It was back in July when we first caught wind of Arc Squadron, an upcoming space shooter from developer Psyonix. The mechanics and overall style of the trailer looked heavily inspired by the classic Starfox games, which was definitely a good thing, and it boasted impressive visuals thanks to its use of the Unreal Engine.

Last week a new teaser trailer was released for Arc Squadron with word that the game should be hitting pretty soon. It turns out that "pretty soon" actually means November 1st, which is next week. To celebrate, Psyonix has dropped another new gameplay trailer which shows a quick example of how the game is controlled using swiping and tapping gestures.

I'm super into the look of Arc Squadron, as it treads familiar space shooter territory but instead of the ultra-industrial and gritty tones that usually permeate games like this, it's much more colorful and seems like it has a more playful edge to soften things up a bit. We'll surely have more on Arc Squadron before its release, but if you're feeling it's vibe like I am then check out the forum thread for more and try to hang tight until next week.

  • Drew Maw


    Starfox clone... which isn't a bad thing really... because Nintendo sure isn't doing with the IP.

    • keith johnson

      Yeah man, this looks decent. I remember the first star fox game on Snes, I was terrible at it! 🙁

  • Terry Gilliam

    Game looks siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!!!!!!!!!

  • Solidfart

    Doesn't look much fun or interesting. Sky Gamblers is still keeping me busy. Pass!

  • ImJPaul

    Word to yo mama! Dis gone be ill yo!

    • CrispyCreamed

      Digg It!

  • Rusothil

    Oh my god oh my god oh my god!!!

  • araczynski

    so is there an optional virtual sticks/buttons? or are they just going to assume, like so many others who then had to waste time/resources patching it in.

  • emilenitrate


  • NinjaCEO

    I hope there is gyro support with touch input for barrelling and maneuvering. 

  • Bool Zero

    Yep, this just went on my watchlist!

  • wildfactor - Rhythm games Dev

    I loved starfox. I will probably love this one too.

  • gemacx

    Too bad it's "on-rail"

  • gemacx

    Oh BTW guys, all the prices on the French Appstore went up 13%, without any explanation from Apple...
    I dunno maybe it's scaling to the inflation.

    • Bool Zero

      Read a newspaper or a website... This has been common knowledge, and has to do with adjusting for european exchange rates compared to the the U.S.. No conspiracy and it is well within Apples right to adjust the pricing when they only do so every half decade or so it seems. Or do you believe that apps should still be sold for .99¢ five years from now too?

  • Chris1a

    Star fox/Star Wing on ios, awesome. But I do hope you can play it while holding the iPad with both hands and not flailing around your digits all over the screen.