Wild: the latest God of Blades [Free] update is adding asynchronous, competitive multiplayer to the core game. It's a mode, actually, dubbed "Revenant." In it, you'll create, customize, and level up a created character, White Whale Games tells us. Then, you'll be able to fight other players' characters in "a showdown" before you move on to obliterate their high scores. We'll have to see this to get a handle on it, but it sounds cool for sure.

This update also allows for the game's Loreseeker weapons to be unlocked via regular sword points, for those of us having trouble finding libraries.

White Whale says they've submitted this update to App Store, so it should hit within the next few weeks. Stay frosty.

  • Guise

    Win. Of the epic variety.

  • drewpoc

    Awesome game..even better with update!...must buy people 😉

  • runliketurtles

    Pocket Tactics stated that one sword will still be locked away in a library. Glad to see they aren't completely abandoning one of the game's selling points.

    • http://www.facebook.com/georgewroyer George Royer

      No swords will currently be locked in a library, but an environment is. The Blazing Caves environment with the dragons is a loreseeker unlock. We hope to rotate new content into and later out of the library feature. We're not abandoning it.

  • B30

    Great game, great soundtrack, really recommended!

  • just0

    I really enjoyed this game, but it was way too short. Glad they are adding multiplayer. I'm pumped!!

  • Decaf Table

    Wanted to enjoy the game, but I found the bosses much too difficult for casual play. It's disappointing because I enjoyed most of it, but ended up deleting the game because of frustration :/