It's been hectic the past couple of weeks with the holidays and everything, but there have also been some pretty significant updates released for several of our favorite iOS games. As always we offer up a quick blurb on what's new in each game and you can find App Store links as well as links to applicable reviews and our forums if you want to get more details on a particular game.

Need for Speed™ Most Wanted, $4.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Arguably the most action-packed and beautiful arcade racer on iOS has received two brand new supercars in its latest update, the Marussia B2 and Pagani Zonda R. There's also a couple of new Hot Rides events, new milestones to achieve, and 7 new NFS Edition vehicles which rotate in and out of the dealership in the game and each are only available for one week at a time. Also you can still pick up NFS Most Wanted for the ridiculous price of 99¢ for a limited time.

Punch Quest, Free - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - [TA Plays] - The big ticket item in the latest Punch Quest update is an unlockable Spartan mode, which starts you off completely devoid of all the special power-ups and items that you can mix and match to use in the original mode and instead has picking up randomly dropped items during your run. There's also new Ultra Belts which you can buy and equip to your character, as well as a staggering amount of tweaks and fixes which you can read up on in full in the App Store update text. Oh, and Punch Quest is still currently free for the holidays, so it's a perfect time to grab it if you don't already own it.

True Skate, $1.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - [TA Plays] - True Skate has added a laundry list of new missions to complete in its latest update, as well as a very cool combo system that rewards you with score multipliers for successfully pulling off a string of tricks in a line. A new in-game currency called TrueCredits can be earned by completing tricks and lines, and by completing missions. The TrueCredits can be used towards unlocking new missions, or you can unlock them all instantly with a 99¢ IAP. There's also a new slow motion mode which slows your board down in the air while it's flipping. It's kind of a neat effect, and can be triggered in small doses with TrueCredits or unlocked for unlimited use for 99¢.

Reckless Racing 2, $1.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Really the only new thing in Reckless Racing 2's most recent update is proper widescreen support for iPhone 5, which is definitely very appreciated by folks like me. But developer Pixelbite has also just released a new tutorial page and video that demonstrates the keys to successfully drifting in the game's Drift Mode, which was actually part of a big update back in August. It's worth checking out as the drifting in Reckless Racing 2 is one of its highlights, and Pixelbite says they're looking to do more drift-heavy stuff with the game in the future.

  • Danny Perski

    True Skate needs more maps, that's all I really want from that game. Otherwise it is my go to iPad game.

  • jamarohn

    Horn has been updated with widescreen support as well.

  • Nuno Lourenço

    blueprint 3d HD and Mad Skills BMX are free
    Reckless Racing 2 its one of the best games on ios

  • undrscrl

    I would LOVE to see a Baldur's Gate 5.1 compatibility update drop, please!

  • Cheeseball

    Wow, that was a nicely done Reckless Racing 2 tutorial.