This past August we reported the announcement and first screens of Anomaly Korea, the follow-up title to 11 Bit Studios' fantastic "reverse" tower defense title Anomaly Warzone Earth [$1.99 / $3.99]. Just a few days later we saw the first teaser trailer, and thought that Anomaly Korea was looking to be a promising follow-up to our 2011 Game of the Year Runner-up.

There weren't really any other details for Anomaly Korea at the time, but in an interview over at TUAW the developers dish out a couple of new factoids on their highly-anticipated upcoming title.

First off, as evidenced by the assets we've seen so far, 11 Bit is aiming to outshine its already visually impressive predecessor in the graphics department by bumping up the amount of lighting and particle effects in the game. They also point out that since the foundation of Anomaly is already created thanks to the first game, that they've been able to focus more on adding just loads of new content to Anomaly Korea, like new vehicles, power-ups, towers and more.

Another tidbit in the interview I found particularly interesting is that 11 Bit says that Anomaly on iOS was originally just a "side project" with their main focus on the desktop version that had been released on PC and Mac. However, after release Anomaly on iOS quickly became their best-selling version, paving the way for the game to appear on Android, Xbox Live and PSN over the next year and allowing 11 Bit to put more resources into Warzone Earth as well as this forthcoming sequel.

The coolest part is that 11 Bit is hoping to have Anomaly Korea out sometime this month. Be sure to read the full interview for even more insight into the development of Anomaly Korea and 11 Bit Studios in general, and check out our forums for some discussion as we await the arrival of the game in the very near future.


  • db2

    Do you control Starcraft units instead?

  • Tower Defender

    Well I hope this time around the ipad version would have the same stuff as the PC version. Graphics can be toned down, but what I mean is gameplay wise everything should be the same.