It's officially 2013, and instead of starting this week's release cycle with a bang we're starting with... Well, a whimper, I guess. Regardless, I've been pretty stoked for Hundreds, so even if this week doesn't have dozen of new games, I'll still take one (hopefully) really good game. That seems like a decent trade. Either way, like all other weeks, these titles should all be out at 11:00 PM Eastern.

Catch the Ark, 99¢ - Forum Thread - So, Noah's Ark has left without three critters, and you've got to catch up to get onboard before, um, the great flood? This game also has dinosaurs.

Hundreds, $2.99 - Forum Thread - We've given this game some pretty extensive preview coverage, and for good reason, it's from the creators of Canabalt [$2.99] which not only is high on my list of best iOS games of all time but is also responsible for the most epic price whining thread in forum history. Hopefully Hundreds reaches similar heights.

Lego Legends of Chima: Speedzorz, Free - Forum Thread - I suppose this sort of shows my age as I have no idea what the "Lego Legends" are or who "Chima" is. If you do, it sounds like this game is supplementing a 3DS and Vita title as well as some future online title? So, if you're geeked out about any of those, this seems like it might also be up your alley?

Repulze, 99¢ - Forum Thread - A futuristic racer that seems to be in the style of Wipeout games. We haven't seen a good Wipeout-like racer on the App Store, this could be it!

Swing King, 99¢ - Forum Thread - A physics-y game that involves flinging a swinging king across levels. Also, the king sort of resembles the Ice King from Adventure Time to me, which I'll give a thumbs up to regardless of whether it was intentional or not.

  • kewlfocus

    Don't feel bad Eli, "Legends of Chima" is apparently a brand new LEGO set made just for the video game tie-ins.

  • Scott

    Maybe Hundreds, I need to look more into it. Besides that, nothing else really does anything for me.

  • Deamon34

    inb4 "It's 2013 where is Infinity Blade Dungeons"

  • toxiccheese

    Normally I'd be all over a game like Repulze, but so many of these futuristic racers on iOS are just terrible. I haven't found one yet that I like. I'll just have to wait and see if Repulze is 'the one' I've been waiting for.

  • subshell001

    new chaotic box game coming tonight! "Free Panic" .. wondering if f2p version of match panic?? who knows!

  • Nate

    So here's a wacky notion, can we maybe get a moratorium on the whining *about* the price whining? It seems like you guys can't go a single podcast or day's worth of posts without bringing it up . . .

    • TreeHouse

      Umm.. One kind of leads to the other. If everyone would stop moaning about prices and actually support the debs and community, there wouldn't be near as much discussion about it. Cause and effect?

      • Dave Metzener

        AMEN TreeHouse!

      • Nate

        I'll assume you meant "developers" rather than "debutantes," but this site is primarily a commercial, critical discussion not a community-building exercise. The fact of the matter is that the iOS gamespace is dominated by (relatively) high quality 99 cent games, and the fairly direct line from producer to consumer allows prices to be fiddled with by creators a lot more often and more quickly than in just about any other retail market. Those facts cause customer reactions, and "price whining" seems to be a relatively consistent reaction ...

        I'm just suggesting that the guys who run this site need to get used to it, ignore it, and move past it. Their constant sighing and lamenting about it is annoying to many of us who *don't* engage in whining, and it also discourages legitimate discussions and complaints about pricing, which actually do exist.

  • Alex K

    Just bought Swing the Bat because Swing King link was wrong!

    Enjoy your three cents TA 🙁

  • Deathinsin

    So I just got repulse n really like it although I already have a game like it called wipeout for my vita it's a really nice change from asphalt and need for speed to racing games on my iPod I can't seem to stop playing 🙂

  • Cat Astrophy

    "We haven't seen a good Wipeout-like racer on the App Store"

    I'm not a fan of Wipeout games so I can't remember the title but I could have sworn there was a well rated (by TA) Wipeout clone that came out pretty darn early, like back in the iPhone 3g days.

    • Scarbir

      Flashout 3D. And it's better and far prettier than Repulze as well. There's a free version too. Maybe you should pick it up, TA?

  • Jeff432

    Canabalt is overpriced at $2.99 because that's an extremely simple game.

    When we can easily find much better games for $2.99, it's fair to say that Canabalt is overpriced.

  • FreezeFrozen

    I just want to warn you guys on Repulze : everything is clean and nice, really. But the soundtrack is just from another century (behind us).
    For me it makes this game unplayable. I gave them my 0,89 euros for support, but wont play this too long... cheers !