Rodeo Games's radical turn-based strategy action series, Hunters, is on sale through the weekend. Starting now, you can grab Hunters: Episode One [$4.99 / $4.99 (HD)] for zero bucks and its follow-up, Hunters 2 [$1.99], for 99¢.

These are both lengthy games with additional random mission content thrown in for good measure, so giving a download to either (or both) is kind of a no-brainer from a value proposition standpoint. Quality-wise, these are awesome strategy titles that'll stress your brain while also delivering loads of action.

Rodeo tells us that this sale is "part of the run up" to Warhammer Quest, its Warhammer-based fantasy strategy game that's due out at some point this spring.

  • Silverfist

    Bought both at full price (just got Hunters 1 last week, actually) and not resent paying for these games AT ALL. Love the customizable aspect, graphics -- all of it.

    Hope they do Warhammer justice.

  • Oooooomonkey

    Oh man I can't wait for warhammer

  • swarmster

    Did either of these games ever get iCloud support? I'm not sure I could really get into a lengthy strategy game stuck on one device.

  • MidianGTX

    Any iPad retina on Hunters 2?

  • Evolution888

    Great games

  • Jim Wilson

    Hunter 2 was the first ipad2 game I played and completed. Loved it.