No, there's no Marvel vs. Capcom-style crossover pitting the Dark Elves against the Adorables... not yet anyway. But those bemoaning the untimely death of Battle Dungeon can take solace in the new additions to One Man Left and Robot Entertainment's asynchronous TBS games, or in one of the other major updates of the past month.

Outwitters, Free - [Review] - The plant-themed Veggienauts (no surprise there) are now available via IAP. As with each Outwitters team, their signature unit is intended to open up new strategies. In this case, the Bramble grows thorny walls that can spread themselves across the battlefield. They're also the second-cutest faction in the game (after the Adorables, of course).

Hero Academy, Free - [Review] - Not to be "outdone," Hero Academy has added a new faction, Shaolin, with a mix of new and remixed familiar abilities and a fair bit of subtlety in their application. Single player has also been extended with a pack of new Challenge Missions. Both are available via IAP.

Spectromancer, $1.99 - [Review] - Available via IAP: four more classes of wizard to play. Free: a new mode of versus play. Unfortunately, there is no "restore purchases" option, so if you don't remember what IAP you've already paid for, you'll have to "buy" them to find out.

Infinite Warrior, $0.99 - [Review] - For something visual, that's not too abysmal, you can take in the (free) update to Infinite Warrior. It greatly improves the game's responsiveness, and, among other things, implements permanent (but damageable and reparable) equipment. Still missing: the option to hug your mortal enemy rather than impale him.

Rune Raiders, Free - [Review] - Rune Raiders also lacks a "restore purchases" option, but this is their first update with IAP, so one can hope they'll fix this flaw. You can now purchase an additional quest, the Ice Lands, which increases the number of campaign missions by hald, and the semi-random Rocketeer.The Rocketeer is IAP only partially because all of the other heroes operate in a strictly deterministic fashion: if you prefer your Rune Raiders that way, you may only want the extra levels.

Squids, $3.99 - [Review] - Squids had added a new character, a couple of maps, and part one (of two) of a comic book, all for free. Apparently it's all to promote the new Squids comic series.

Squids Wild West, $3.99 - [Review] - The second part of that comic and an extra mission are part of this update, which is also free. So, assuming your own both Squids and Wild West, you get the entire comic for free. Well played, Game Bakers, well played.

Spy vs Spy, $1.99 - [Review] - In their perhaps-quixotic quest to make the greatest undervalued game of the 1984 the greatest mobile game of 2012, Robots and Pencils has improved the combat system, added an additional control scheme, and connected iOS players to Mac players.

  • blackharon

    Love the Rocky Horror Picture Show reference in the Infinite Warrior description

  • Seth Kubersky

    Oh, is Steve Reeves now a playable character in Infinite Warrior? 😉

  • Chris Subagio

    I love that people are getting the Rocky reference. That's a happy dork culture overlap for me :] Thanks, Eklund!

  • icepulse

    I'll get you a satanic mechanic.