I read an article earlier this week over at Polygon about the newest Mega Man game, which surprisingly is a crossover title with Capcom's other iconic property Street Fighter. As a huge fan of both series, this excites me greatly. Street Fighter X Mega Man won't be a fighting game, but a proper Mega Man action platforming game mashed together with the Street Fighter universe. Even crazier, it's actually a fan-made game that Capcom was impressed with and has commissioned for official release with their full support.

The bummer part is that the release, which is set to become available for free on December 17th, is for Windows only, with no concrete plans for other platforms at this time. Due to legal obligations already in place, just slapping a new Mega Man game on the Xbox or PlayStation isn't as simple as it sounds, so for now Windows is the only way to go.

However, in an interview with Polygon, Capcom SVP Christian Svensson says that "We may look at [releasing the game] on other open platforms", citing that Mac, Linux and (drumroll) iOS are "potentially" on the table. Um, hello! iOS release please. Heck, not being a Windows user I'll even take Mac just so I can have a way to play this awesome looking game. Preferably, though, I'd love to be able to stick it in my pocket on my iPhone 5.

So come on, Capcom, let's do this. I know it's kind of reaching but I figure there are plenty of iOS gamers who are fans of both Mega Man and Street Fighter that would love to see this on the App Store, and Capcom has seemed to do pretty well with their various Street Fighter releases on the iOS platform. I won't be holding my breath for Street Fighter X Mega Man to come to iOS, but I sure will be crossing all available fingers and toes that it becomes a reality.

iOS or not, if the whole Street Fighter X Mega Man thing has your interest piqued, check out the original Polygon article for a fascinating look at the process of bringing the game to market. You can download the Windows version of the game next week exclusively through Capcom's community website, and of course if any other information surfaces on a potential release on iOS you can bet we'll be all over it.


  • osvd

    Omg. Yes plz! Looks soo awesome. Way better than that "25 anniversary" megaman game

  • http://blog.ademagnaye.com Ade

    I would really want to see this happen.

  • http://blog.ademagnaye.com Ade

    I would really want to see this happen.

  • chapel07

    now this is what i'm talking about! +1 for the original creator of this game..great trailer btw! hope capcom will support fan made games now especially if it has potential like this one 😀

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=825513362 Hans Christian Vang

    This really should come to the iPhone and iPad... I definitely would like to pay a couple bucks for it, no worries - but I dont have a PC, so no game for me.. even if it free.. I wonder why that even is? I mean we'd easily pay a couple bucks for it, no reason to make it free... Kind of a shame the fan who came up with the idea isnt gonna be making any money on it, I think =(

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Johnson/553729135 Daniel Johnson

    I would download it for iPod.

  • http://twitter.com/bencamenker Ben Camenker

    Dear lord this is set to be amazing. I can't wait.

  • http://twitter.com/bencamenker Ben Camenker

    Dear lord this is set to be amazing. I can't wait.

  • http://twitter.com/thormeister1971 Thor Thorvaldson, Jr

    Put it on Vita or 3DS eshop also!!

  • http://twitter.com/Nerd4242 Nerd42

    screw iOS. Android all the way.

  • wdhayes

    Hey when is this game coming to the App Store ?