As we mentioned back in December, Minecraft Pocket Edition [$6.99 / Free] passed the 5 million units sold mark (and that's before including the crazy download numbers from Christmas) and developer Mojang was busy working on an update for release later this month or in early February. A couple of the Mojang team members responsible for the Pocket Edition have taken to Twitter to dish some details about what we might be seeing in this upcoming version 0.5.1 update.

Jens Bergensten, who was a lead designer for Minecraft on desktop and recently jumped over to work more heavily on the Pocket Edition, tweeted yesterday that the sand and gravel blocks in Pocket Edition will soon succumb to the effects of gravity, just like in the desktop version. He also tweeted a picture of clouds which fellow Mojang'er Johan Bernhardsson has added to Minecraft - PE. You can see a screen of those clouds below, but Johan goes on to mention that only newer devices will support the clouds while slower, older devices will remain with a pure blue sky.

Hopping back over to Bergensten's feed, earlier today the developer tweeted a picture of some new blocks that are coming to the mobile Minecraft, which you can see below. If you are a big player of Minecraft on desktop or console then chances are those blocks will look pretty familiar. Below that are a couple of screens showcasing some new block-placing behaviors which the team is testing out, but will depend on how well they work with the whole touch interface of the game. Finally, Jens says that armor will "probably" be a part of the version 0.5.1 update too.

While the new update stuff certainly sounds cool, what everyone has been asking about since the beginning is when proper caves will come to Pocket Edition. Well, bad news folks, as Jens reveals that generating caves causes too much of a performance drop so they aren't planned for the immediate future. While on the topic of things not coming to Minecraft - PE right away, his twitter feed also reveals that the Enderman won't be appearing on mobile at this time and the online multiplayer that is planned for the Pocket Edition won't be coming in this next update either.

But hey, I don't want to be a Debbie Downer talking about things not coming to Minecraft - Pocket Edition, because the reality is that the mobile version has grown by leaps and bounds since its initial release and our review back in November of 2011. Having Jens Bergensten working on the mobile edition will I think accelerate its progress a great deal too, as he's even stated that the Pocket Edition needs to catch up to the desktop version. That gets me excited.

Look for version 0.5.1 to hit in late January or early February, and we'll continue to stalk these poor Mojang employees' Twitter accounts scrounging for information. We'll also keep our eye out for some official announcements regarding Minecraft - Pocket Edition straight from Mojang's website.

[Via Jens Bergensten and Johan Bernhardsson on Twitter]

  • Jordan

    Just tell me when the Minecraft MMO is coming out...

  • drelbs

    Online multiplayer will be nice, and I can do without caves, but for the love of all that is holy I need more space! Eden can do it, why not Minecraft?!?

    • Freddie Furia

      I'm not the only person that plays Eden? Oh my gosh!

      • Freddie Furia

        And I agree… more space to find diamonds!

  • MidianGTX

    I wish I could get excited about the oldest, most basic features finally making it into the mobile version...

  • Jay G

    I think I'll just stick with Blockheads...

    • Dawson Reynolds

      i couldn't but it's a pretty good game

  • Jason Guest

    I am most excited for signs in this update. Can't wait till they submit to App Store.

  • MrSHakerEsq

    Waiting for the price drop to justify purchasing this.

  • Nick

    Yet more reason why I'm happy I went with Junk Jack when I needed my minecraft fix. I found what I played in the mobile minecraft to be okay, but it's too featureless and lacking in so many things that make minecraft minecraft.

    Need to try blockheads.

  • farnsworth_pro

    If only they had millions of dollars to hire people to solve the many shortcomings of the PE in a timely fashion...then again, this is the same mojang who thought that people would be fine with a creative mode alone

  • araczynski

    another genre i laugh at, but blockheads was nice for 2 days, until i thought to myself WTF am i doing wasting RL with this digital dirt digging so i can find flint to make a shovel and dig more dirt faster? this stuff's for people with ADD or some serious time to waste on their hands. probably a perfect game if you're in jail.

  • Thomas Burton

    I can't use any items/blocks in creative mode
    (ie. making a building, and then blowing it up with TNT)
    hope this bug is put into the update 😀

  • zdanee

    Since there are no caves, the 128 block depth of the maps are a bit pointless. I would settle for a 64 or 96 block depth but an 512 block width. That or dynamic linking and loading of multiple maps for a much larger world. Also the PE map file format allows 512x512x128 maps.

  • Smokey956

    What I really want is the water element and lava element cause blockearth has that but I think minecraft is better so update

  • Jorge Ruiz

    All I want is a bucket.........

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    well whenever they catch up to becoming at least close enough to the pc version, I won't be buying this until then.

  • Jonathon Broadbent

    Why can't they just give us some caves? I like caves. Without caves is like minecraft without creepers. You can't have any excitement.

    • Th3R3n3gad3

      This pocket edition didn't have creepers for sometime.

  • Joey DeSantis

    To be honest guys the only thing I'm looking forward to in the next future updates is redstone and all it's accessories. I really wouldn't mind a whole lot if that's the only next update.

  • Mason Black

    You need to put wolves in pe

    • Dawson Reynolds

      and be able to have pets like you can on pc

  • Ethan fryer

    That is awesome stuff!

  • Austen Williams

    Be able to switch between creative and survival in the same freaking world

  • Dawson Reynolds

    i hope in the new update they add flint and steel in creative and make better multiplayer

  • Surfer Rosa

    amour and the nether the end bosses that would be okay to buy but 0.5.0 just sucks

  • Mary Kate

    i have an issue where whenever i build and then exit the world, what i built is gone, some of my friends are having the same problem, is there anyway i can fix it?

    • Caleb Sherwin


  • Ryan

    I'd really like the update to contain a bucket, sun, redstone, skins, and mods.

  • Ryan

    And mineshafts/ caves

  • Kaitlyn Fey

    is there anyway you could make an account for minecraft Pocket Edition ? becauseni think you should be able to , and then just download the game to your comuter and login with the account from your phone , i paid 7 dollars i think we should be able to do that .