This week on a bonus episode of The TouchArcade Show, we sit down with Mark Jacobs. You might know the name. Jacobs was the VP and CEO of Mythic Entertainment, and saw over the release of two popular MMOs: Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Jacobs is now trying his hand at mobile. Recently, he co-founded a brand new studio called City State Entertainment and released a new game, March on Oz [$0.99 (HD)].

March on Oz is a lane defense game set deep in the universe of the Wizard of Oz. This is a far cry from what we expected Jacobs next project to be (an MMO), but you see a lot of MMO design sensibilities being applied to his new game. For example, even though it's released, core development hasn't stopped. Feedback will influence the direction of points of design in future updates and more content is slated to hit in the near future.

We touch on Oz at several points in the show, but for the majority, we discuss the big themes and issues on mobile right now. Jacobs was releasing MUDs while some of us were in diapers. He's seen a lot, made a lot games, so he has an interesting perspective on phases like free-to-play, as well as in-app currencies and design as a whole.


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He also shares some stories from his days as the figurehead behind Dark Age of Camelot, a game he certainly has fond memories of. We don't want to give it away, so we'll just tease this: his story about a contract is beyond awesome.

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We'd like to thank Jacobs for sitting down with us this week. It was an awesome show, and we think you're all going to dig it. We'll be back later this week for a regular episode of The TouchArcade Show. Enjoy!

  • Balazs Nyitray

    i have to say that after this interview i have a need! Pls add a function that enables us to add studios like City State Entertainment to our watch list to follow their every move cause probably I want to now and own eg. by them 🙂

  • 7imothy

    Hahaha Love this interview.

    If there is any mmo gamer out there who has NOT watched The Guild (is that even possible?) you absolutely must!

    His super funny threat experiences sound just 'the game' creator character from season six.

  • Steven Lewis

    This is probably my all time favorite TA bonus podcast. Mr. Jacobs is an industry veteran who has a lot of great experiences to share and he does so in a very frank and engaging manner. Even though I have never played an MMO, everything discussed was very interesting. Great Job!

    Also, March on Oz is a very polished and interesting game. Check it out folks! I know I will be watching this developer extra closely after learning some of their back story.

  • Nyxpixel

    Favorite podcast ever. DAoC is my all time favorite game, brought back
    memories! Look forward to seeing what Mark has planned with this new