It's that time of week again when the deluge of new releases finally land on the US App Store. It looks like a pretty decent week based on what's in our weekly Coming Tonight post, and all those games are now available with the links provided there. As we usually do, we're highlighting what is the most noteworthy release of the bunch and this week that game is Might & Magic Clash of Heroes [$4.99].

Clash of Heroes is a match-3 RPG hybrid in the loosest sense, and is wrapped in a massive single-player story-driven campaign. Typical RPG tropes are at play as you follow along with a ragtag group of young heroes as they try to save the world from certain doom.

Battles are centered around the matching style gameplay, and as we've talked about previously in our preview coverage of Clash of Heroes, this is the game's biggest strength. There are layers upon layers of depth to the fight strategies and mechanics, and while the story and presentation are key components if Clash of Heroes was nothing but battling I wouldn't complain one bit.

That's sort of what the multiplayer is there for, though. You can play against AI opponents, battle real-life friends locally, or take on the competition online in asynchronous bouts. The single-player campaign in Clash of Heroes should keep you busy for quite a long time, but the multiplayer options are what really give it long-term legs.

Might & Magic Clash of Heroes originally launched as a Nintendo DS title back in 2009, and was re-released and enhanced in HD for home consoles in 2011. The iOS game is based on the HD release, and because of that the file is nearly a full 2 gigs, so just a heads up. Other than that it appears to be a fairly decent touchscreen translation of an absolutely phenomenal original game, so check out our forums for more early impressions and watch this space for more on Clash of Heroes in the near future.

  • ImJPaul

    Nearly 2 GB?! WHAAAA?!! Have they heard of file compression?

    • VeganTnT

      Remember, this is the hd remake for home consoles. It is also universal so you have assets in non retina iPhone, retina iPhone, retina 4 inch, non retina ipad (includes ipad mini), and retina ipad sizes. All that plus extra code for Game Center integration, etc... There's only so much compression can do.

      I've yet to play this version but the original is one of my all time favorite games. If the port is able to meet the high standard of the original game then it will be well worth the 2Gb.

      • REkzkaRZ

        2 gigs is really overload for:
        - an iOS device
        - this game

        It's laziness, no need to defend laziness.

        I predict -- it's gonna hit them right in the sales...

      • Aaron Marroquin

        It's not laziness. It is HD quality graphics and a full fledged game. It is a lot of unique 2d artwork. If they were to compress it to your standards the game would look like shit.

      • Dams

        It's a real game, not another angry birds in 3 colors...

  • IAmTheNightRider

    That's odd, Appshopper lists the game as being about 500Mb.

    • mr_bez

      The download is around 500MB, but it takes up 1.9GB once installed.

      • REkzkaRZ

        I've seen this new game trend, and it should be blocked by Apple. Or the 'installed size' is what should be listed, obv.

        I had a yoga app that did similarly -- you'd install app (only ~ 20mb), and any of their videos you wanted to watch would download (~ 80mb each). After I did one, I wanted to delete, couldn't find a way to delete. Contacted dev, they wrote me back, "we don't have that feature".
        (If I'd watched all of their videos, that'd have taken ~ 2 gigs from my phone.)

      • Pray For Death

        You can delete the app files from iFunBox

      • Aaron Marroquin

        Why? It is a game. Movies are large files too. HD movies are huge. Your arguments and complaints are redundant.

  • PinoyTeens.Net

    The file size is throwing me off for a while.. Until I get some other titles completed.

  • dekon

    At least the game is a full & payable game compared with our cash-cows friends at Square-Enix.:p

  • moeTi

    looking good, but not colorblind friendly... I hate that in so many match-threes...

  • P Allen

    I've actually been playing heroes of might and magic 3 lately on my PC brilliant game if this is similar it's a must have.

    • Coachflaps

      Check out Palm Kingdoms 2, it's a pretty decent clone of HoMM3, which was my favorite of the Heroes games.

      • Coachflaps

        Oh and I've only played the PK2 deluxe, I haven't tried the free version.

  • Ty Bader

    You had my $5 until i read 2GB.....

  • freelunch

    have they tweaked the colour palette at all for this version? I bough tthe DS original but couldn't even complete the training mission due to its incompatibility with my colourblindness. I've seen a lot of similar complaints about previous versions and I'm hoping the devs have taken notice..

    • moeTi

      I really hope so too... They should ask Popcap how to do it properly!

    • ratsinheat

      I'm not colorblind but I have trouble with it. The contrasts of the backgrounds really confuse blue/green units!

    • mr_bez

      It doesn't seem to have changed or have any options in that regard, I'm afraid.

  • ratsinheat

    The one reason I can't buy this game is that I've played single player on three devices now and cannot stand to do it again! Give me a .99 unlock IAP!