ARC Squadron [$2.99], our current favorite space arcade flying action game that sorta plays like Star Fox, has been updated with some new features. Most notably, iCloud support. Now you can resume your current game from any of your iDevices. Version 1.21 also adds new items to the Hangar and increases the "maximum sensitivity" for touch input.

Oh! Also, ARC Squadron is on sale again. After spending some time at $2.99, and even a brief period at $4.99, the game is sitting at a cool 99¢. TouchArcade's own Space Flight Expert, Jared "Space Flight Expert" Nelson, says ARC is a steal at this price. TRAILER TIME.

If you want to know a little bit more about ARC Squadron before taking the plunge, check out our review, our TA Plays, or give the Light version a spin. But, really, just buy it. It's awesome.

  • bashnasha

    Love this game

  • zatoichi

    It seems a number of players, myself included, have had issues with loosing game progress data etc. with the update. Just a heads-up.

  • araczynski

    new updated introduced a ton of new iap, YAY! 😉 fun game though. even if some of the levels are overly difficult.

  • Greyskull

    Ok...WHAT TYPE of iCloud support? This is never mentioned but means a huge deal to me due to a)not having multiple devices and b)not having a lot of free space. Does it UPLOAD saves to iCloud which can later be redownloaded after deletion, like IB2 or GOF2, or is it just the iCloud SYNC? There really needs to be two different terms used: iCloud DATA and iCloud SYNC, because, while both are possible, the 2nd is implemented much more often then the first. And I could care less about syncing while being able to store data in the cloud to pull down later would make any good game an insta-buy for me.

    • Adams Immersive

      Good point. I’ve just begun to dip my toe into iCloud, and that distinction would matters to me too! Deletion without losing progress would be great, since Apple won’t sell me a 128 GB iPad...

  • zachawry

    Hurry up and give us the app in the Japan app store! No one cares about localization, anyway. It's not an RPG....

  • Tower Defender

    I hope this game continues getting support and maybe eventually online game modes. I just picked it up yesterday and I'm having a great time with this game!