The latest Punch Quest update has fixed the last Punch Quest update, according to the game's current patch notes.

Earlier this week, Punch Quest received a few notable IAP features, as Rocketcat Games struggles to get people to buy the arcade, side-scrolling brawler's IAP. Prices in the game's store were re-tuned, coin packs saw a bump in coins offered, and a coin doubler was added. A nasty crash bug was also introduced, though.

That has since been fixed in this latest update, which also offers all of the above.

So, what's up with Punch Quest and these add-ons? Despite a major feature push from Apple and favorable reviews, the free-to-play game hasn't been making a ton of money. This update -- or, at least, the first one -- is part of a course correction to make the IAP sexier for the game's users.

  • Matt F

    Bought the Punchos Doubler IAP and thinking about "Donate a Buck" IAP... Been playing this everyday since release and now Im more hooked than ever... its the pure definition of "endless"

  • stoyloff

    please delete

  • Serafiniert

    bought 2x the little punchos pack and the coin doubler. thats way more what i am usual willing to pay for a game or iap, but i wanted to support rocketcat games.
    i dont think, that i will buy more iap. i just hate iap - but great game

  • Mj1ggy

    You'd pay for a game of this quality so why not throw the developers a couple of bucks? This game has superseded everything else on my phone for the time being

  • MrSHakerEsq

    Maybe I'm missing something here but I don't see the quality in this game. Totally loose and random right left clicks does not a great game make. Think people.

    • Bob

      Yeah, you missed it.

    • Cheeseball

      We are thinking. Looks like you missed the novelty of the game then or the game's mechanics does not appeal to you.

    • ironmonkey

      i must've gotten incredibly lucky when i randomly left and right-clicked a 174-punch combo

  • iqSoup

    This game should be paid!!!

    IAP is a very tricky needle to thread--no matter how they tweak it I doubt they'll make good money this way.  Usually the only way to make real money through IAP is to really be super annoying about it and ruin the game in the process.  Look at some of the highest IAP based games out there: The Simpsons:  Tapped Out or Rage of Bahumut.  These are piles of crap that make their money by essentially tricking or annoying people into buying IAP.  That is how to make money off a free game and I haven't seen many GOOD free games make decent dough without ruining everything in the process with constant popups, pointless time syncs, or strong play to win mechanics.  There are exceptions (Pocket Planes and Tiny Tower come to mind) but they are few and far between and again, its a very VERY difficult needle to thread.

    I know how tough it is to get people to pay even a dollar up front for you game (I'm a struggling dev myself) but if you want to make any sort of money--without completely wrecking your game--then you just gotta go paid.  And I think Rocketcat is at the point where its well known enough for people to actually pay a 99 cents to play one of their games.  Devs need to look at free games as a stepping stone--a way to get your name out there and build a good reputation so you can actually charge for your next game.  Sure you can throw in ads or IAP, but don't expect to make very much.  You can of course but its typically very rare.  Hope you get lots of downloads (like Punch Quest did) so your next game can actually charge money.  A game as good as Punch Quest--fun and fresh and not ruined by IAP--would do just fine under a paid model.  As it its good enough that most people don't feel the need to improve the experience by buying its IAP.  Sure some of us feel bad want to support Rocketcat but you can't run a business on a charity model like that.  If I were Rocketcat I'd make this 99 cents first thing tomorrow--call the period it was free a launch sale.  Then you can still keep the IAP and make a bit of extra money on whoever is willing to pay for that extra stuff.  People keep looking at this game as a failure but half a million downloads--sounds like a success to me!  I would die for that many downloads even if I didn't make a penny in the process.  Rocketcat just needs to make sure to actually charge money for the next one and they'll do fine.  Just my humble opinion though...

  • Daniel Skatter

    I love this game. I bought some of the in-game stuff to support the devs before the patches hit. That said, the latest update happened right after I'd ascended the annoying little gnome for the first time and got a nifty lil hat. And then...the update happened, and that ultra hat vanished. Completely. 

    Sigh. Guess I'll have to try again. Good thing I'm addicted.

    Also got nothing extra as far as items when I bought the doubler...ah well.

    • Paul Pridham

      Are you sure you didn't get a MYSTERY ITEM after buying the doubler? Check your hats/face/hair loot lists right at the top, there should be something new.

  • themostunclean

    I downloaded this game as soon as it came out. Within ten minutes I was knew that making it free was a bad idea. There is no rely need to buy punchos. The devs did us gamers a solid by not getting desperate with the IAP but the tricky thing is your players have to feel they NEED that currency to fully experience the game or they won't buy it. It's a double edged sword as that's exactly why people hate IAP.

    Rocketcat won't start making money on this unless they make the IAP more necessary or charge for the game. I prefer the later and have made the appropriate donation.

    • iqSoup

      Agreed.  The problem is if IAP is necessary then you're basically paying money to advance in the game.  That is supposed to be the fun of playing--feeling like you're progressing along.  When progress is something you can buy then it cheapens the experience of actually playing the game--makes it seem more pointless.  I know its a little silly, it shouldn't be that way, but games are an illusion.  In any game your progression is actually imaginary--its all digital and doesn't matter at all in the real world.  But a good game makes you feel like it does, like when you're playing it advancing forward is all that matters in life.  Its a fun illusion to think your progress in a game actually matters and most IAP shatters it.  It can work but usually that means the IAP has to be unrelated to the actual gameplay: cosmetic gear, coin doublers, paying to remove ads etc.  Problem is if it doesn't relate to the gameplay no one will feel the need to buy it.  Again, this game should go paid.

  • mrTofu

    Here's my guess.  The game has no mass appeal.  It's too niche and caters only to core gamers.  Core gamers like the challenge of unlocking.  Sure you gave them a 'solid' but that was probably the worst mistake.  They should have known core gamers would have paid $1-2 for the game.

    I would convert the game to paid, and see how that does.

  • Joel Hirtle

    I think this game is great. I've purchased the doubler for $2.99, and two $1.99 Puncho packs. This game is easily worth the $6.97 that I've paid so far. I didn't even feel the need to buy the Puncho packs which is the reason I purchased it, to support such a good game.

    If this game was paid I would not have been able to give it that $7.00 which it is worth. I also like feeling the exclusivity that separates me from the 13 year old forum droolers who complain about IAP. I had a job when I was 13, I made enough cash to easily afford the whopping $3 for the coin doubler. There is nothing stopping you from getting a $15 iTunes gift card.

    Later today I might even get the $9.99 puncho pack OH MY GOD!!

    • Robert Jimenez

       Oh you big spender you.