Earlier this morning, Eli and I spent some time with yet another zombie game, NY Zombies 2. It's a free-roaming, first-person shooter that tasks you with surviving a (mostly) shirtless zombie horde across a variety of objective-laced scenarios. As you progress in the campaign, you'll earn in-game currency and points that you can cash in for weapons, upgrades, and zombie-terrorizing skills.

It controls a lot like most modern FPSes. You've got two imaginary sticks that control the way you look and move, but you need to tap on the screen to shoot undead things in the face, as there's no "trigger" button.

We're undecided on this one. On one hand, the ideas that fuel the game seem good. At least, they're clicking with us. But, on the other hand, the game just feels a little clunky, especially its AI. This should give you a taste, though:

  • http://iqsoup.com/ iqSoup

    lol--"The menus are cool at least!"

    • Pocketnova

      I think this is one of the much better zombie FPS games for iOS, yes the controls aren't the best, the AI is bad, but it isn't a problem b/c you face lots of zombies at once. This game, for me, is better than Dead Trigger. There is A LOT less grinding! Get it while it's on sale!

      • wim

        And the music i a blast!!!!

      • Pocketnova

        Yup, it sure is!

  • Slizzam

    I've enjoyed playing this game. It has a few flaws but overall fun time.

    • Pocketnova

      Perfect way to describe it in two sentences!

  • iAjent

    Just thought I would add - although the comments in the add that the aiming is terrible, it is worth noting that for most of the video you never actually aimed your gun. If you don't aim, as in use the iron sights (it's the target button in the bottom right corner), then you will not hit anything unless it is less than a virtual meter away. When using the iron sights the aiming is actually quite precise. I'm using the revolver like a sniper at the moment!

    It's definitely one of the better Zombie/ FPS games that I've played. I would definitely recommend it.

  • ConceptNormal

    Bioshock Infinite will be Game of the year!!