Rovio has been teasing us for the past month, but the wait is finally over for Angry Birds Star Wars [Free / Free (HD)], which is now available worldwide, a wee bit earlier than expected. In this crossover title, one of the most iconic movie franchises of all time, Star Wars, mashes together with the poster child of mobile gaming, Angry Birds. The result is a game that plays very much like the Angry Birds games of the past but with all the sights and sounds of the Star Wars universe.

Not just that, though. The protagonist cast of birds and the antagonist fleet of bad piggies have special new abilities based on the Star Wars universe, like Force Pushing, Lightsabering, and firing off lasers with the iconic "pew pew" that's a hallmark of the franchise.

One thing that you can count on is that we'll be playing the heck out of Angry Birds Star Wars over the next few days to see how it holds up against the rest of the entries in the series. If you've played an Angry Birds game before then chances are you know what you're getting into here, but if you're a Star Wars fan too then it looks like there's all sorts of neat fan service and cool ideas that make great use of the IP.

As is typical of Rovio, there are separate versions of Angry Birds Star Wars for the iPhone and iPad and you can grab either or both from the links below. Also don't forget to check out the iPhone version forum or the iPad version forum for even more impressions from early buyers.

  • jeffyg3

    I've gotten tired of Angry Birds awhile ago, but its kinda hard to resist a Star Wars version. No, resist...ok, resisted...would have definitely been a lot harder to resist if it was a universal app :/
    Not getting it, but a Star Wars tie in is brilliant.

    • squabs

      Ha! Star wars "TIE" in.

      • wingz

        (2 weeks later) holy sh!t rovio just announced angry birds:halo!!!

      • Paul Hopper

        id buy that 🙂

      • skeblik

        Omg: angry birds assasins creed!!

        I would get that.

      • Metroview

        Angry Birds: Modern Pigfare?
        Grand Theft Piggies?
        Marvel vs Capcom vs Rovio?

      • JesusBro

        I would get marvel vs capcom vs rovio

      • DannyTheElite

        Angry birds modern pigfare lol
        The angry birds get guns in an exciting spinoff of the call of duty series

  • brohamtz

    Just played the game and passes it all in one siting. That should say it all. Fun addictive and best off all challenging. Best buy on a while!

  • Zeital

    Been waiting around for this for weeks now and it doesn't disappoint.

  • CrystalBoy

    Well, well, well. What do we have here?

  • Lakeshore

    Do the iPhone and iPad versions sync their progress?

    • Laszlo Tuss

      Hahahahahaha ofcourse not 🙂

      Remember when Angry Birds was universal or when the HD versions have exclusive content instead of exclusive price?
      Me neither

  • stormchild

    Bit annoying that these guys are still selling separate iPhone and iPad versions. Even EA has gone universal by now. Get with the program, guys.

  • Gizmopunk

    I'm a fan.

  • sortvind

    HD version is retinafied right?

  • presto77

    I skipped AB Space so I don't know if this is the "new" AB or if I just don't like the gameplay mechanics. It's fun seeing the Star Wars packaging but the gameplay feels a little loose and the new abilities feel odd. I like it but not as much as I did with the first two games. The Over abundance of SW sound effects gets old quick

  • CrystalBoy

    Soon we will see Angry birds lord of the ring or who knows they might make a Harry potter edition... Gods know what other crazy idea to milk money

    • Benjamin Rodriguez

      well there is probably more reasoning for this game crystal. You do realize they are making a star wars 7, 8, and 9.

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    I mean I hate angry birds, probably the only person in the world who still hasn't baught angry birds lol. 

    But this game...instabuy~

  • john denton

    Hmm. What would be the absolute least appropriate movie tie-ins?

    Angry Birds:

    Old Boy
    Clockwork Orange
    American Psycho
    Avian Centipede

    Must admit, I can already picture the Angry Birds: Clockwork Orange teaser poster...

    I might have to make it...

    • Soarel

      I'd totally get Angry Birds Human Centipede.

      Nasty, yes, but the idea is too hilarious to pass on.

    • seanec89

      Angry birds Pulp Fiction, Angry Birds Deliverance.

      • kozz84

        Angry Birds: Braindead aka Dead Alive!

    • ducksFANjason

      Angry Birds: Silence of the Pigs

      Hannibird Lecter: It puts the lotion on its feathers or else it gets flung into piggies again!

      • JesusBro

        Angry Birds Saw lol

  • skeletonlord

    Debating if I should buy the game or not. Is it worth it? I've played Angry Birds before, wondering about this one though.

  • stormchild

    This game is awesome. It's much more than just Angry Birds with Star Wars art. The characters, abilities, sound effects and cutscenes are all fantastic.

  • Caesar-Édouard Perrin Esturco

    [Vader]: "Luke... I am your father."
    [Skywalker]: "Dude, you're a pig."
    [Vader]: "'s complicated."

  • Firetruck94

    Since when did ios games start getting an ESRB rating?

    • seanec89

      The ESRB tried to get their hands on the App Store and apple said no way we have our own raiting system.

  • FuZion

    As promised, with not even the 'HD' version being universal, Rovio can swivel for my money.

  • Antman1223