When we first heard that Square Enix would be releasing a new retro-based Final Fantasy, I was excited to see if we'd end up with another adventure similar to Final Fantasy: Dimensions [Free]. Unfortunately, Final Fantasy: All the Bravest [Free] is as far away from such a title as you  can possibly imagine. Focusing entirely on simplified battles, Final Fantasy: ATB is less of a game and more of a blatant attempt to extort cash from a weary fan base for a brief glimpse of nostalgia.

You'll find no story (other than a generic intro narrative screen), character development or meaningful interaction in All The Bravest. Instead, players bounce from stage to stage set in one-screen locations vaguely reminiscent of overworld locations across various Final Fantasy games. Each stage typically consists of several rounds of enemies also extracted from a wide range of previous games in the series. Players battle those enemies, earn experience, gain party level-ups and also earn gil, although there are no gil-based shops to speak of. While this description alone feels suspect for a Final Fantasy, this is only the tip of the iceberg for ATB's troubles.

Gameplay in FF:ATB consists of tapping (or sliding) your finger across party members, which activates their attack on a random enemy. There are no move choices, enemy selections, or party order; each member has its own attack bar and you're free to tap on them for another attack when it's filled. Win the battle and you're rewarded with experience which goes towards your party level and occasionally bestows an extra party slot for your team. Eventually your party becomes huge, with tons of characters constantly attacking and lots of battle bars to keep track of. Battles also occasionally award weapons which increase character attack powers but really don't add much in the grand scheme of things.

While the concept of large, hectic, simplified battles seem intriguing, the large parties coupled with randomized attacks lead to a game that has very little strategy in it whatsoever. Seriously, the most important thing you'll plan is how fast you're going to slide your finger across the screen. Even worse, the fact that all attacks are random lead to some frustrating scenarios where you have a baddie on the edge of defeat but your party keeps attacking all the other enemies (letting that one stay alive and attack). It's a far cry from the actual Active-Time Battle system that the game subtly references.

As if the above bastardization of Final Fantasy's classic battle system wasn't enough, ATB goes even further with a ridiculous IAP system complete with a freemium-esque scheme of encouraging players to wait or pay. In addition to the 20 default character classes that are unlocked during play, players have the option of purchasing 35 additional 'Premium' characters at a buck a piece. These premium characters are actual cast members picked from all FF games (such as Lightning from FF13 or Yuna from FF10) and come with their own unique (and typically powerful) moves.

Unfortunately, you don't have a choice as to which premium character you buy, as the game will randomly unlock a character for you with your purchase. This last point feels absolutely ridiculous and completely outweighs any potential intrigue some might have with seeing what some of the recent FF characters look like in pixel-form (besides, how would you know if you'd even get one?). Meanwhile, completionists will balk at the fact that character lists will remain unfinished until every character is bought and used. There are also additional worlds to purchase, they offer nothing more than 'what-if' 16-bit views of later games.

Some may wonder what happens if you lose all your party members in an intense battle. Well, you restart the entire round, wait for your party to regenerate at a rate of one member every three minutes, or use an hourglass that instantly revives your party but is only available for purchase via IAP. Truth be told, there's no reason for the hourglass mechanic to exist other than a blatant attempt to sell hourglass IAPs.

In addition, as you progress and get larger parties, the natural rate of party regeneration goes from annoying to intolerable as the worth of each party member plummets (since your total party increases in proportionate to enemy strength). The worst part is the fact that you WILL encounter boss battles that no amount of reasonable grinding will solve, forcing you into long waits for party regeneration and fever, or simply shelling out for hourglasses.

I have no problems with games that are little more than fan service. If a developer releases a game that simply gives its loyal fans "more of what it wants," it's typically a win-win situation for most parties involved. Final Fantasy: All The Bravest, while featuring a lot of bits and pieces of nostalgia, is not fan service.

Such games typically give something back to its community in some form or fashion. FF:ATB instead wants to extort from its fan base, which is easily apparent in its lackluster presentation, non-existent "gameplay," and ridiculous IAP scheme. ATB was disappointing enough in the fact that it's not a real RPG, but it's downright appalling when you think about the fact that it's simply a cash-grab. For everyone but the most stalwart FF fans (and I implore even them): this trip down memory lane isn't worth it.

TouchArcade Rating

  • TakenXXDeadly

    I've actually never seen 1 star from toucharcade. Must be that bad.

    • Darius

      Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube? got - 1-star rating, and maybe something else, but I don't remember.

    • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

      I want to give TA 5 stars for not 'turning a blind eye' and giving this POS a 3 star review, or somehow trying to say "hey this isn't so bad" even though it's a smelly, foul, stank-byte.
      After watching the review of the "game" (I put that in quotes b/c of high suck-osity factor), I knew I would never buy it. I wouldn't dload it as free and endure endless "don't have enough crystals" IAP requests, I wouldn't want it occupying 1 meg of my precious iPhone storage. I wouldn't want to look at the loading screen, the icon, nor the annoying un-shut-offable "game wants to notify you" request.

      I say, anytime TA effectively calls a 1-star road-apple game what it is, we should all gather behind TA and salute! I give you my salute, TA, for standing up for gamers who want an option in AppShopper (or AppStore -- yeah, right) to BLOCK devs that waste our time and money, provide inferior products, or are just douches. But until that time as the 'douche-block' is enabled in AppShopper/AppStore, we rely on TA for accurate reviews.

  • http://twitter.com/PrayForDeath Pray For Death

    In before 'Touch Arcade wasn't paid by SE' comments

    • Федор Ковалев

      At least dozen of other review sites weren't paid either. The game just sucks, plain and simple.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marcin.tasz Marcin Tasz

    I didn't quite get this from the review. If I don't want to shell out a buck a character, can I still unlock all the premium characters through gameplay? Or am i out of luck?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jon-Smith/100003406751826 Jon Smith

      "In addition to the 20 default character classes that are unlocked
      during play, players have the option of purchasing 35 additional" I would say that is a NO.

    • Martin Appleton

      You have to fork over real money in order to get the premium characters. There is no mechanic that I've seen in this "game" that would allow you to get any character / weapon / area that is classed as premium.

      This "game" makes offerings by Zynga look like they actually have some kind of playability.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jon-Smith/100003406751826 Jon Smith

    Wow never seen Touch Arcade lambast a game so bad but it sounds like it really deserves it. Thanks TA for saving me $4!

  • MrAlbum

    Yeah... This review does sing true. I was able to enjoy it though, for my own reasons.

  • http://www.facebook.com/contest.chris Contest Chris

    Well it's not bad really. He reviewer isn't giving this a fair shot. Game play is very casual. Which is good for me. The whole thing spanks of polish. Iaps are the only letdown. 3.5 for me.

    • http://twitter.com/carlosmagnorosa Carlos Magno Rosa

      I think that for the Value( Price/Quality) you can find much better games on the AppStore.
      And why do you have to wait to play when you have already pair 4 dollars for it? It's ridiculous.

      • curtisrshideler

        You don't have to wait. They don't mention it in the review, but after the tutorial you can exit a battle at any time before you die and then re-enter that battle with your full party immediately. The hourglasses are for those who don't ever want to exit battles. I've only done this a couple times: once to test it and once because the current boss was too powerful.

    • curtisrshideler

      I agree with the reviewer and with you. I've been wanting a polished casual FF game in portrait mode, and Airborne Brigade just wasn't doing it for me. But I am also disappointed we can't unlock characters and weapons and areas with Gil instead of real world money.

  • Bliquid

    As a long time FF fan, as well as a fan of SquareSOFT days, i'm disgusted by the later Square-Enix approach to their loyal fanbase.
    I honestly wish i could boicott them in any way possible.
    I feel my wallet (non)vote is not satisfying enough.
    They have to go down.

    • http://www.facebook.com/8thRann Rican Rann

      I feel the same way. my heart just broke reading your comment -_- I remember the good days back on snes, and now when I compare those days to this, wow, what a reality check to the current situation with square. I don't want to not like them cause i had the happiest memories coming up with them, but this is insulting to me, someone whose followed them since nearly the beginning.

  • hypnometal

    This review, sadly, is spot on. I saw a trailer for this and used $4 of my iTunes gift card to get it, thinking I would enjoy some new innovation to the FF series. Unfortunately, there really is no strategy, as you're just trying to tap as fast as you can before the enemy can land a single hit on your character, and as you progress, you can _never_ tap fast enough. You _will_ run out of characters, and you will have to turn off the game and wait. You never even really lose a battle, you just run out of characters and wait for the timer to give them back to you. I wish I had waited to buy this, instead of just assuming that, because it had "Final Fantasy" in the title, it would be good.

    • http://twitter.com/w00dm4n Dubya w00dm4n

      well that's where the strategy comes in...
      After i learned how to level up i only ran into problems later in the game.

    • curtisrshideler

      Just exit the battle before your entire party dies. Then you can re-enter immediately with your full party. No hourglass needed. That's a sliver of strategy right there.

      • Nick

        Yeah, never mind. I can't read.

        It's still stupid, and I'm sure they'll fix it at some point when they realize they're losing money.

        It's a loophole, simple as that.

      • visualplayer

        That's not strategy. That's shut down the console and reboot.

      • riChchestMat

        No it's a menu option in the game

  • araczynski

    squareenix has been about milking sheep for years, you guys sound surprised that this is all the originality that is left in the company.

    • diemer

      They also frequently sheer cows for wool. They're quite bad at farming, as it turns out.

      • araczynski

        if there's any milk left in a sheep, they'll find a way to get it out. if you can get blood out of a turnip, you can get milk out of a sheep 🙂

      • riChchestMat

        Sheep are mammals. Think about that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aaron.marroquin.106 Aaron Marroquin

    Is everyone happy now? 1 Star.

  • http://twitter.com/EightRooks Matthew Lee

    Disagree with this - "I have no problems with games that are little more than fan service." - in a big way. Companies spinning their wheels just to please their long-time fans who want the same thing, over and over again, forever, do themselves little good in the long run. Christ, imagine if Squenix had actually paid any attention to people who just want Secret of Mana in HD re-released every year. Ugh.

    At the same time this is still a pretty good review, and a solid takedown IMO. Much as I don't like how Squenix gets treated nowadays there's no denying they've made some terrible decisions lately and some of the IAP mechanics here sound jaw-droppingly callous. Oh, well. Pixel graphics meant it was never going to be my thing anyway.

  • thesporkwithin

    FF U 1 star.

  • http://twitter.com/SwagMcAwesome Romulus Steelfang

    The game itself isn't bad (it's not good either, but I'm still enjoying it). I don't know if I agree with the 3.99 pricing and the iap this game has... still better than fruit ninja 😛

  • chinito77

    In all seriousness, every FF spin off created for the iPhone/iPad has been shit (TheatRyhthm not too shitty). Please email SquareEnix and voice your complaint. They need to stop making these horrendous FF cash cow games!

  • http://profiles.google.com/superspandy James Kochalka

    I think the game looks absolutely awesome. If its not fun, then someone should take this same basic style and make a game that's actually fun.

  • http://twitter.com/Beards2 Beards_Game

    I can see an actual game in this mess, if they just allowed a little more tactics, unit choice and target choice. Maybe even 1-3 hp for each character instead of 1 hit - dead.

  • http://twitter.com/deathfisaro Ken Lee

    I'm a hardcore fan of FFV (I self taught Japanese in order to play it back in 1993 when my cousin brought it from Japan), and I've beaten it over a dozen times since then -once every year or two-

    The more I played FF:ATB, the more I found out how much I love FFV. The map progression in ATB is almost that of V despite having maps from other series. So ATB doesn't need a storyline, memories were playing in my head as I moved through maps; all the events, towns, monsters and music.

    So what does this game offer you if you've just "played FFV" opposed to "spent 2000 hours on FFV"? I don't think much. It's a game that doesn't really have a target audience outside of countries that had Super Famicoms opposed to SNES.

    The IAP scheme is a shallow attempt to broaden its target audience but fails miserably due to its outrageous pricing.
    $3.99 is still a bit steep for what it offers, so I'd deduct 1 star for pricing and give it 3 stars. If anyone is silly enough to buy any IAP, 1 star rating makes sense but its also your fault for falling into such a garbage scheme (or unless you're extremely rich).

    tl;dr - game made for FFV fans and to some extent, SNES FF fans, IAP? What IAP?

    • Bool Zero

      So what you are effectively saying is that you're okay to spend $3.99 for a game that operates like a freemium game with extreme use of timers and IAP, dictates to you when and how you can play your game, and asks you for more money if you want to play it past the point of being K.O.'d which is inevitable because of the lack depth, strategy or a proper game system and panhandles to its customer base at near every given opportunity? To each their own I guess... You are welcome to it...

      • Andrew Hamling

        What timers? You don't need to use hourglasses at all, your party is full at the start of every battle no matter how many times you die. The only timer you can't get around is the Fever timer. The character adding timer of 3 minutes is almost inconsequential because every battle I've played hasn't gone past 3 minutes anyway. If it's a series of battles you'll still start with the whole team before each battle.

  • ExcaliburEdge

    I had hope for this title, but it seems too brain dead for my taste. It's final fantasy, minus all the things I love about the series.

  • ExcaliburEdge

    ATB = All The Boring

  • eventide

    Good on you TA for standing up to SE and letting them know this kind of crap has gone on long enough.

  • ArgyleBandit

    An obvious attempt by SquareEnix to extort more money from what is left of their fan base. I wish I had read this review before I purchased the game. So disappointed.

  • chubbypillow

    The IAP is ridiculous.

  • SephiTrax

    I paid for this. I never felt the need to ask for my money back.

  • riChchestMat

    If you read the forum thread you can see that some people have bought this and worked out how to avoid all the IAP and where the strategy is. The reason the reviewer keeps dying is because he mindlessly swipes all attackers at once. He should read the thread and update this review. Or maybe TA could post an opposing viewpoint.
    The game isn't for me personally but the mindless nature of these comments is just silly.

    • Greyskull

      You shouldn't HAVE to figure out ways around iaps. Even if some players discover some "tricks", not everyone will, and it doesn't change the nature of the pricing model. As such, they're irrelevant in the scope of a review.

      • riChchestMat

        It's relevant that the reviewer can't play the game properly. Go read the forum thread. It's not just that people have worked out how to avoid the IAP. They've worked out that there is a strategy behind which characters to tap to attack first rather than just blindly button mashing.
        Personally I could do without the hourglasses but a 1 star review should be for something totally broken. All this really has turned out to be is flamebait for the hoards of kids that foam at the mouth whenever they see IAP or Squeenix mentioned on the Internet. I say this as someone who has chosen not to download this game before you call me a fanboy. It just seems that I spent more time reading the experiences of people who did play this than it seems the reviewer spent playing it himself.

      • riChchestMat

        Reply to self here but I just googled Eric Ford's other reviews and I mostly agree with him elsewhere. Particularly for Theatrhythm which had an approach to IAP that isn't a million miles away from this one with regards to paying for extra maps and characters. Maybe this review was rushed or a first impression?

      • homosaur

        Or maybe the game is just a pile of dog crap and you're one of the five people that disagrees.

      • ExcaliburEdge

        His username does imply that he has plenty of extra cash to burn.

    • Nick

      They took a game with insane IAPs that screams of freemium and slapped a $4 price tag on it, they give you RANDOM 1 character unlocks at a dollar EACH. When a character dies, if you actually play the game like they designed it, you're screwed and have to wait 3 minutes per.

      Just because people found a LOOPHOLE doesn't mean it's strategy. Don't you think they'll plug this loophole when they figure it out? The waiting clearly is designed to exploit players and if you okay it normally, you would have to wait.

      As for the gameplay, does it define it clearly in the game? Any detailed instruction book that goes over how to play it? People should never have to go to another website to actually figure out the gameplay.

      Everything here smacks of cheap tactics and brash money grabbing "features". They've created a shallow game that should have been no more than a dollar, lest it be $4.

      I don't understand why there are so many apologists to how cheap and embarrassing this game is.

      • riChchestMat

        It seems you've never played a game before about 1992 judging by your comments. It was common for gamers to be left alone to figure out how to play a game. I'm not saying that's how things should be now but is still expect a review to get that bit right.
        By the way Minecraft also released with no included instructions. Is that worth 1 star?

      • Benjamin Rodriguez

        The strategy is that, you aren't supposed to mindlessly swipe every char when they are ready to attack again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/moobyghost Sean Ward

    I like it. I don't care if touch wants to jump on the hate-wagon.

    • ttocs

      It's not a bandwagon statement if its the truth.

      • riChchestMat

        If its not the truth you say? Well then it's a bandwagon then cos the review is inaccurate.

      • ExcaliburEdge

        ATB = App That B!ows

  • Zephram

    Square has lost it's soul.The greatest fan service they could provide is to sell the FF franchise to a developer who actually gives a sh#t about gaming.

  • theundertow

    This is really a shame. There's enough to like here that they would have to take the IAP Panhandling to extreme levels to "mess up" here and sure enough, they did.

    Either don't charge $4 to download your shell game or don't force people to PAY more to continue playing. Especially when you battle/damage system also pushes the need to buy IAP.

    The Premium character lotto is cheap as well but I have less of a fundamental issue with that alone...wrapped up with the rest of this is a blatant cash grab by a company that is just focused on every last dollar they can squeeze.

  • curtisrshideler

    This is the casual portrait mode game I've been wanting for short breaks and such. Plus it's polished and a nice small file size. I'll end up playing this more than any console title probably. I disagree with the IAP and wish we could unlock stuff with Gil and plan our part/weapons. But then again, it's casual. So, it's meant to keep me from worrying about all that RPG depth. If I want depth, I'll jump back into FF II-FF IV.

    For me, this is much better than Theatrhythm. I'd give Theatrhythm 1 star because its not what I want in a game at all. So, I definitely understand why this title might not be what a lot of people want. But for me this is a nice companion to their hardcore RPGs... minus the ridiculous IAPs.

  • http://www.deltaattack.com/ Fade to Slack

    You know, you don't HAVE to buy the DLC to enjoy the game. The game's mindless, but it's fun. You're blinded by your desire.

    • ttocs

      The game charges you to Rez your party, that's about as blatant a cash grab as you can get. Or you could wait half a day for them to Rez. If it were a free game, maybe. But four bucks up front plus all that Iap crap is too much.

      • Andrew Hamling

        This is a blatant lie, if you die just exit the battle and go back in and start over, with your ENTIRE party. Hourglasses aren't needed unless you want to finish a battle you already started. You can play the same battle over and over again no matter how many times you die.

      • Nick

        Stop trying to justify a loophole, just because it's there doesn't mean that was the intent behind it, nor does it mean it won't be patched, as otherwise it would negate the entire waiting process.

      • Andrew Hamling

        I really don't think it's a loophole or bug. You can leave any battle whenever you want to by pressing the map button. There's even a confirmation dialog to confirm leaving. Have you even played the game?

      • http://www.deltaattack.com/ Fade to Slack

        That's not a loophole. You must have misunderstood. He means exit the battle and try again.

      • Benjamin Rodriguez

        It's definitely not a loophole when you lose the current progress of the battle.

      • http://www.deltaattack.com/ Fade to Slack

        Or you can wait for your party to fill back up instead of being impatient. It's by design. I get that it's Final Fantasy, but this is a social game with built-in limitations. But, really, that four dollars does get you a game that you can complete without anything more than a little patience.

  • RepublicanAxel

    To be perfectly honest, this is probably the worst game with a major franchise name attached to it that I have ever seen. The Zelda CD-i games were better. No exaggeration.

    BTW, in addition to everything mentioned in the TA review, there is the fact that you have to do some Facebook/Twitter nonsense if you want to have the maximum number of slots. Your money is not enough for Square.

  • C W

    I have been and still am a Square Fan since the inception of their existence. And, I can honestly say that this game is pure and utter GARBAGE.

    I simply cant believe that square would attempt to 'dupe' their loyal fanbase and customers with something like this. They are just plain greedy at this point. It seems that they have discovered that they can make alot of quick cash off of iOS customers. But, the problem with this strategy is that their primary base also shares space with ios customers as well. And, we know better!

    Square, you need to really make it up to us for this release.
    Nobody was fooled by this.

    This was an insult to your fans.
    As well as an insult to anyone with an IQ over 20.

    • riChchestMat

      Did you play it for yourself?

  • Zephiros

    It's amazing how every time I see a review for a Square Enix game on iOS, the basic complaint is "costs too much!". If you remove the fact that unlocking special characters costs money, this game could hace gotten a more appealing review and rating. Poor people are poor I suppose. I unlocked everything (except for hourglasses, they are not necessary) and I love my little guys in glorious 16 bit fashion. Seriously whiners, get a job or something 🙂 it's not expensive.

    • Bool Zero

      It's not about the cost or the price for most if you actually understand the argument. It is about the value, execution and principle of such practices attached to the price where piece-mealing a game has somehow become an acceptable norm much less one that is defended now. Gone are the days of arcades and quarter plunking yet it seems this stratagem has come full circle in gaming. Where it is understandable with smaller developers and even there it is done in a more respectable manner, here we see it done in an offensive and disrespectful manner which seems to treat its fanbase like piggybacks rather than dedicated fans.

      Poor people comment: I've bought TWEWY, FFT and other full featured SquareEnix games on release, with no qualms about the price and have bought numerous other high priced apps on the store with nary batting an eye. I know for me personally, I blow at least $100 or more easily a month just in the AppStore, so save the "poor people" argument for the Android market, where 70% of the apps are free and the piracy rate is far more rampant. iPhone/iTouch/iPad owners are statistically proven to spend more money on apps period (Apple owns roughly 20-25% of the mobile market with Android owning a whopping 60+%, yet the Apple store is approximately six times more profitable).

      For many that it's not about the price, its about the principle, but folks like you seem to miss this concept. $4, $10, $20, the price is inconsequential, the real complaint is not about the number but the personal worth or value of what they are getting for that price comparatively to other offerings. Being barely a game at $3.99, feeding off the nostalgia of character acquisition of its fans (the game is pure fan service which is not necessarily a bad thing but let's be realistic here, its not like someone who knows nothing about the Final Fantasy buy it and equally unlikely that fans that WILL buy it will not at the very least heavily consider buying more characters in an attempt to get their series favorites from the "random gumball machine" mechanic this game has implemented in order to suck you in to the IAP model. This is a game that holds our fandom hostage in order to extort money from us. Period. The review shows why the game deserves the flack its getting, and it has nothing to do with "poor people" being cheap, rather gamers being conscientious about what their money is truly giving them for a change!

      • curtisrshideler

        Well worded reply. I have to say I agree on some level. But I also agree with Brad and what he said during the last TA podcast. He couldn't explain it, but its addicting. And believe it or not, for me, this game will get way more play than any console game I've owned. I had been wanting a simple RPG type game that is set in a FFish world where I can grind through battles when waiting in line, in meetings, for my videos to render, etc. I thought Knights of Pen & Paper would do it for me, but there are too many menus and buttons needed to push to grind away. But the portrait mode is something i love in an RPG looking game, like KP&P and Lunar SSST. And for me, this is a very relaxing, fun title to play. So, as far as value goes, it has a great amount of value to me. I'm looking forward to working toward that 999,999,999 Gil total that so many others hacked to get. But then again, I love running 3-10 miles daily. So, grinding by doing something most people hate is something I'm used to!

      • airwa1k

        Which is interesting because your not grinding. Your buying your way to the finish with better characters.

  • DCver3

    This is a prime example of why I've given up on Enix...it has been clear since they bought Square that they do not have the same vision for Square that Square had for itself before the buyout. It's a shame too because I've loved Square games since Rad Racer. Enix has done nothing but screw the people that made Square what it used to be. It's sad really. Hell, the remake of Dragon Warrior 4 for DS was garbage compared to the NES original so it' s not like they're much better with their IPs. It wouldn't crush me if SquareEnix just left the gaming scene.

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    I mean while I understand the premise of the review I can't be the only one who finds this game not only interesting, but addicting can I?

    • visualplayer

      What did PT Barnum say? There's at least one born every minute!

      • KusanagiShiro

        "P. .T. Barnum said it so on the go. There's one born every minute, thaaaaaat you know!" -- The Dickies, "Killer Klowns From Outer Space"

    • DCver3

      I find this game disgusting. If I want to play proper ATB I'll stick with FF VI. By the way I'm selling the Statue of Liberty if anyone is interested...this game is a prime example of going back to old school scams.

  • Dams

    Mo-Mo-Mo-Monster Kill ! lol

  • nahsik

    They were hoping that because it was under square enix people would still buy it.

  • visualplayer

    Ugh. I remember the days (FF7 anyone?) when you completed a game through skill and cunning. Now people are supposed to just throw money at it: but that's gambling, not gaming, two letters' description of a vital difference.

  • ExcaliburEdge

    ATB = Appropriate The Billfold

  • yokee

    i feel square does not love us. the are taking advantage of our love for final fantasy. they don't realize if they give us a truly good final fantasy game they would get the money they want. making dinky money grabbing games like this hurts my feelings . I am about to start a revaluation if they keep playing with my heart

  • http://www.facebook.com/tanant.waritanant Tanant Waritanant

    This game is really what this review said it is, a blatant cash grab. It's very sad for a FF fanboy like my. It felt like a missed opportunity since there seems to be a lot of potential to the idea. The major downside of the game is how the player interact with the game itself in which there's nothing beyond maniacally swiping up and down the right side of the screen.

    If anyone is looking for nostalgic FF experience on iOS or andriod mobile device, I'd personally recommend FF:Airborne Brigade instead. It involves more planning and time management and it feels like an interactive FF fan community.

    If you are planning on starting FF:Airborne Brigade you can also use 6a2c7778 as your invitation code once you finish the tutorial to get the same reward as me. I hope I will see you all in my brigade!

  • http://addictedgamewise.com/ Nikola

    I installed it a few days ago and started seeing meaningless push notifications from the game in my tray. That's reason enough to promptly remove it from my phone. I won't even mention it in my blog, and I do that most games I have contact with.

FINAL FANTASY ALL THE BRAVEST Reviewed by Eric Ford on . Rating: 1