We've been crazy excited for Real Racing 3 ever since Firemonkeys first revealed the title last August, and our hearts sank when it looked like the game was set to launch last month but it turned out to be just a tiny error. While Real Racing 3 was originally slated for release in 2012, Firemonkeys didn't dare rush their baby out the door if it wasn't ready and it turned out they needed just a couple of extra months to ensure the game could be the best that it could be. Disappointing, but the right move for sure.

Well it looks like that extra time is paying off as this latest Developer Diary for Real Racing 3, which shows some in-game footage that looks absolutely stunning. In the video, internationally recognized Nicest Guy Ever Rob Murray of Firemonkeys talks about the process of creating a track from scratch for the game. Real Racing 3 will feature real-world licensed cars and racetracks, but Murray and company thought about what it would be like if there was a track created right from the streets of their own home city of Melbourne, Australia. Check it out.

It's pretty interesting to see the process behind making a track like the Melbourne one. Since it's not based on a real-world course, there's no already available data about the terrain, which forced the team to do all the legwork themselves. That's got to be even more satisfying when you see something like that finally come to life in the game. Real Racing 3 is still set to hit sometime in "late February" and for me and I'm sure many of you that time just can't come soon enough.

  • hvianna

    How long until someone creates a bluetooth wheel and pedals set for playing this? 🙂

  • rafark

    It looks the same as it looked some months ago...

  • http://twitter.com/helmacc TheMacc

    Without "real" physics and "real" handling (none of that slippery rr2 crap) "real" graphics and tracks means nothing!

    • Ham1000

      It's a $6 game that looks better than anything on the Vita. Oh and on a device that makes calls, takes pictures, and plenty of other stuff. Make your own game. I'll wait..

      • http://www.facebook.com/nicolas.grignon Nicolas Grignon

        still it's a RACING game who want to play like the tenors of the market... so yes physics will be important, I agree that RR2 was terrible on the physic part.

      • Vigilarus

        Did you try RR2 with all driver aids turned off- no brake assist or traction control? Like that, the physics are great.

  • Furtin

    I really hope that RR3 delivers on the graphics and gameplay front. NFS Most Wanted, although a completely different racing game, looks jawdropping good on the iPad4 and has a great sense of speed. RR2 looks very dated but has this race-tracks vibe that I dig, like on console games like Forza and GT. Please Firemonkey, don't screw this one up and take your time.

  • chinito77

    No need to show us anything more, this one is an instant buy.

  • B3nlok

    Tbh i dont think we will see the same leap in graphics from RR2(hd) to RR3 that happened in RR1 to RR2. One of the reasons is that
    RR2 was constantly updated in order to take advantage of newer idevices ( RR2 HD update for A5 chip;Retina update for A5x). Because of that RR2 aged quite well and still is one of the best looking titles of iOS. And now , with a relative small increase in graphics performance (2x) over the A5, the latest and greatest A6 does not seem to have what it would take to make RR3 a true generation leap over RR2 in terms of graphics and comparable with console titles. Of course anything is possible and there may well be a HD Update once Rogue cores get into Apple SOC.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicolas.grignon Nicolas Grignon

    without a FF wheel a racing game as beautiful as it is will still be frustrating with the touch/gyroscopic controls.

  • lobotomies4free

    Loved RR2. Can't wait to see what they can do with this. Never thought I'd enjoy a racing game on a phone

  • http://twitter.com/10thScaleRC choe hoon

    RR2 was the reason I went from ipt4 to iPhone. After over a year of owning the RR2 I can't believe I am still playing the game. RR2 has been the best game I have bought. I can't wait to buy RR3 and race!!!

  • Shadez

    let's just hope it dosen't come laden with EA's IAP crap...

  • Shadez

    And hopefully the graphics don't make my iPad 2 explode, lol