You just HAD to know this was coming, right? Angry Birds Seasons [Free / Free] and Angry Birds Seasons HD [Free (HD) / Free (HD)], the pseudo-sequel to the original bird-flinging epic that celebrates special events and holidays, has just been updated with a new "Wintery Theme" pack of levels. Back in my day they used to just call it Christmas. Anyway, the new pack of 25 winter levels uses the same "Advent Calendar" unlock system. A new level becomes available each day from December 1st until Christmas on December 25th. To grab the new daily level you'll have to be connected to the internet with your device, just FYI.

These new levels also contain an icy ground which causes objects to slip and slide much easier than on normal ground, something that can be helpful to utilize in your strategies for getting 3 stars. Also there's a special Harbin level in celebration of an Angry Birds area opening at the Ice and Snow World in Harbin, China. Just another step in Angry Birds' bid of taking over the world. Finally, there are 3 hidden levels for you to discover in this latest update. Oh, and in case you hadn't heard, Angry Birds Seasons received widescreen support in an update back in October, something I'm still hoping comes to some of the other entries in the series.

  • chrberni

    I still spend tons of time playing AB after these updates. 🙂