Muteki Corp's website had been dormant for nearly a solid year, but in early December they resurfaced to announce that they were working on a revamped version of Dragon Fantasy [$7.99], their fun little 8-bit throwback RPG that released on iOS in August of 2011. We were somewhat lukewarm to Dragon Fantasy in our review, but that was mostly due to some interface and usability issues. The characters and the adventure you took with them were really entertaining, and subsequent updates fleshed those out even further.

Anyways, with the sequel Dragon Fantasy Book II officially in the works for Playstation 3 and Vita (and hopefully for iOS as well), they saw a demand for the original game on those systems too. They decided that rather than doing a straight port they'd spruce up their baby and fix some of the larger issues with it. Their first blog post covered a revamped UI which looks like a huge improvement. Then they talked about adding Playstation Trophies and an additional dungeon called the Tower of Trials for this remade version.

In their most recent update from Christmas Eve, Muteki shows off a completely redrawn art style for the remade Dragon Fantasy that's more along the lines of 16-bit era stuff, rather than the original 8-bit inspiration. It looks fantastic, and you can see just one of the several comparison shots on their website embedded below.

At the end of the blog post, the developer says that next they'll be discussing the platforms that the Dragon Fantasy redux will appear on. Specifically, they say "Lots of platforms. Including releases on a number of platforms where the game isn't currently available." PS3 and Vita are confirmed, but I'd have to imagine that iOS will be a given too. I certainly hope so, at least.

I enjoyed the original Dragon Fantasy and this remake looks really cool, so we'll keep our eye out for their next update and any solid confirmation that this is something that will be heading to iOS.

  • Onikage725

    Looks interesting, and I do hope it comes to iOS. If I double dip, it will probably be on the Vita version, though.

  • muteki corporation

    I can safely say it's coming to iOS, as a free update in fact. There'll be another post this week covering what platforms it'll be coming out for, but figured I'd chime in here first to our toucharcade fans!

    • Onikage725

      Ooo free update?? Best of both worlds! I'm still buying the PSN release, too.

    • Sabin Figaro

      Thank you!! I *adore* the original game and it's wonderful to know you guys are still supporting the game -- with a free enhancement update no less! Does this also mean we'll be getting Dragon Fantasy 2 as well? 😉

  • Elizabeth Cormack

    I love the art style update! can't wait to see it on iOS.

  • curtneedsaride

    Best news all week!

    Thanks for continually keeping Dragon Fantasy fresh and fun to play. The fact that we can alternate between graphical designs is going to make me want to see every screen again.

    This will give me something to do while we all anticipate the release of Book II.

    Can't wait!