Heads up: Temple Run Brave's [$1.99] latest update is a good one. Version 1.2 of the behind-the-back endless running game sees the introduction of a new Wisp token mechanic. As you're running, keep your eyes out for a Wisp token. When you get one, you'll be whisked to the newly added "spirit world" and tasked with collecting Wisps. If you grab enough, you'll be rewarded with a slow motion power-up that can be used in the core game. Which is a good thing. We need all the help we can get over here.

This update also adds iPhone 5 support, as well as Game Center 'chevos and leaderboards for all you score hounds out there.

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    What I don't like is how Touch Arcade has embedded non-zoomable videos. Is this the new way of things here? Or is YT to blame? I don't want to watch a postage stamp-sized videos. (First world problem, I know, but still.)