As gamers I'm sure we've all at some point come across a tough boss fight. You know, those massive enemies at the end of a level that are nothing more than bullet sponges, and it takes careful planning and recognition of their patterns or subtle hints pointing out their vulnerabilities in order to be victorious. New Italian studio White Milk Games is taking that idea and running with it with their upcoming game Endless Boss Fight. The game is exactly as the title says: there's one gigantic, invincible boss and you battle it for as long as you possibly can while trying to earn as many points as possible. You can see the game in action in this brief trailer.

What I found really interesting about Endless Boss Fight is that according to a post from the developers in our forums the game started out as something they just whipped up to test their development tools, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. So they decided to spend some time fleshing it out and turn it into their first official release. I'm a big fan of arcade-style high scoring games as well as beat 'em ups, and I'm looking foward to see how well the two are blended together when Endless Boss Fight launches sometime in February.

  • bestkevin

    I will only download it if it's free cuz it's just fighting one boss endlessly doesn't seem to worth a dollar.

    • raulriera

      Your concept of a dollar is WAY OUT THERE IN A PEDESTAL

    • BrushMyNoseOff

      The people paying for endless runners would disagree.

      • PinoyTeens.Net

        Best comment I read all day. -_-

      • bestkevin

        I like endless runner but I am saying it would be good if there will be different type of boss after beating a boss.

  • Wikilix

    I was under the impression that it would be an endless bosses, each different from the last. After watching the video, I'm somewhat disappointed.

    • Fep52

      I totally agree. On the face of it, the concept sounds great but the vid is rather uninspiring. Still, I'll whack it on the Watch List and see how it looks come release day.

    • Jared Nelson

      Yeah I see what you're saying, like a boss rush mode. That would be cool. I think they said if the game is well received they'll add more bosses and stuff so a rush mode like that might be possible one day.

    • coolpepper43

      100% agree... Different bosses that you can actually defeat would be the way to go. It looks cool but I don't like games where you don't accomplish anything and it seems fighting one boss that you cannot beat could get old fast.

      • Maniacfive

        But if its several bosses, it's just a really hard normal game with many mobs. This is ENDLESS BOSS FIGHT! RAWR!

  • Blodia

    So it's like most SNK fighters, then...

  • Dexiro

    Having a boss fight that never ends sounds really frustrating.

    I hope it does actually have an end; having a boss fight that takes up an entire game sounds awesome, like if there were 30 levels and each level was a different phase of the boss ๐Ÿ˜€

  • White Milk Games

    Hi everyone.
    We are very excited about the interest that we have been getting from the community. Thanks Jared for this article.

    We are going to be deep in beta testing this coming week and we would love your guys's help and feedback. Please email us or PM us to be added to the beta list.

    The current video does not show all of the gameplay features we have and will be including, so please keep that in mind. More details are going to come soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Retero

      Developer leaving comment on TouchArcade makes me feel more connected to the game development and makes me want to by the game more. Thank you White Milk Games. I plan on buying your app now.

      • someperson

        I completely agree. I'm not sure why, but it feels like they... care more, I guess.

    • JPhilipp

      I think it's a terrific idea, including that it's only one boss yet... that spin is really novel. If you expand the game may I suggest you never give up on the Single Epic Boss idea, but rather have that boss change in shape, add features, spawn mini bosses etc. the longer you fight it.

  • Thawkk

    Boss fights are my favorite part of any video game, so I'll definitely watch for this game.

  • Mirkwood

    Looks cool.

  • Jonathan Severn

    Interesting idea. Less sure about the execution

  • InfectiousRed

    Freemium and endless_____ are ruining iOS gaming.

  • Lunartic

    Ummm it's now March!

  • 7lilwhitewolf7


  • Lunartic

    Crickets chirping....

  • B30

    OMG, I think someone killed the boss!

  • WhiteMilkGames

    The boss is still very much alive and something is coming soon ...