You can grab Grand Theft Auto 3 [$4.99] and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars [$4.99] on the cheap this afternoon, if you'd like.

As part of the 10-year anniversary celebration of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Rockstar has put these two other (equally) good GTA games on sale for a "limited time." Chinatown Wars usually sits at $9.99, while Grand Theft Auto 3 usually rocks a $4.99 price point.

Chinatown Wars, if you didn't know, is a top-down GTA, reminiscent of the first couple of GTA releases. Grand Theft Auto 3, on the other hand, is a blown-up, full 3D port of the mega-popular PC and console release complete with touch controls.

Grand Theft Auto 3 on iOS.

As revealed today, an anniversary edition of Vice City is coming to "select" iOS and Android devices later this fall. Similar to GTA 3, it'll be the full game that we've been playing on other platforms going on ten years now. Wild.

UPDATE: iPad version of Chinatown Wars is now 99Β’ too!

  • scdude

    I'm waiting for cj SA for life

  • Metroview

    GTA3 looks and plays so bad on the iPhone 5. Besides it being letterboxed, the enhanced effects (street lights, shadows, blood, character detail, anti-aliasing, etc) aren't there anymore. On top of that, the audio spikes, glitches, and goes mute randomly.

    It's like Rockstar recreated the game to only use the enhanced effects if it's running on either the 4S or iPad 2.

    Given their track record on updates for their games released so far, we're likely not going to see updates any time soon πŸ™

    • LearnIIBurn

      Totally agree. Would love to replay both those amazing games on my i5 but doesn't seem like its going to get an update for it. Same with Final Fantasy Tactics...

  • Rob Geeson

    I won't even bother with this (on my now extinct) Ipad 3 until they retinize the graphics.

  • september

    No HD sale for Chinatown?

    • Googlyhead

      Think they forgot about this little device called the iPad, as annoyingly only GTA3 is universal.

      • Googlyhead

        Oh. Come on. As soon as I decide to get the iPhone version, they drop the price of the iPad Chinatown. >:-(

  • seanec89

    There are to many pros to list but ill name off a few cons
    Can't play your own musice whole playing the game. I listen to podcast while I play havy games and it doesn't allow another app to run audio in the back ground.

    No ICloud saves: I had to restore my phone and I'm back at the start. I sunk 7-10 hours into my game before it was deleted.

    No iphone 5 support very bad.

    I still love the game and its good that Rockstar is bringing vice city but there have been only one update to the app and that was 9 months ago. I would mind Rockstar adding IAP to vice city if it means we will get more update

  • Benegesserit

    99c for this much content is why people need to accept that people have a very good reason to complain about bad app pricing on other titles that offer so little content in comparison.

  • wingz

    Will this be for ipod touch 4?basicly what im asking is if it can handle it.

    • extol4000

      Yes. It's works fine.

  • Colten Moore

    So... Did they finally get around to retina support for Chinatown Wars? I recall that game looking like a big, sloppy mess per others' reviews some time ago.

    • Jawzpro

      I'm still waiting for that day, post a Rockstar support ticket and request the feature.

  • jitterhitter

    Rockstar just get to San Andres the other 2 just cant compare.