Now there's even more stuff to do in The Simpsons: Tapped Out [Free]. Yesterday, EA rolled out another content update to its free-to-play Simpsons game, adding a few "limited edition" buildings, quests, and characters. There's even a new collectible currency: Santa Coins, which can be used to "get seasonal facades" for your Tapped Out buildings.

This is probably one of the biggest Christmas-themed updates we'll see this year, as EA went all-out. Santa's Little Helper and Santa Homer are two of the new characters, for instance, and one of the building additions is a reindeer feeding farm called Santa's Village. If you're into the specifics, bang on this link to catch the full notes.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out hit the App Store this March. It's seen six updates since, and will probably see a few more since the game is clicking with folks.

  • Bryan Rollins

    i can't even get it to load up now. :/

    • D Schutz

      looks like the servers for the game are getting hammered. wouldn't be surprised if they picked up a truckload of new players due to the update.

    • Rob M.

      Try deleting and reinstalling the game. I did and it works fine now. You won't lose any of your work by deleting and reinstalling.

  • Rob M.

    The game won't even load now that I updated with the Christmas app.. WTF is going on with this game?!?! Grrrr!!!

    • Sonny Williamson

      Try deleting and reinstalling the game. As long as you're not on a first or second-gen iPhone or iPod Touch of course, in which case it's no longer compatible.

      • Rob M.

        Thanks! Giving it a try now.. was afraid to do that initially because I didn't want to lose any progress... hope this works!

      • Astrid Afanador

        Won't this delete the data? Will I have to start all over again?

      • Rob M.

        No, not at all.

        It doesn't delete your data because it's stored on the Origin server, not in your iPad. Once I reinstalled the app it was as simple as signing in like always. Try it and good luck!

      • Astrid Afanador

        Thank you!

      • Rob M.

        It worked! THANK YOU for the suggestion.

  • Aaron Marroquin

    Is this game any good/worth investing time in? It looks interesting, but there are so many games to try!

    • Martin Gumucio

      It's not really a game, more of an interactive lava-lamp that is constantly asking for your money. Having said that its quite fun!

  • Victoria Louise Smith

    grrrr so update it but then no-one can get on it - so annoying

  • lαurєn cєchvαlα

    Yeah mine downloaded fine, but once I bought some donuts it closed the app and wont open past the fox screen. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling, tried restarting the phone... nothing

    • Eric Richardson

      Have you fixed the problem? I have the same problem too I've tryed same thing you did still not working

  • Moo

    I'm sure it's great. If only it would connect!!!! Ugh!

  • Jd

    I deleted the app and reinstalled. It worked!! Add me guys! Lets see who has the best springfield!!

  • Dan

    How do I use Santa coins? I've collected 94 so far and can't figure out how to use them

  • Brendan Braybrook

    they seem to have also fixed some of the UI responsiveness problems when there are a lot of dollars and XP being auto picked up, too.

  • Joe White

    Please add me, cobraroush

  • Michell Montero

    Add Me----> sonamyluver15

  • Simon Altman

    MY level 23 Springfield keeps crashing.. and has for a while now.. i think its due to too many objects ont he screen.. they need to fix all teh crashing issues before going on with all these special updates.

  • Stephen Carney

    add me carney88!!

  • AgnosticGamer

    Hey guys add me of you like: AgnosticGamr (notice the missing "e"!)

  • AgnosticGamer

    I'm wondering the same thing!

    • Rae Rae

      You decorate houses but your probably not far enough in the quests to decorate ... Have patience my friend. ....

    • Rae Rae

      You have to have about 100 coins to get the decorations ... Because decorations are like 50 coins a house .... So keep collecting !

  • Rae Rae

    Add me >> raedonkulous < theycallmesutta <

  • ben boggs

    add me me benbo99s

  • Rose Bea

    Add me atrizriz ... I have all the goodies

  • Madison Digby

    Please add me as a friend: MadDigby I play daily and am on level 22+

  • Scott

    Add me prescott_82

  • Zenyuri

    Aah, I have a new iPhone and had no probs with the game, but I try to build the bowling center and everytime when it's done and I hit the check mark I see the building coming down and my game crashes 🙁 what to do?

  • Zenyuri

    Aahh I have a new iPhone and never a problem with the game except now. Everytime I hit the check mark to complete the bowlingcenter quest my game is crashing on me 🙁 who knows advice???

  • Bernita ChocolateEva'Lovely

    Blovely2010 add me

    How do I get coins faster?

  • TheRealWallyrus

    Add me: ZARQU4N

  • Kristina

    Add me cousinmatek 🙂

  • robinskinner346

    add me robinskinner346

  • Devin

    Is anybody having problems loging in or getting a message saying the game is being fixed

  • Dlc07

    Since the Xmas update mine will not open 🙁 on iPad, tried deleting and installing loads of times, don't know what else to try!!!

  • Matthew Joel Flood

    I can't finish the decorate the houses quest. I've finished 12 out of 13 and don't have any if the other buildings to decorate to finish. Is there a way to avoid building one of them, which would cost me actual money to buy more donuts. ??????

  • Matthew Joel Flood

    Add me MattFlood18

  • Matthew Joel Flood

    I can't finish the decorate the houses quest. I've finished 12 out of 13 and don't have any if the other buildings to decorate to finish. Is there a way to avoid building one of them, which would cost me actual money to buy more donuts. ??????


    Can't reload gam2 , what's up with this game?

  • Jarvellek

    Add me Superstarrjar

  • Jarvellek

    And brittsears too

  • Ginger Maune

    Why wont try and save store unlock? Im at that quest.

  • Mischa Marie

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  • Lacy-Leigh

    ADD ME @ lacyleigh !! 🙂

  • monkey slut

    add me!! beckyheys24

  • Krystal Lea Hughes

    I'm on level 25 but I do not have most of the quests from previous levels. I'm beginning to get annoyed that I do not have channel 6, hibberts practice, hospital and now mr burns manor. Is there anything I can do to speed it up.