If you've been following the lists we've been doing of our users' most anticipated games, you'll be well aware of Bladeslinger [Free]. Folks on our forums have referred to it as "that western-themed Infinity Blade" and it's one of those games that has had a nebulous release date since we first laid eyes on it.

Well, as of a few hours ago, the game is available for free on the Canadian App Store. Generally speaking developers do these sorts of "test" releases to make sure their whole free to play server infrastructure is working properly. According to forum members who are already deep into Bladeslinger, it's not a free to play game per se as much as it's just something more similar to Horn and other games with a bunch of optional consumables you can buy.

So, we're not really sure what (if any) catch there is behind this free "soft" release of the game, but if you've had your eyes on the game now is your chance to give it a spin if you're a "Canadian" who followed one of the many guides online that detail creating a Canadian iTunes account or if you're actually from Canada.

If you don't have a Canadian iTunes account, feel free to live vicariously through those who do in our forums.

Canadian App Store Link: Bladeslinger, Free

  • http://twitter.com/TouchTiltGames TouchTilt Games

    Excellent! I'll check it out.

  • mguniverse


  • DaQuieTruth

    Very demonic will pass

  • drewpoc

    What's wrong with Canadians?

  • ImJPaul

    I never thought I'd say this but WHY AM I NOT CANADIAN?!?! Anyone know how to change your iTunes account to Canadian and if you can just change it to Canadian d/l a game and not lose your games or anything? All the videos for switching your iTunes account are crucial old and require a pc or Mac, which I don't have.

    • ImJPaul

      Come on. Someone knows cough it up! Please?! I'm in the middle of Hurricane Sandy with no power and BORED and would LOVE to play this game!

      • gnome9er

        only if you don't have any money in your acct

    • godofodd

      Switch to the Canadian app store on your phone and then download a free game (like Bladeslinger). It will ask you to log in or create and account. Just use an email that is not currently connected to an iTunes account and you're golden.

    • JohnnyJ301

      Listen I can teach you how to change your itunes account to Canadian but that would mean you have to renounce your current citizenship and become Canadian. Are you sure you want to do that???

  • theundertow

    Blame Canada!

  • ducksFANjason

    Why!?! Why do we Americans let you be a country Canada!?

    • drewpoc

      What's wrong with equality?..why the need for prejudice

      • ducksFANjason

        It was a joke homeboy, don't worry. It's a fairly well known (and slightly modified for context) quote from an awesome little show called How I Met Your Mother. It's a fantastic show!

        And FYI, while I love Canada (your general friendliness, liberal views, maple syrup, and MOST of all hockey) - I'm none too happy with all the damn hockey striking going on and taking away ANOTHER season! And I have to blame that mostly on the Great White North given that it's your sport to begin with, and you folks continue to dominate it.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/YXWW7GBVIUTV3F7KVEO5HISKNU Brandon B

        Hockey is a Canadian de jure (not de facto) National Pastime for the winter. The strike / lockout doesn't apply to some of the Canadian teams because of this. In fact, many of the Canadian teams are not playing simply because their isn't enough teams and the NHL is American. 
        Don't blame us! We are ready to play!

      • ducksFANjason

        Well dammit, who am I supposed to blame then, Mexico?! I'm American - I was taught to blame someone else for my problems and then bring war to their asses!

      • SystemX

        Hmmm. Let's blame the Toronto Maple Leafs. Put aside the fact that they are Canadian and are ESPN recognized as the worst team in the league. It's not like they can go any lower.
        unless someone pointed out that the word "Leafs" is grammatically incorrect.

    • Matthew Rossman

      Canadians are awesome though, they have Jim Guthrie! And maple syrup!

      • NotYou

        Americans have maple syrup too!

      • GSJ1977

        Americans also have Champaign that says "Made in California" on the bottle.

  • Osui818

    Required payment information for Canada account... So stupid!

    • gnome9er

      you have to click the free download link and then setup the account, that will enable a None selection for CC#'s. soooo many of my friends have had this problem and cuz of it gone out and bought a CC! all that does is let you overcharge the card and get your account suspended! happens every time I use a cc.

  • drewpoc

    You guys are ridiculous...don't forget we chose not to burn your White House down...lol!
    ...on a side note, this game is eye candy galore..possible GOTY

    • drewpoc

      I'd know...cause I'm playing it now...in Canada 😉

    • ImJPaul

      You chose not to burn down the White House?! I'm sorry but when did a Canadian ever have the opportunity to burn down the White House?!

      • pajman sarafzadeh

        war of 1812, actually it was 1812-15.
        US invaded Canada in 1812 with an army slightly larger than the Canadian Population.

        things went bad from the beginning. A small but elite British force, with Mohawk tribesmen and the Canadian militias routed the Americans and ended up taking Detroit.

        things went back and forth until 1815, when Napoleon was finally defeated in Europe.
        this free 20 000 british veterans, men who had defeated Napoleon, to travel to the new world.

        the American army of 1815 was in no way able to defeat the British regulars without french help in 1early 19th century, (one wonders what would have happened at Yorktown without the French navy and Marines, but thats a different question)

        US army was completely routed. The washington dc garrison withdrew rather than fight and a combined british and canadian force took the city.


      • MrAlbum

        Huh. Interesting history there. Kinda makes me wonder what happened afterwards?

      • pajman sarafzadeh

        the two nations would go to sign a peace treaty but there was a lot of mistrust. eventually, the US would develop into a dominant  power but kept itself busy taking territories from the Mexican's and the indians.

        The British used there policy of containment against the Americans, keeping them from being able to expand as fast as they liked and even went so far as giving suport to the confederates during the civil war.

        The US, in response, would use future threats of violence to make the british give concessions, for example they threatened Britain with an invasion if Britain did not ceded the Canadian west coast to the US, (minus Vancouver) Britain acepted to avoid a costly and pointless warUS-Anglo_Canadian relations were generally bad until 1917-18 when they allied for ww1Interesting how great friendships often start by a fight. Canada was seen by the US as  part of its manifest destiny. The Canadians earned the respect of American in 1812-15 and although the two powers would not be friendly for another century, they would eventually become legendary allies

    • Karzay

      You're mistaking, the British army did set fire to the White House in 1814. We reconstructed it and made it stronger.

  • http://twitter.com/warm_concrete Octopus Erectus

    If someone offered me some money for playing this game I would decline. It’s absolutely dumb IAP-driven game with zero gameplay and storyline.

    • drewpoc

      Your kidding right?

    • mudd

      So you're saying I can rip up the oversized check? Okay then.

    • KoRoV

      Did you even try it?
      It has a good story, IAP is totaly optional, gameplay is GREAT, and its free for limited time as its stated in appstore!!! Probably for lounch celebration. For me game is waaaaay more then I espacted. SIMPLY GREAT!!!

  • l_23mer

    What do you mean zero gameplay?? For real you can't post that with out offering up any info as to why!

  • AlmightyMax

    are people actually throwing racism around over the release date of an iPhone game or are all the above comments jokes? It's a pretty messed up sign of the times that I even have to ask this...

    • dylanmannen


    • ducksFANjason

      I'm pretty sure most are jokes lol. But also, Canadians are not a race of people. It's just a nationality.

      • MrAlbum

        Then it's rampant nationalism. An -ism still has its cold fingers over the issue....

        Tho yeah, those are just jokes ^_^

      • ducksFANjason

        Agreed, ationalism It is. I'm of the mind that nationalism can be just as heinous as racism at times

  • Trev1

    Full game...I'm in the beta...been dying to play more...also have a Canadian acct....filesize uncompressed?

  • http://twitter.com/joshyomygoshy josh nolan

    I am actually over the infinity blade,...horn type games... pretty graphics but your not really controlling it and frankly....that's lame...I don't want to watch a game I want to play it

    • KoRoV

      Sorry liked your post by acident!
      And You can walk around and move where ever you want!!!
      Its not on rails in any case!!!
      I dont understand how people can sh**ing on some game without trying it....

    • alan12341234

      I almost fallen into sleep after watching the 6th emery gets killed in the YouTube video.

      The environment and all looks nice like the screenshot, but the game play and everything else just won't keep the app more than a week in my iDevices.

  • ConceptNormal

    Regardless... It's iOS. It should be a different experience... When I want to run around freely and freely disagree rationally about a game, I do as I'm cuddling up with my Ps3. Some ppl need to lower your expectations for iOS game, really. If everything was an endless angry bird clone, you would have already seen the end of mobile games completely.

  • NinjaCEO

    haha got my copy, suckers!

  • gnome9er

    leeching now.

  • JohnnyJ301

    This game is great eh?? It's abooot time they released it. Now I got to go and watch the leafs and drink a blue.

    • just0

      Everything was great up until you mentioned "Blue". Try Molson Canadian

  • witedahlia

    Those are some messed-up looking cowboys. Looks cool, though. Hope the rest of us get it soon.

  • l_23mer

    How do you go from a game to the leafs I understand blue.

    • ducksFANjason

      Read the above Canadian discussion that's going on

  • oldsnake

    Kerosene games in iTunes description says:attention:not support for device first then iPhone 4s,iPhone 5,iPod touch 5gen,iPad 3 and 4 gen,but in iTunes description compatible device: iPhone 3GS,4,4S,iPod 3,4,5 gen,iPad 1,,2,3 gen!i'm little confusing,i've iPhone 4!

    • alan12341234

      I think there is no way for a developer to remove the supported device. Apple force the release able to install and run the application in a set of devices. The only choice developer can make is the version of iOS.

      If you are using a older device, as the memory and processor are not as advanced, you may experience crashes or unstable experience in the app. So, don't complain the app doesn't work properly if your device is not supported in the list.

  • http://www.facebook.com/8thRann Rican Rann

    out of all these comments, not one is about how the game is or plays lol. 

    • danijel korov

       mine's are XD
      and after couple of days playing still is GREAT 😀
      Worth of waiting and big hail for jailbreak 🙂

  • Scary Guns

    Nice graphics, nice combos, I can't live out potions, if dodging like a pro is possible then master it ASAP since it will save you $$.