One of the finer action RPGs in recent years made its way to the iOS App Store this past August. It's called Bastion [$4.99], and following heaps of critical acclaim when it released for Xbox Live and PC back in 2010 its touchscreen iteration remained just as good as its counterparts, with the added bonus of being able to stick it in your pocket and take it with you.

Err, did I say pocket? Maybe if you're still rocking those absurdly large JNCO jeans from the '90s that might be true, but in actuality Bastion originally launched as an iPad-exclusive title, so not actually that pocketable. Much like other PC and console games that make the leap to iOS, like World of Goo [$4.99] for example, Bastion appeared to be one of those titles that might not scale so well to the smaller iPhone screen. At least, that's what everyone thought.

However, also like World of Goo, Bastion developer Supergiant Games has found a way to make it work well, and as of today the game has been updated with Universal support, as well as widescreen support for new iPhones and iPod touches. You'll still need somewhat newer hardware to run the game though, specifically an iPad 2 or newer, iPhone 4S or newer, or a 3rd generation iPod touch or newer 5th generation iPod touch or newer (See below for full device compatibility list). Here's a couple of widescreen shots to check out.

If you are sans iPad and have been dying to play Bastion, possibly because our glowing 5 star review enticed you, then you can finally get on the gravy train with this latest Universal update. Another bit of good news: iCloud game syncing has been added as well, so if you own more than one iOS device you can take you progress with you across all of them. Also, there's a great FAQ on Supergiant's website that's been updated to reflect these latest changes, and it might be able to help you with any questions you may encounter.

Update: Since there was some confusion on what devices are currently covered, here's the full list straight from Supergiant Games:

- iPad 2
- iPad 3rd Generation
- iPad 4th Generation
- iPad mini
- iPhone 4S
- iPhone 5
- iPod touch 5th Generation

  • Web

    Update description says iPod 5th gen only as far as iPods go

    • Sean Yuan

      Just purchased it because the TA article said it worked with 3rd gen. iPods and up. I use a 4th gen. for gaming. That's unfortunate, lol. Maybe it'll still run xP. iPhone 5 and new iPad coming soon in any case. I've purchased this game on way too many platforms.


  • Schuyler

    Wahoo! I was hoping they'd do this.

  • CurtNeedsaRide _

    This is awesome news! I was hoping this would happen... but my iPhone 4 won't be seeing any of the action, unfortunately. But it'll be one of the first games on my new iPhone 5S.

    • Superatomic

      You could probably run it on your iphone4.

      • Bảo Vũ


  • Tyler Piderit

    WHOA! Bastion on my phone? Oh. My. God. I love iPhone gaming so much!

  • swarmster

    Gee, I was all set to make a snarky comment about how, boy, it sure would be great to take my game with me in my pocket now, except it's locked on my iPad thanks to the widespread failure of devs to support...

    Then oh, hey, iCloud. Well

    Some devs do care! Thanks!

    (I've clearly been reading too many articles about Rovio games lately.)

  • Arash Bazrafshan


  • Jared Nelson

    NOTE: I updated the article text, seems there's some confusion on what devices are actually supported. For now, I'd just assume iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and 5th generation iPod touch or newer devices are compatible. I'll update again when Supergiant gets back to me with confirmation.

    EDIT: Ok, full device compatibility list added to the post. In the App Store sidebar under 'Requirements' it doesn't exclude 3rd generation devices, the iPhone 4, or the original iPad due to Apple's limitations. So that part is out of the dev's hands.

    • Arash Bazrafshan



    • Arash Bazrafshan

       But its only an assumption! Assumptions have been wrong in the past, many times! Yes they have!

      You're a flawed man Jared, aren't you!? You have your faults, right!?! You're not always right!

      ... right? :'-(

      • Rob

        Jared is always wrong and Brad isn't because Brad.

    • ZarieoZ

      I know that iPad 1 isn't listed here nor on AppStore, but is there a slightest possibility that it might work.... Even a 5% possibility, or is it kinda impossible. I always look forward to coming-up-tonight articles, but as of lately they have been a little disappointing... All with horn, bastion.... Etc not working. I should upgrade I know, & want to.... But I want a 120GB device, 64GB isn't cutting it for me so I can't justify getting another 64GB.... Even though I'm DYING for the extra memory....

  • James Anderson

    So looking at the old review a commenter mentions that the virtual stick appears where ever you put your finger. Can anyone confirm if you can make it stay put in one spot? And if you can change the opacity?

    As someone who only has a ps3 and no plans to get a pc or Xbox I'm pretty excited to play this finally =]

    • Cl0da

      Nope, floating joystick or 'tap-where-you-want-to-go' only. Floating joystick works well though.

  • Web

    Have you guys ever reached out to Apple about device support inconsistencies? I've seen quite a few games where the device support that the dev list is different than the device support that *seems* to be coming from apple.

  • jindofox

    I love Universal apps, and iCloud support should come standard. Since it doesn't, apps that do will always get my money.

  • Spiral75

    This is the best news of the year so far. And its downloading now. So the only thing yet to judge is how it plays on my 4S!!

  • Greyskull

    Is iCloud just used for syncing saves or storing them as well?

  • MidianGTX

    If you happen to find yourself inexplicably alight in the near future, you can safely assume that sacrilage is the reason.

  • Dams

    I hope they fixed iPad 2 crashes.

  • theorangeipod

    Why didn't they make it compatible with iPod 4 gen?

    • xzeldax3

      iPod Touch 4 users have to stop thinking their device is up to par. I recently upgraded from one to a iPhone 5 and the RAM on the iPod Touch 4 just doesn't cut it. Apple has always gimped iPods.

      • alex13111

        They always ask the same question "why isn't iPod touch 1G supported, Wah!"

      • d3misoz

        It was necessary to dump my iPod 4G and get an iPhone 5. It seems Apple likes to make the second newest devices obsolete (iPods specifically). Finally said screw it and got an iPhone.

  • iammane

    Hoooooooly hell, this game is flippin sweet. About to blow up Facebook now

  • Spiral75

    Wow its TINY on the iphone 4s! Could have made it a tad bigger or added pinch to zoom

  • Superatomic

    I put it on my iphone4.. Works great.

    • chimpman252 If you try to run it on an unsupported device it just gives you a screen with some nice text telling you what device you need to have.

      • Superatomic

        No kid u try and download a iPad only game onto iPhone u will get that message .. But the App Store can't determine between a iphone4 or 4s or 5..
        Don't believe me go try downloading it on wifi on your iPhone right now

  • AlmightyMax

    Supergiant Games can take my money! (For the third time! Still, bastion is fantastic no matter how many platforms I buy it on, or how small the display is)

    The controls don't seem to be very tight which is disappointing but I guess to be expected. Gonna be fun playing through this again on the bus 🙂

  • Gamer_Kev

    I'm still using the first iPad, so I haven't checked this out yet, might try it on my iPod Touch 5 now that's it's universal. I'm hoping to upgrade to a newer iPad some time next year, so even if I can't get it on with the smaller screen, I'll eventually be able to play it on an iPad.

  • Spiral75

    Dont get me wrong...if you are on a 4S, do NOT let my small view screen comment keep you from buying this. This game is AMAZING!! (I just hope they zoom it in a bit) lol

  • Retero

    This game is amazing. The full commentary on the game makes the game complete. Best Game on iPad so far and I'm sure it is great on iPhone as well. 5 stars without a doubt.

    P.s. I missed my chance to make these points after its release so I'm praising it now.

  • topclasschef

    iTunes App Store states compatible with 3GS,
    Fix it!.....What a frustrating waste of money!

    • Brian Maloney

      For something like that, you can send a polite email to iTunes support and they should refund you and maybe change the entry.

    • Superatomic

      It was never going to run on a 3GS .. I would turf that turkey and get a 4s or a 5.. It's almost Christmas go treat yourself

  • nickmorgs

    No iPhone 4 ? This is the first time i've felt hindered by having one.

  • TheSwordKid

    Just downloaded Bastion on my iPad 2 and it works perfectly. Loving it after choosing to buy because I watched some PC gameplay. 🙂

  • gambitph

    Why is this still not available in the Philippine store?!

  • Stalyn

    About to play it on my 4s, I'm so hard.