Yesterday I sat down with fellow dragon enthusiast Brad Nicholson to play Dragons Dream [$4.99], a new cave-flyer style arcade game from Appshen Limited that uses artwork created by legendary fantasy landscapist Roger Dean.

You might be familiar with Roger Dean's body of work by way of his dozens upon dozens of album covers that he's created over the last 40+ years, most notably for just about every album from the band Yes and many from the band Asia. He's also done work in the world of video game box art, like the iconic box art for Shadow of the Beast from Psygnosis or the revamped Tetris art from Tetris Worlds in the early 2000s.

As for the game itself, it's actually rather fun. The cave flying mechanics feel incredibly tight, and obviously the artwork is wonderful. In fact, the visuals combine so well with the music and sound effects that it creates an experience all its own, despite the game being somewhat simplistic and light on features. I was quite pleasantly surprised by just how much I enjoyed the game myself in our review from earlier this week. If you enjoy fantasy artwork or are a fan of Roger Dean, then I think you'll have a nice time getting lost in the world of Dragons Dream.

  • Galley

    That looks really cool! I love Roger Dean's work.

  • Anova

    Not sure why this is worth $5. Base mechanic +artwork seems to set it more in the 2-3 range.

  • Tim Cant

    hard boiled eggs are gross TBF

    • blackharon

      You know what else is? Mayonnaise!

    • blackharon

      You know what else is? Mayonnaise!

      • SteakfryOne

        I like you guys.

  • Horse_Sense

    "I just don't like eggs... Unless they're hard boiled, scrambled, deviled, in egg salad, or in an omelette. Or with hot sauce." That's practically like saying "I don't like sandwiches. Except for any sandwich other than a BLT."

  • gadget593

    I bet Jared would like mayoneggs.

  • hawken king

    Price is a bit of a barrier to entry but as they say, this is more a coffee table app for the iPad, with some rocking artwork.