A lot of exciting news came out of today's Nintendo Direct. A new Zelda was announced. A Wind Waker re-release was, too. And a new Mario 3D game was teased. But one announcement in particular was more relevant to our interests than the others: apparently, an actual Mii-verse app is headed to smart phones this spring. Shacknews writes that it'll launch as a basic browser of the 'verse with "more functionality" slated to hit later.

Mii-verse browsing with a phone or a tablet was announced at last year's E3, but nothing Nintendo said at that event had us thinking it intended to make a dedicated app. Today's news kinda has us excited, as a dedicated app can do so much more than a web page. Here's a promo shot of the functionality from E3:

It'll be interesting to see how this shakes out, what Nintendo decides to throw into the app, and how well it supports it down the line. We've got a lot of waiting to do before we know, though.

[via Shacknews]

  • InfectiousRed

    Wind Waker re-release? Take my money now.

    • JCman7

      The HD update graphics look awesome

    • wingz

      Fine that will be $35.00 dollars please.

  • yuk!


    • HelperMonkey

      Nintendo = Tons of great first-party software on mostly average hardware.
      Re: "fail" -- (from Wikipedia) "As of September 30, 2012, Nintendo has sold over 637.7 million hardware units and 4.01 billion software units." That's a fine way to fail, if you ask me.

      • 11liker99

        I still like my Xbox better 😛

    • Smileycathy1128


  • Rob

    What phone/case is that in the pic?

  • al3x094

    It's healthy that they're not entirely against releasing a Nintendo app through Apple's app store. I think they're realizing that a large majority of people who game will also own smart phones so it's logical to have a companion app with them for MiiVerse.

    • Andrew Chen

      Yeah it is a very interesting challenge for them at this stage, how to use these widely proliferated mobile platforms to engage customers and enhance their brand WITHOUT some "sign of weakness" that would undermine their competing product offerings in any way.
      I guess that means no games of any type and yes to 'dexes and social media clients.

  • ExcaliburEdge

    I keep hoping Sony will do something like this, but they don't seem to play well with others.

  • curtneedsaride

    The only way Nintendo will ever get another penny from me is if they start re-releasing ON the iPhone/iPad. So, here's hoping this is a step in that direction. Otherwise, they're really wasting their time, when they could be cashing in so much more.

    • rybred96

      They have the Wii U and the 3DS.
      Why the hell would they release on phones?
      Oh well, I'm sure they'll survive without your money. ^_^

    • http://twitter.com/VULTR3 Mike

      That's like expecting a Halo game on iOS. Not gonna happen. Why would they sell out their exclusivity? Don't be silly, this is actually not half bad for Wii U folk who wanna stay connected on their phones.

  • Jxsgamer

    Surprising that Nintendo didn't choose to remake Majora's Mask with all the Operation Moonfall flying around the Internet, as the ease to the long wait.

    • Andrew Chen

      Gotta save some tasty morsels for the 3ds.
      Speaking of 3ds, would love a f-zero on there myself.
      With vomit-inducing 3d speed.

      • Tuzzo

        I want Gamecube games on Virtual Console!! The 'Cube F-Zero was pretty good!

  • TREE_exorcist

    ey, why do they even need to make an app for mii's anyway?

    • Allisonaxe

      It's not a mii maker. Miiverse is a social network centered around co

    • Allisonaxe

      It's not a mii maker, but rather, miiverse is a social network with communities based around games released on the wii u. It's only available to use on the wii u at present, so it's nice that it will be accessible on other platforms.

      (Forgive my previous uncompleted post, butterfingers editing my words on my phone led to premature posting.)

      • ExcaliburEdge

        I thought only men had that problem. The more you know....

      • gtadem

        Thank you. I didn't know what a miiverse was. It is bad reporting to not be comprehensive.

      • Andrew Chen

        We could also say its rather bad marketing on Ninty's part that you dont know what a miiverse is :3

  • cuw

    With things like TVii and the WiiU's wonky registration and broken online functionality I don't see how people can think this will be a quality app. Knowing nintendo's complete lack of knowledge at how online gaming and communities work I just don't see the point of porting a half baked social network to more devices.

    It's not like people will clamor for a wiiu because of this and I really really doubt anyone is so invested in the WiiU's social network that they want it on them 24/7. I can't see the average person who owns a WiiU wanting to add another social network to keep up on when most people already have a twitter and a Facebook account along with maybe some of the smaller things like tumblr, Pinterest, foursquare, reddit, etc.

    This to me is as dumb as windows phone 8 and 7 having the Xbox stuff baked in. If the person you are chatting with is on their console you are dooming them to type with analog sticks( or in this case a garbage resistive touchscreen and a stylus) while you can type on a well designed touch keyboard.

    A lot of words to say I think this is dumb.

    • Honki

      So true it almost hurts.

    • JCman7

      Miiverse is actually really well done and I'm looking forward to the app.

    • Andrew Chen

      Your skepticism is not without merit (though it can also be garnered that you have formed strong opinions without actually trying the product).
      To address the point of Nintendo releasing these apps: it is to create more value for network members, giving them the option of accessing the network anywhere they are and thus more fully fleshing out their concept of a new gamer social network.
      Taking off my captain obvious hat for a minute, it is one thing for you or I to say "this is dumb, why support or improve it" and quite another thing for Nintendo to verify its dumbness by failing to support or improve upon it.

  • Cynn

    Miiverse is very cool. I'm curious to see what the app allows you to do. I am "Cynntendo" on there. Add me and check out my horrible drawings.

    • nini

      Only if I'm allowed to laugh at them.

  • Deihlanos

    .....this is pretty bloody stupid.

    Nintendo goes on and on and on and on and on about how they wont release things on phones/tablets and they dont want to support that and hahahaha, just look at all of those silly developers releasing for those silly phones and tablets, the GREAT NINTENDO will NEVER do that....

    .....but oh here, here's an app to try to suck you into our new social service. Oh, all that stuff we said before? CLEARLY doesnt apply to this!

    I swear, every time I think they've hit rock bottom, somebody throws them a nuclear jackhammer.

    • http://twitter.com/RubiconDevelop Rubicon Development


      I wold like to see Apple refuse to accept this on the store.

      Rejected: "You want your own platform for just you and our platform for everyone."