You saw our game of the year post, now listen to how we came up with the choice. This week's podcast is devoted exclusively to our game of the year debate. In great detail, we break down a bunch of games and stack them up against each other. Then, we somehow come to an agreement about which one is truly the best of the best.

How it works: before the podcast, we made categorized and listed a bunch of the coolest apps 2012 had to offer. Then, on-air, we debate and pluck select apps from those lists to put into the game of the year pot. Finally, we choose our GOTY, runner-up, and three honorable mentions.

On a macro-level, we hope this podcast gives you a better idea of how who we are informs our work as writers. This has always been a goal of this show, but this week is special since we cover so much ground so fast. If you found yourself wondering where certain games were in the GOTY listings, give this podcast a listen and you'll likely have the answers to your questions.


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There are no show notes this week since we won't be revealing our "top" posts until next week. But we'll use this space to give you another shout out. Thanks for listening to us and being awesome. We appreciate the continued support.

We'll be back next week, by the way.

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  • Jerutix

    This was awesome guys! I really appreciated being able to hear your deliberations and understand why you picked what you did. Also, I have 4 games I've got to go play; I only have 10000000!

  • Oooooomonkey

    Pah! You didn't like Saturday morning RPG? I love that game, it's my rpg of the year for sure.

  • Stranded87

    Didn't quite get to the end of this but I'm pretty sure there was no mention of The Last Express ( it certainly didn't come under ports or adventure as you'd expect). This is madness frankly as it's pretty much indisputably one of the best adventure games ever and still very innovative and good looking now.

    That aside this definitely shed some light on the GOTY choices and made me happier with your final list (though I still think some of the key caveats should be pointed out in the GOTY post so people wont have to listen to a 2 hour podcast just to not be up in arms).

  • andrew

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