This past April, Mighty Rabbit Studios and Joystick Labs released Saturday Morning RPG [Free], an episodic iOS role-playing game crafted in the vein of those from the 16-bit era and absolutely dripping with radical '80s references and style. We thought it tickled our nostalgia bone ever so lovingly in our review of the original release, which contained two full episodes with plans for more to follow.

Then in July, we detailed the uh, details of the upcoming Episode 3 installment, titled To Bot or Not to Bot. That episode is finally ready to roll and will be launching next week on November 15th, but you can get a brief tease right now in the trailer below.

To celebrate the release of To Bot Or Not To Bot, both versions of Saturday Morning RPG are currently on sale. The free version of the game comes with Episode 1 and the ability to buy future episodes through in-app purchases, and right now Episode 2 is on sale for 99¢ instead of its usual $1.99. Then there's Saturday Morning RPG Deluxe [$5.99], which costs more up front but will get updated with all future episodes for free, and right now you can grab that for a dollar off at $4.99.

Either way you choose, Saturday Morning RPG is a lighthearted and humorous game for those with fond memories of the '80s and is totally worth checking out, so be on the lookout for Episode 3 to drop next week.

  • Roland1580

    can't wait for the new missions

    • Drewskii

      Neither can I

  • mcorleonep

    About time!  I forgot that I bought the full version of this game awhile back.  I was beginning to think that they abandoned the series.

    • Mighty Rabbit Studio

      Nope, we haven't abandoned the game - this episode just wound up being way bigger than we could handle. We're reigning in the scope on future episodes to get them out quicker. Look forward to more frequent new episodes.

      • Zephiros

        Hi! Excuse me, is there going to be a special price for us who bought the game on launch day and couldnt get the complete with free updates version? Or are the episodes going to cost us more in the long run? I remember you said something about that some time ago but cant remember

      • Mighty Rabbit Studio

        Yes, there's a deluxe edition upgrade in the free version which will be on sale. If you already bought Episode 2, the deluxe upgrade is $2.99 through November 22nd.

  • SteakfryOne

    I bought the deluxe version a while back, I knew it would pay off! I've been waiting for the endless battle. I need something to play while I'm waiting for episodes.

  • Scott Rogers

    Is this any good? I was intrigued by the story concept, but have been put off by the really bad art. It's a bad sign when the art and animation of your dev team's logo is better than that found in the game.

    • RobCRX

      The first episode is free why don't you just download it and check it out? It's supposed to be goofy retro styled art if you haven't noticed.