actually like to see you rant about some crappy ones from time to time (The 30minute Jurassic Park episode is still one of my favorites), but please: do more video reviews of great games 🙂

    • bradnicholson

      Want to get out in front of this because I've seen similar comments before when we take a look at exceedingly accessible games: not every game we highlight is gonna be your cup of tea. With TA Plays videos, we're trying to give folks a picture of what's going on in the App Store. That means, yeah, we'll cover a casual game from time to time. But we're also covering weird, dark, core, sophisticated, pleasant, or hilarious games as well.

      I get what you're saying -- you've got some faves and you'd like to see them get more exposure. That's totally cool and maybe we'll get to them someday. It's a process. There's a lot of video games on the App Store, you know?

  • grits

    True sat brad. I think the more of these you can do the better because everyone seems to enjoy them. I know time in life is limited tho

  • http://www.facebook.com/contest.chris Contest Chris

    It is hard to say that TA doesn't get under-the-table money when they video review POSs like this. Sad man, but TA is losing the plot of late.

  • XzombiesX

    So addictive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/NigraMan Nigra Man

    Well, I've tested this one a couple of weeks ago and I enjoyed it... But it's more of a clon of Hugo the troll which is much more fun (although not as nice graphically) and has been around since the 90's

  • gunesk

    Im sick of these kind of games. Rail rush, temple run, agent dash etc. same game every time with only different characters and different colors. Dont fill your free space with these useless games. Only 1 of them is enough

    • Galsia

      You might be sick of them but obviously a lot of people who play them are not. Hence the large amount of them on the App Store. It's like zombies and COD; until people stop playing them then they are just going to keep coming out. Everyone wants their pot of gold.