Here's something pretty interesting. Long-time mobile game developer Gamevil, who have been a major player in Asian markets for the past decade but really cemented their Western expansion selling games on iOS the past several years, has launched their highly anticipated fifth entry in the Zenonia RPG series on Android's Google Play marketplace ahead of the iOS App Store. Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny landed at the end of last month and seems to have been quite well-received from the Android gaming community, and quite popular too based on its chart ranking.

If you weren't aware, the Zenonia series originally started as a regular mobile phone title in European and South Korean markets back in 2008, but was subsequently ported to iOS and made its US debut in May of 2009 on the App Store. It was needlessly complex and pretty grind-y, which is typical of KRPGs, but at that time there really was nothing quite as deep as Zenonia available on the iPhone. The game proved popular and has been a key factor in Gamevil's rise in the mobile marketplace.

Since those early days, Gamevil has gone on to develop and publish dozens of titles on iOS, Android and other mobile platforms. Their aggressive switchover to free-to-play models for the majority of their releases has allowed Gamevil games to reach an even larger audience, especially on Android. We've often pondered covering Android games here on TouchArcade, but for the most part there are very few Android-exclusive games worth getting excited over and the majority of the other releases are all games that have been out on iOS for weeks and even months already.

Zenonia 5 though, with its huge fan base and well-known brand is a pretty significant title to be on Android and not yet be on iOS. Of course I could just be reading too much into this and the reason is simply because the release window approached the holiday season and Gamevil didn't want to mess with Apple's approval process and the impending iTunes Christmas shutdown, something you don't really have to worry about on Google's shop. Or it could really be for any other reason or just no reason at all. At any rate, if you're waiting for Zenonia 5 on iOS it should be coming in early January according to Gamevil, and if you've got an Android device you can grab it for free right now from the Google Play link below.

Google Play Store Link: Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny, Free

  • TGMzero

    Don't bother. This title is a prime example of the greed that Gamevil has been showing lately.

    I'm all for developers making money, but when it comes at the expense of a once great title, and I gotta pull the plug.

    • toxiccheese

      So is it fun to play?

      • REkzkaRZ

        It ain't out yet, but how hard is it to understand the gist of those comments? The IAP kills the game... Get it?

  • raviadso

    They peaked at 3. 4 was way too greedy. Id be looking forward to this if gamevil hadn't burned me with the previous few releases. More "game" and less "evil"

  • toxiccheese

    I don't understand... Is it full of IAP's? How's the gameplay? Is it at least fun?

    • Snark Attack

      IAPs *are* the gameplay.

    • Snark Attack

      IAPs *are* the gameplay.

      • Illuminerdy

        You only get one. Don't be greedy.

      • REkzkaRZ

        I think Snark might've IAP'd the second comment?

  • Inaba-kun

    The Zenonia games were never anything more than weak to average.

    Also it's obvious why they're going Android first now - Gamevil are a South Korean company, as are Samsung, who completely own the South Korean phone market with their Android devices.

  • Timothy Polumbo

    Zen4 was grind-tastic. So much so that you were practically forced to use AIP. I played for about 15 minutes before recognizing this and deleting it from my iPhone. Hopefully we will see something more like Zen2. IMO Zen2 (while still pretty grindy) was the best in the series so far.

  • d3misoz

    Sadly, the Zenonia series isn't the only terrible new game. I started playing Gamevil games when the first Zenonia came out, and all the games then were about 2.99 to 4.99 and the IAP's were NOT necessary. About mid 2011, Gamevil started a new pattern of releasing "free games" littered with the opportunity to buy extra perks, they were.everywhere. You HAD to buy them. The company itself has become a money hog, I have no hope for Zenonia 5, I have no hope for Gamevil any time in the future. They've taken advantage of the convenience of having a credit/debit card on your smart phone and clicking "buy".

    • REkzkaRZ

      I used to play Gamevil games & thought they were ... sorta ... fun. Agree w/d3misoz that the IAP's have killed their (fairly average) games & generally make me install & delete within 2-3 min's. While I find this method repulsive & bad for gaming in general, I think IAP's can be done successfully as follows: make a great game, put it out for free, let people play 1/2 or 1/3 of the game. Then 'open' the last bit for a $1 or $2 IAP. If your game is great, people won't mind paying $1 or $2.
      Generally those who complain about $1-$2 for a game aren't paying their $100+/mo phone bill for their iOS phone!!!
      I imagine some people out there are spending $50+ on IAP in a game! So it's the players who are rewarding DEV's by buying their IAP who deserve to be dis'd.
      I mean, you can dis the DEV's all you want, but most (almost all) professional game DEV's wanna make money. So if game-crushing IAP's constantly out-earn the other kind, they will continue that (abhorrent) process.
      One game (Zenonia 4? Can't remember) has IAP for bag with more slots to carry your goodies and IAP for finding cooler party members. I happily ignored those IAP's -- but then found the game to be dull *anyway*.
      So I just wanted to address the idea of companies being money hogs -- most companies are *compelled* to maximize profits. It's not nec a matter of them being greedy per se.
      If you really DO want to talk about greed though, how can you not mention Apple? Apple subcontracts assembly labor to China for $1/day at Foxconn (where worker abuses are well documented including 'mass suicide protests'!), they take a bite out of every app sold, a bite out of every audio track sold, a bite out of every cell contract sold.
      Maybe that's why Apple's symbol is an apple with a bite taken out of it? --> They gotta take a bite out of whatever business people want to conduct using their devices/platforms?

      • d3misoz

        That's very true, I may have been a little single minded. I never saw this as the DEV's shortcoming however. They are EXTREMELY successful. And for that exact reason. I showed the negative side of this company. Thanks for sharing the positive, because Gamevil isn't a bad company, I just feel that there should be a level playing-ground. For people who would spend some money, but not, as you mentioned $50 on an iPhone game.

      • will c

        Apple's symbol is a shoutout to Alan turing the grandfather of computers who was found dead having taken a bite out of a cyanide-laced apple

  • htp24

    I liked Zenonia 3, though I bought it and never had a need for IAP (I think they transitioned Z3 to F2P shortly after launch). Never played 4. It looked pretty though.

    We've often pondered covering Android games here on TouchArcade

    I wish you did. I love my ipad, my wife loves her iphone, and I love all my apple devices but I can't live without my android phone. For those who used PDAs in the late 90s and early aughts, android + widgets recreates that usability and android obviously connects seamlessly with google's services.

  • Eli Rose Russell

    I'm an apple, and I want this game

    • Eli Rose Russell

      Lol, there's already a game called wheel of destiny on the apple App Store.

  • DeSIRE

    Awesome game..(on adroid phones)..Hard..Need strategy..You need to be clever..i reached 55 lvl in 2 days and i got stuck at a boss but won't stop trying to kick his ass..The PvP is just SUPERB..! For them who want to finish the game i recommend Warrior character..for them who want a PvP character-->Paladin..Hope i helped...

  • David MoshPit Jimenez

    Playing Zen5 and really you don't need to buy the IAPs in the game to play or have fun. The game itself is grindy, but if you are smart you can ease by all the bosses with not a lot of trouble. You don't need cash to play or enjoy this game they just make it available for those that want to dominate PvP which I still find it managable use both my wizard and paladin in pvp with great success