Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is coming to "select" iOS and Android devices "later this fall," creator Rockstar Games has announced.

Rockstar isn't talking details yet, but it has said that Vice City on mobile will have several "unique" enhancements and will be using native, high-resolution assets. Within the next few weeks, Rockstar will reveal what devices will be able to handle the port.

This upcoming mobile release is part of a wider celebration of Vice City's anniversary, by the way. The game is turning ten. Commemorative assets are coming down the pipe and a limited run of "collectible promotional items" for people to buy in the Rockstar store are, too.

Like with the port of Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City will be an Anniversary Release.

  • Andy C83

    This is good news and all, but I hope they manage to update Chinatown Wars sometime this century.

    • wingz

      Do you guys think ipod touch 4 can handle this?

  • bababewey

    Am I excited about this? I'm not really sure, I absolutely loved this game on the ps2, but I'm so down on iOS action game controls that I'm worried I won't enjoy it. Ill 100% for sure play it though.

    • mguniverse

      Can we all stop pretending that the game is unplayable with virtual controls? Or am I just the only person on this planet who has never been disappointed with virtual controls?

      • MidianGTX

        Yes you are. They're sometimes workable but overall they're a poor substitute.

      • Shadowking2214

        I can play games quite well with these types of controls as well

      • Hoggy110

        I am perfectly fine with the GTA3 controls, I can't see why people complain about them

    • seanec89

      Touch controls are not hard to use. The whole true games and gamers need buttons is just stupid, and it's mostly ps3,Xbox,nintendo people that say that.

      • DCver3

        Though I agree with you that gaming doesn't need tactile controls, I've been waiting since Star Trek: TNG for virtual controls, from both a physiological and psychological perspective it is far easier for the majority of people to have them. Developmentally humans use tactile sensations before any of our other senses to explore the world. This is why babies put everything in their mouth. Virtual controls are actually counter intuitive to the way we are wired. For some, adapting to it isn't as easy as simply practicing at it. Just like some people claim to lack a proper imagination, people who struggle with virtual controls tend to lack more acute spatial relations which allows for "feeling" where the virtual controls are.

  • Supercupid

    I feel the same way but it's gonna be like ten years until we see hat 5 on iOS devices it would be awesome if rock star put unlock able content for finishing the game

  • bramblett05

    So San Andreas is next.

    • scdude

      Probably the best game of all time

      • mguniverse

        I'm pretty sure Vice City is. 😛

  • shieldser99

    Gta 3 was great for iOS, this will definitely be picked up.

  • miumius

    I hope iPhone 4S

  • ramon31

    Maybe a new feature could be some sweet IAP's like Gameloft does! That really should help the anniversary festivities...

    • Tyler MiLL

      R U KIDDING ME :/ gameloft IAP are up to $100 

  • Josh Hofer

    That’s super cool and all, but can we get an update to GTA3
    on iOS to support the iPhone 5? The game sucks letterboxed IMO haha

    • Niclas Johansson

      I don't have iPhone 5, but wouldn't the simplest improvement ever for devs to implement be to just move the virtual buttons out to the sides into the black space (assuming portrait mode makes equal black borders on both left and right sides?)? Has any devs done just that, yet? The benefit, of course, would be to get the thumbs less in the way of the action.


    I hope this means we get San Andreas, too.

  • otakuzod

    This should be nice on the iPad.

  • Spamstic

    "later this fall" Is almost gone.

    • swarmster

      Fall is almost gone? We're only ~38% through!

  • ConceptNormal

    People have to really stop complaining about controls for certain games on iOS, that's why you have a console like a Ps3 or Xbox. iOS gives you a different way to play games, and for better or worse, that's what I wanna experience. (Had no issues with GTA 3 for the iPhone)

    • MidianGTX

      And when it's for better, people talk about it. And when it's for worse, people talk about it. Welcome to the world of conversation.

  • xepiczx

    Hopefully gta 5 comes out on ios

    • Chris Payne

       iphone 8

      • Trahannn


  • Spinalc0rd

    This is great news! Hopefully better controls as well especially for targeting they need an auto target mechanic to help.

    But I'd really love to see San Andreas that's all we need! My iPhone 5 arrives today I can't wait to get home.

    • schuttemartin01

      Gta 3 already has auto targeting

  • B3nlok

    Not sure how i feel about Vice City, but GTA IV on IOS.... boy....Yes, tech-wise its not possible yet, but believe, things will change dramatically in a near future.

    • JBRUU

      iPad 4, maybe iphone 5 could probably handle it...seeing as how it's significantly more powerful than the vita and the vita is almost on par with the ps3. That said, I'd rather have the older GTA games.

      • B3nlok

        Yes they could, but it would require a tremendous amount of work in optimization  just so the game runs with acceptable framerate on these devices. The end result would  be a far different game, with lowered graphics, physics , AI.... Somewhat whats going on with NFS MW vita port.

      • JBRUU

        The vita port of NFS is the exact same as the console...

      • B3nlok

        hmm...You are right. Other than  inferior graphics, Its the same game, same content apparently. I saw hands on videos on YT and my impression was the graphics looks tweaked, specifically lightning fx ( shadow artifacts, sun glare absence). In fact Criterion openly said Vita apparently is not as powerful as  they believed, which implicitly means its not an easy task bringing  console ports to Vita with 1:1 fidelity. And thats the point i was making on my first post. I look forward to the day when my tablet or phone is powerful enough to run console games without technical compromises (other than lack of button duh).

      • B3nlok

        I missed this
        "iPad 4, maybe iphone 5 could probably handle it"
        Its a bit early  but i think the a6x being only 2x the a5x  will not  have  same level of performance of the iphone 5  when pushing 3d games at full retina.More likely somewhere between ipad2 and ip5. Just saying.

      • JBRUU

        A6x has 2x the graphical power of the a6. It is significantly more powerful than the iPhone 5. If retina is an issue then just push at 1080p or so. I see no problems other than the controls; the hardware is there.

      • xzeldax3

        Yeah if you want to have horrible pop in and 1 minute of battery life.

  • valz34

    All A5 will handle it! And. It will play smoothly!! 😀

  • Rirath

    I held off buying it on the recent Steam sale specifically because I figured it'd hit iOS sooner or later - glad to see it's almost here!

  • Chris Payne

    This is Awesome 😀 I liked GTA 3 on IOS I will like this 

  • Greyskull

    I would buy this for the soundtrack alone. Nothing compares to fleeing the cops while listening to "I Ran" by Flock of Seagulls. NOTHING.

    • ImJPaul

      Absolutely 100% my thoughts. Plus while standing up in a motorcycle. This is what I look for in video games.

    • SystemX

      What was the Talk Show in Vice City? I forget. I just remember it being hilarious.

  • mudd

    The music was such a big part of this game, but I wonder if moving this game to mobile creates a new music licensing agreement. For this game, that would be VERY expensive.

  • ImJPaul

    Wow. So awesome. I thought this was possible. They should bring all the great psone era squaresoft JRPGs to iPad. Like final fantasy 7-9, chrono cross, vagrant story and parasite eve 1 & 2. Plus, add San Andreas and my life is complete.

    • ImJPaul

      Shadow of the Colossus for iPad anyone?! Another awesome idea. Hope this happens one day.

      • ducksFANjason

        I'd buy all of those, without a doubt

  • septimus

    Awesome. For the soundtrack alone this is worth it.

  • yuk!


  • Sam

    This is the second time I've literally shouted 'Yes!!!' out loud this month!

    Last time was Crazy Taxi. Seems like my early-sin gaming days are finally being relived without the hassle of setting up my old PS2.

    Now I just await THPS3

  • LanceAvion

    This is by far the best news I heard all day, and I just passed driving school!!! Vice City ftw!!

  • Laszlo Tuss

    Gamecenter? iCloud support? Nobody?

    Because they only thing is rockstar games o iOS misses is these two (expect Max Payne with iC)

  • Idris

    Omg Omg OMG Vice City !!! But Why Not San Andreas ?!

    • Jeff432

      Two reasons. They'll make more money by releasing Vice City first and then SA in a year or two. The other reason is that most smartphones aren't powerful enough yet to run SA.

  • AbsolutePhenom

    San Andreas after? That would be epic.

  • TommoOriginal

    Really cannot wait for this to be released! Enjoyed playing this back in the day so it's going to be something special to see it on iPhone! San Andreas next please RockStar

  • witedahlia

    Vice City, my favorite GTA. YES! And yes, you're right about "I Ran" by Flock of Seagulls. I used to love running from the po po while that song was on!

  • Jawzpro

    Jesus. Has Rockstar forgotten about Chinatown Wars and the long overdue retina update? Everybody just post a Rockstar support ticket and request the feature.

  • Shadowking2214

    Lets hope they keep aiming as it was like they did with max Payne,I got killed in GTA 3 to many times from not being able to control who I was shooting

  • Jeff432

    I hope they do a better job with the controls.

    The controls in Gameloft's Gangstar Rio game are way better than the controls in GTA 3 for iOS.

  • bboy_tenshi

    I'm waiting... 😀