Still at the top of my list of games I recommend to people, 10000000 [$2.99] is just one of those games that perfectly embodies everything that's awesome about the App Store. It takes several gameplay elements that have been done to death, in this case, RPG and matching, but somehow manages to make it feel totally new and awesome. To make it better, it's also made by one guy. For the full origin story of the game, give our bonus podcast episode on Eighty Eight Games a listen.

If you want to know more about the game, you can check out our five star review or watch this video we put together that goes through the whole tutorial and explain how all the important mechanics work:

10000000 is a game you need on your phone. It's seen nearly universal acclaim across the board, and I love when a great game has a cool story behind it. (Seriously, listen to our interview.) It's on sale for a limited time in honor of Halloween, and I strongly encourage you to download it if you don't already own it.

  • Bill Hart 

    I have enough friends.

  • UnSurreal


  • KenGriffeyIII

    Fair Warning: It's a super hard game. Or I suck at match 3's. But I'm pretty sure it's super hard. Well worth 99 cents but I feel like I like the story behind the game a lot more than the game itself.

    Also it might just be me but it seems there's a big white spot where the video should be. Using Google Chrome if that helps.

  • Jazzpha

    But can we still be friends if my prior ownership of the game prevents me from downloading it twice?

  • witedahlia

    Yeah I also have a big white spot where the video should be. Great game, though. I bought it full price and never regretted it.

  • Brett Archibald

    The screenshots on the App-Store are not selling the game to me - they look like pages from a mid-90s Geocities website...

    • daniel schroeder

      there are videos (if the one in the article doesn't work). if you rely on only screenshots in the appstore, maybe you are living in the mid-90s...on a geocities website.

  • Greyskull

    I need it on my phone...but I beat it! Do I have to reinstall it, or we cool brah?

  • AppleFan12

    No need for your friendship but I will check it out 🙂

  • Steven Reed

    It's a GREAT game, and didn't take long to get ALL items and score the 10000000. Now what? I've beat on my iPhone then my iPad. Low replay value after reaching the goal. Maybe there shouldn't be a cap and just unlimited score. - I did love this game though.

    • MrAlbum

      I think you can continue w/ infinite runs after you beat the game. However, once all upgrades are bought, then yeah, not much reason to continue. Other than to start from scratch again, but some people don't like that.

    • swarmster

      FYI: the developer recently quit his job and is promising "a pretty big update", including some end game stuff, maybe at the end of next month. So keep an eye out, I guess.

  • Klonis

    Amazing game!!!

  • mguniverse

    We should all hold a contest on the forums to design a better icon for this game.

  • Haldear

    Great game, only missing achievements

  • James Kochalka

    I love this game.  It completely consumed my nights (even my dreams!) until I beat the gaol.  I still play it occasionally, but if he added new content I'm sure I'd be totally sucked back in.

  • Maniacfive

    This may well be the greatest game ever invented by man, a game so amazing that I would fall in love with it on the first play.

    But with that icon, at any price other than free I'm never going to know that.

  • joevill

    That's a pretty bold title for this post. It is bold enough for me to purchase the game!

  • farnsworth_pro

    I can safely say I don't "get it"

    Maybe tile matching is just not for me.