Halloween has come to Earn to Die [$0.99 / $2.99 (HD)].

In a brand new update for both the iPad and the iPhone version of the endless driving game, creator Not Doppler has expanded the core of the action model to include a hip-sounding (and festive) pumpkin collection mechanic. A total of 190 collectable pumpkins have been added across all the game's levels in a new "Halloween Mode" that tasks users with not just surviving, but also with grabbing pumpkins that are "stowed away in hard-to-reach" places.

Corny or not, it's a welcome change of pace -- especially for those of us who have beat the game. In fact, Halloween Mode isn't available until you've zoomed through the game's campaign. Here's a taste of what to expect:

We'll probably be dishing out a lot of information on Halloween content across a variety of games over the next week, so buckle up. 'Tis the season, you know?

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    You would get a surprise gift after find my name, to find a nice person to celebrate HALLOWEEN DAY.

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    finished in 33 waves want moorrreeeeee