It's Friday, we've got the weekend ahead of us, and next week is Halloween, which I'm sure many of you will be celebrating in some capacity over the next couple of days before going from house to house candy-begging on the actual holiday itself (you're never too old for that, right?).

Anyway, seems like as good a reason as any to have some iOS sales, and it looks like that's exactly what many developers are doing. This list actually goes back a few days trying to catch everything relevant, but just be aware that the prices may not stay this way for long.

These Games Are All Currently FREE:


These Games Are All Currently ON SALE:


BONUS Saturday Additions!:

As with any sales in the crazy world of the App Store, these prices are good as of the time of this writing but could change at a moment's notice. If there's something here that's striking your fancy it's usually best to jump on it as soon as possible, before the price jumps back up.

Of course our frequent readers also know that maintaining a wish list through, the native AppShopper app [Free], or our very own TouchArcade app [Free] are the best ways to be alerted to price drops, updates, and news concerning iOS titles, so make sure you're plugged in to those as well.

  • h_A_Z

    Awesome! Got myself The Room & Organs Trail yeehaa!

  • osvd

    Thanx!! Been waiting months for megaman to be on sale!! And plant vs zombies too:D!

  • vicsark

    Prices in euro have jumped about 12% in the appstore today 🙁
    Good to have sales!

    and so on

    It's not happening on GBP or USD stores.

    • kirby83

      i was so used to the 0,79€ price, its looks weird to me now. winder what would justify such a raise in prices.

      my guess is they are slowly trying to get to the 0,99€ mark, even though a dollar doesnt equal a euro.

      why do we have to pay more for the same product? this is digital content we're talking about. there is no shipping cost or whatever! i dint get it.

      • chid

        You should see what games prices are like in Australia (and music and tech)

      • Hampus Jensen

        0.79€ was indeed closer to the dollar price of 0.99.
        Still, I don't think there is much reason to complain, I'm guessing there is some VAT in the price? I doubt apps are an exception and in that case it's still cheaper than it should be.

  • drloony

    Sentinel: Mars Defense, excellent TD for iPhone, oldie but goodie

  • Doctr

    Thanks for the list boys! Touch arcade is in many ways the trendsetters in the iOS sphere. Nice list picked up a few titles I was missing. Keep it up. Happy Halloween to everyone.

  • ragai

    Thanks you are my best apps in app store
    And this sale i hope to be again in each weakend

    Thanks touch crade

  • daniel5457

    Yes!!!! Finally got Plants vs Zombies!!!!!

    • Hampus Jensen

       Yea just got the HD one myself. Anyone know if it's still lacking a lot of features/mini-games compared to the regular iPhone version? It's something I've heard people say many times.

  • seanec89

    Thanks for the update just got Mega Man X for 99¢

  • rimshak

    Hi all,

    We are running a 50% sale on all Monster Burner in app purchases over the weekend.

    The game is free as always.


  • FakeName

    Man, I think the last time Sonic CD went down to $2 was the launch sale it had.

  • Matt S

    Man... I caved in and paid full boat for PvZ just a few weeks ago. Ah but such is the nature of iOS.

    Got myself Jack Lumber

  • Nathanial Alexander

    Held off from buying PvZ and Zombies, Run! because I figured they'd go on sale for Halloween. Thank god I did.

  • Doctr

    I also made a bobo buying PvZ a week ago, bummer. Happy for you guys getting it on discount.

  • Gamer_Kev

    No kidding about games not staying free for very long. Went to get that Squid game and it's no longer free and it's still Friday where I'm at.

  • MonkeyChunks

    These are excellent sales (the first game is still shown as $1.99 though)
    I highly recommend Sonic CD if you mainly play games on iOS devices. Even if you are not a fan of Sonic games, Sonic CD is a superior entry in the series which not too many people got to play at the time. The music is absolutely excellent.

  • chid

    I'd highly recommend room 🙂

  • Nuno Lourenço

     finaly Apocalypse Max is freeeeee

  • Amith Ashokan

    Apocalypse Max: Better Dead Than Undead     $2.99 ----> FREE

  • amirpro

    Apocalypse Max is now also free

  • Estrica

    There is a mistake in the links. For Zombies, Run! a different game's (Zombie Run) forum link is given. The correct one is

    • Jared Nelson

      Thank you, updated the link 🙂

  • Hampus Jensen

    EA seem to be doing their strange localization of apps as always. I figured I'd get Burnout Crash now when it was cheap (didn't when it came out since, well it's not what I'd want from a Burnout game but at this price that's fine :p) and the link above doesn't work, iTunes told me it wasn't available in my store and asked if I wanted to change. When I search myself it's there though. Seen it before, they do one US one and one International or something and release them under two different EA Studios or something, wonder why they do that...

  • Eegah

    Wow, great list and I picked up a few off it. Thanks much. Peggle HD is also a buck today for the two of us who didn't get around to picking it up.

  • Marek Toth

    Tiliard by 2 Key Players is also free for the weekend! 😉

  • epikninja

    NFS most wanted is releasing on android on the 30th.. so I'll pass on these sales

  • Abster1911

    Wow! I bought burnout crash, plants vs zombies HD, grand theft auto 3, grand theft auto Chinatown wars, cut the rope HD, mass effect infiltrator all for a dollar each! Ran outta space on my iPad

  • Shadowking2214

    Bought mass effect,is the DLC any good? Or is it free? Cause I'll pay for it since they put it up for .99 this weekend