Back in September we first learned of comic god Stan Lee's Verticus, an upcoming iOS title developed by Moonshark Studios and Lee himself. It focused on a superhero (duh) named Verticus with a special suit that allowed him to fall through the atmosphere unscathed. The goal of the game was to fall from the edge of space down towards Earth, past city buildings and all the way through the center of the planet itself and back out the other side, only to be caught up by gravity and slung back through to do it all over again. This endless falling routine, in turn, was the key to saving all of humanity, or something.

A strange, but interesting premise, Verticus looked pretty cool in its initial teaser trailer, something akin to a mashup of Temple Run and AaAaAA (Force = Mass x Acceleration) [$3.99]. Verticus was originally slated for an October release, but obviously that came and went. However, they didn't go too far off schedule as they've announced that Verticus will be launching next week on November 15th, and have released a new trailer showing even more of the game in action.

Verticus definitely strikes me as an interesting idea, and a cool take on the endless runner formula. Plus you know with Stan Lee creating this character and having heavy involvement in the production of the game there will be plenty of passion packed into this project. We'll be anxious to get our hands on it next week, but until then you can talk more about Verticus in our forums.

  • iqSoup

    Looks really good!  I just hope it has some kind of "ending."  I find truly endless runners get depressing after a while--the game can only possibly end with you dying and losing all progress.

    • Pocketnova

      Yes, I fell it will be, I mean, look at the gameplay from the end, it looked like a big boss fight, I would think that would be the end, but I can't say for sure.

  • Firetruck94

    God I hope this is good.

  • MidianGTX

    I can't say it's not a little depressing seeing a big name attached to a project and then "Get coins" on the upgrades screen.

  • SourceFox

    all good... except they spoiled a lot of levels an probably the last boss too.

  • Decaf Table

    I'm kinda excited for this. The free fall looks intense and unique, and upgrades are plentiful. My gripe is the graphics are lacking a bit. Can't wait for a touch arcade play!

  • Vertexpusher

    Stan Lee is a beaut! looking forward to give this a shot.

  • just0

    Fawk yeah

    • MrAlbum


  • DarwinAce

    looks really cool.. it gave me a "space harrier" feel, specially if it manages to keep high fps

  • Scott Rogers

    Man, I feel like Emperor's New (old) Clothes here, but this does not look good. The character design is really boring - like someone took one look at Issac from Dead Space and said "Uh, do that." The exciting "new" gameplay is... flying through rings???? You mean like Superman 64? Yeah, that was a good game. After Stripperella and Stan Lee Imagines, I don't expect much from The Man anymore, but this is just feels like a cash grab.