These days it's hard to get excited over vague teasers in the iOS space, but this one is different. City State Entertainment has some serious talent behind the helm, as if you listened to our bonus podcast, you'd know that it's run by veteran game designer Mark Jacobs. He's likely best known for his work bringing Dark Age of Camelot to fruition, but (and again, you'd know this if you listened to our podcast) he's got tons of other titles under his belt as well.

This could be for an update on March on Oz [$0.99 (HD)], but the whole theme of the teaser doesn't really fit with the whimsical fantasy vibe of Oz. The whole three sided thing at the end is reminding me a lot of the Dark Age of Camelot logo, and as mentioned in our podcast, Mark is a huge fan of the three sided realm versus realm thing.


  • nuno lourenco

    do not buy the game Arkanoid HD is a steal. not working on ipad 3 .... I want my money back can I get the money? )

  • nightc1

    Note the three things around the planet look like dragons. So not just a pretty design. I listened to the bonus podcast last night... it was good stuff, though if they are only going to publishe iPad games then that's a shame since my family only has iPhone/iPodTouch systems.

    • Mark Jacobs

      Well, as to the iPhone/IPT, we are currently working on an iPhone/IPT version of MoO. We want to take our time and give players on those devices the same experience/quality of game that iPad players have. No crappy quickie ports here.
      Thanks for the interest!

  • blackbear219

    Consider me intrigued! Love how involved Mr. Jacobs is too. Please, blow our collective iOS minds!

    • Mark Jacobs

      Thanks and please call me Mark. I may be old enough to be called Mr. Jacobs by way too many people these days but I still prefer Mark. 🙂

      As to blowing your minds, well, I think the concept is an interesting one at least and *some* of the things we will be trying to do will have the virtue of never having been tried before. 🙂

      • blackbear219

        Can't ask for much more than that. I'm a lifelong gamer in my early 30s that is raising kids now so free time is not as abundant as it once was. Anyone that is working to bring quality experiences to iOS is a hero in my book. Oh ya, and Midgard FTW. Thanks, Mark.

      • Mark Jacobs

        You're welcome. Didn't realize you were a DAoC player. Good to know. 🙂

  • Robert Martin

    Having played DAoC with multiple 50's across the 3 realms my dream would be something similar to that format. I would so love a DAoC 2 on the PC too, one day maybe!

    • Mark Jacobs

      I love PC gaming as well as mobile/tablet space. I'm certainly not abandoning the PC and quite frankly, I expect PC gaming to rebound over the next few years (which as usual puts me at odds with a bunch of folks) while tablet gaming will continue to grow.
      As per above, thanks for your support!

  • Philipp Nordmeyer

    Yes, that looks interesting. Although I would like to have a real DAoC successor on PC too ;-). Mark if you're reading this: Thanks for DAoC. Three sided PvP/ gameplay is dearly missed.

    • Mark Jacobs

      And as I always used to say back in the DAoC days, thanks for your support! Three-sided gameplay was a key to DAoC's success. It was an idea I adapted from Kesmai's Air Warrior game (and I also always credited them for that) and one that I hope to use again someday. 🙂

  • Lee Harvey

    Mark i just wanted to say that your a creative genius and a legend in my book. Nothing has ever came close to DAoC's PvP, even in today's market, and that speaks volumes in my opinion. I'm still playing it to this day and i've been playing since beta. So looking forward to your next project and hoping it will have some of DAoC's magic 🙂