Monsters Ate My Condo creator Pikpok has unveiled a new game and we sure hope you aren't tired of shooting and evading the undead yet because that's exactly what you'll be doing in it. Into the Dead, as it's called, is a 3D endless runner that has you plowing into a zombie horde in an escape attempt that'll have you both dodging and shooting as your way through. It's an interesting next game from Pikpok, which just wrapped up an Oreo game.

IGN, which has the scoop on this one, reports that Into the Dead will hit on December 6 as a free-to-play title. We're not 100 percent sure how the game's model works, but from what we gather, you'll be able to buy weapons with real dough.

First-person endless runners are rare in the clotted runner space, so Into the Dead has that going for it in addition to having a great developer behind it. Regardless of what you think about zombies, this might be one to check out. We'll get you more details soon.

[via IGN, image via IGN]

  • Andy Charalambous

    I LOVED the first Monsters Ate My Condo. I have not played the 2nd one yet, although I know there were some concerns about IAP making the leaderboards unbalanced.

    I can't say endless runners are my favourite genre on iOS, and zombies have been done to death. Ahem.

    However, this seems different enough to have my interest. Plus, Pikpok.

    I just wish it wasn't free.

    • xzeldax3

      I never thought I'd wish for things to not be free, but then F2P became popular. It's quite sad.

  • BeyondtheTech

    I like the imagery, much like Dead Runner, which still remains on my iPhone. This will be a nice variation of it.

  • Madison Privé

    I'd get it, paid premium for it, but the IAP once again,.. No.
    I will not buy weapons for real cash. Charge 5 bucks for the game and im in. My guess is buying the full arsenal will cost a LOT more. Sham. I love PikPok but they too have fallen victim to the freemium iap greed plague.

  • bobcorrigan

    I'm hoping more companies take a dual track when it comes to pricing:

    1. Charge Real Money for Real Value: $4.99 for a full game with all of the stuff? You bet.

    2. Charge Incremental Money for Incremental Value: Free for the basic game and IAP for extras? Sure! Invite people to upgrade to the full product after they've bought one IAP? Absolutely. Take the money of fools who choose to incrementally upgrade? You betcha.

    • Tim Lord Gek Jordan

      Big time! I love the idea of a free crippled version to give a taste and think what Bob is saying here is such the ideal way to go. If you're only willing to pay $0.99, then let them get some basic little upgrade but for those willing to pay a full $4.99, give them the full game. I want to own my games, not lease them.

  • B30

    At last (freemium) ZOMBIES on IOS, wow this is new!

  • Dylan Praesto

    "Pikpok reveals into the dead, fps endless runner"
    * add to watch list
    "it will hit on dec 6 as a free-to-play title"
    * remove from watch list

  • PikPok

    To clarify the model, you can unlock weapons by either completing missions or buying them with ingame coins that you accrue with play. You never have to spend real money to access anything in the game.

  • Bob Mayer

    Looks neat. Love everything PikPok has done so far. I'm tepid on IAP, but as long as you don't care where you are on the global leaderboard, IAP shouldn't be a deal-breaker.

  • newjorg

    "... how the game's model works..."

    You know gaming has hit rock bottom when the media cares more about monetization than actual creativity or game design.

    Very disappointing.