This afternoon Eli and I also spent some time with Temple Run 2, the surprise follow-up to the ground-breaking original. As you'd expect, it's a lot like the first Temple Run, but with a few snazzy new obstacles, upgrades, and characters. Notably, it's rocking a new engine. It looks and plays a lot better overall, and we're guessing it's a lot more modular, too, though that's just speculation.

We're pretty happy with how it turned out, and we're guessing a lot of TR fans will be stoked with it, too. Check it out in action just below, or hey, download it tonight when it hits the App Store for the price of zero dollars.

  • toxiccheese

    Looks ok. But is that pop-in I'm seeing in some areas? That's not good.

  • Andy Lim

    i feel it's actually not that good. i played it and, there's no sense of speed. The background instead of the foggy swamp now features a low res background. It's suppose to be a sequel but it really feels like a knockoff of the original Temple Run.

  • Fep52

    $5.49 for the coin doubler is a total cash grab...waaaay too much.

  • Raghav Jetly

    Say what you will, I rather like the game.

    • Raghav Jetly

      I take that back, one can virtually buy their way in to making the highest score.

  • decabao

    At least they could have made a new icon.

  • Yoram0

    It looks a little choppy on my ipad 3...

    • Ricardo Quesada

      yeap... runs choppy on my iPad 3 and iPhone 4S. Hope they can fix this performance issue soon.

  • Matthias Hövelmanns

    No iCade support? 🙁

  • Gary GoOner

    Nowhere near as good as the original imo I would have thought this was a poor clone if I never knew it was from Imangi.

    I'm not surprised it came out of nowhere with no/little hype but at least it is free. I would have sooner better and paid for 🙂

  • Jason Kenneth

    This game is draining the battery on my iPhone 5 faster than any game I've ever played.