Remember that Activision published zombie bowling game we were kinda scratching our heads about the other night? Well, it's out now and available now, for sure, in the US. And here's a fun fact: The Bowling Dead [Free] is a Slant Six game. Slant Six, if you're not familiar, makes games in the AAA space. Most recently, it put out a Resident Evil game with Capcom. Before, it handled several games in the SOCOM franchise across the PSP and PS3.

Anyway, what is The Bowling Dead? It's a game that manages to marry bowling, free-to-play mechanics, and zombies into a single, cohesive package. In the game, you're tasked with knocking down incoming undead by chucking bowling balls down the game's alley-like levels. Hit more than one zombie with a single throw and you'll be rewarded with points. You can also earn currency that you can use to buy character upgrades and special balls with fantastical abilities, like say, the ability to blow up on command. Also, there's a chainsaw ball.

We're still kinda chewing on The Bowling Dead as a whole, but it's a no-risk download if you want to give it a shot. Also, now we can finally bowling balls to the list of things we've crushed zombies with in video games. Whew.



  • François

    anyone remember this game when it was called pro zombie soccer?

    • Greyskull

      I have pro zombie soccer. This looks NOTHING like pro zombie soccer, except for, wait for it...zombies. Which are in nearly every game now. PZS was a 2d game that had nothing to do with the sport, you just kicked balls at zombies. This looks like an actual arcade bowling game, with zombies added because, unlike me, most people won't DL a bowling game.

  • Scape3d

    I just played this game for about 15 minutes and I REALLY like it! The production value is awesome and the game mechanics are fun. When I have some time tonight, I plan on jumping back in. Can't wait. What a surprise!

  • Dave Marcoot

    i'm enjoying it. The graphics, voice work and art are all quite good.

  • Bart Van Ree

    This is hilarious!!!