This week on The TouchArcade Show we talk about chap stick and how gross it is. We also dive into iPad mini and iPad 4. Specifically, Jared and I spit some game about how iPad mini has made us not want another 10-inch monster tablet. It's that good.

Later, we talk about games. Angry Birds Star Wars leads off the segment, while Curiosity and Clash of Clans bring it to a close. We're all kinda surprised that Clash of Clans is pretty fun for what it is, by the way. It's definitely a free-to-play game, but it's not something to just roll your eyes at.

We also talk about some news. The latest Punch Quest update informs a discussion on IAP and live updates. While diving into Xbox SmartGlass, we end up talking about the ideal, super awesome companion app.

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We had a blast this week, hope you enjoy. And before you run off, here's those show notes:



  • iqSoup

    Listening to this made my lips super chapped.

  • nonstickron

    One of your Punchquest ideas was similar to one of my own. Limiting the free part of the game. In my version though you could still play endlessly for free, but you couldn't earn more than like 1000 coins at a time, which would keep you from buying most of the Loots. So you'd buy like a "Treasure Room" for whatever amount of money that would open that gate up.

  • Firetruck94

    Clash of clans is the best freemium game ever, besides spacetime games, that is.

    • Nuno

      I disagree ,my horse,farm up and Jurassic park are better

  • Noam Rathaus

    Isn't it time you changed your Exclusive Looks on the right-sided sidebar? the games shown are kinda stale there...

  • swarmster

    I'm surprised by the talk of whether the big or small iPad is redundant. Although I guess the answer depends on whether you think Apple offering both 13" and 15" MBPs is redundant. Generally, people who want something a little more portable get the 13" (8"), while someone that wants a bigger screen and maybe some more power get the 15" (10"). Does the device being an iPad suddenly change that?

    It's cool that you find the iPad mini to be a product of such equivalent quality and convenient size that it can replace the original, but everyone's different. I have about the opposite opinion, where I wish I could find a place for the mini in my life (it's definitely pretty), but can't. I essentially use my iPad as a vague laptop replacement. (In that I used to do all my computing on laptops, but now, ignoring work, I use my iPad for my personal/casual needs and maintain a desktop in the corner for the video encoding/photo editing/game playing that I may do. In other words, my iPad does everything I needed a laptop for, with the exception of stuff I really should have been doing on a desktop anyway.)

    I guess you could say that as a laptop replacement that I use around the house or while traveling, I'd more likely find use for a bigger 12" iPad than a mini. I have my iPhone for super-portable on-the-go usage.

    I sure wouldn't turn one down, though.

  • Stitchpunk

    On the subject of iPad Mini - I've been talking online with a few fellow females who are getting the cellular Mini and turns out we are all looking at the same possibility - to eventually ditch our iPhones and replace them with basic phones for txting and calls only and use the Mini for everything else.  If you're someone who tend to take a bag with you everywhere you go then this seems entirely feasible. Also none of us want to be paying for 3 data plans every month (home broadband, smart phone plan and Mini plan). Can't help wondering if Steve Jobs foresaw the possibility of a Mini cannibalising the iPhone market and that was partly why he opposed the idea of a smaller iPad...