Today Brad and I sat down and did something that's never ever been done on TouchArcade before: we played a video game with zombies in it. I know! It's crazy. However, I think there might just be something to this whole "zombies in video games" thing, and it might actually catch on someday.

The zombie game in question is Mountain Sheep's Minigore 2: Zombies [$1.99], the long-awaited sequel to one of the App Store's most notorious dual-stick shooters. You see that? It has "zombies" right in the title, so you KNOW that it is in fact a video game with zombies in it. I really appreciate that.

Anyway, Minigore 2 itself is actually an excellent little dual-stick shooter. Its core mechanics feel extremely similar to the original: run around mowing down wave after wave of enemies using various weapons, and try not to get overwhelmed by the horde and meet your demise. It was these finely-honed mechanics that defined the original Minigore, and they're just as solid as ever in this new sequel.

Where Minigore 2 really differentiates itself is with the stupid amount of customization and upgradeable items Mountain Sheep has piled on top. Every game played nets you coins - at a decently fast rate too - that can then be used to purchase a variety of new weapons, consumable power-ups, and tons of different playable characters. These can then be upgraded further using coins, making you stronger and more resilient to the constant onslaught of zombies (among dozens of other types of enemies, I might add).

Everything comes together really well, and Minigore 2 feels like a true sequel that has improved upon the original in every way. Oh, and the visuals are fantastic, too. Not only can there be well over a hundred enemies on screen at once, but the blood effects in this game are bonkers. That is, if gore is your thing. I mean it is directly in the title of the game, and all.

  • Matt F

    Minigore 2 is the most rewarding game I have seen in a while, and with coins too

  • Decaf Table

    It's also worth mentioning the very fluid frame rate with absolutely no slow down that I encountered while playing on my iPad 3.

  • Tim Lord Gek Jordan

    The game is great with most upgrades VERY reasonably priced in comparison to the rate you can gain coins. My only whine is there is no longer any sort of highscore. It would appear your only goal is to make cash with biiger threats dropping more money.

  • bobcorrigan

    I am really enjoying the game but I have a few questions:

    1. The big bosses all run the second I inflict any damage on them. I'm not able to "progress" in the game goals because all those slots are filled with "kills such-and-such boss" achievements.

    2. It is not clear at all what you are buying when you upgrade a character at each level. It's a "pay and pray" scenario.

    3. While I bought the cash doubler, it doesn't look like the coins add up - I'm killing many more zombies than seem to be tallied. Could just be my impression.

    • Colton Hornstein

      At the start of a lot of levels, the boss sticks around for a while, then runs away. It comes back at the end of the level until you kill it.
      I agree with #2, I've looked all over for a guide as to upgrade paths, for characters and items, and there is just nothing.

  • gnome9er

    awesome job, no complaints here! well maybe one: what happened to multiplayer?! i mean seriously you boys couldn't code us a local multiplayer at least? doesnt even have to be wifi bluetooth would do!

  • Flare_TM

    whats the big appeal in this game? Its boring, monotonous, retitive and easy